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Found 5 results

  1. A photographic safari and apparently not my last after all…… My usual travel partner is my daughter but since she’s about to graduate and enter the workforce with no chunk of time off in the near future I suspected this would be my last hoorah to the continent. So this trip was with my husband and because he doesn’t have much interest in wildlife or photography to keep him satisfied the lodges needed to have nice accommodations, good food and wine or in his case the bourbon of his choice. What I thought would fit that tall order was Phinda Vlei, Sabi Sabi Earth and Londolozi Granite, all places I had been to before at various times, over the top for him and offer me some excellent photographic opportunities. It went like this: GNV to ATL to JNB JNB one night Intercontinental Phinda four nights Sabi Sabi four nights Londolozi four nights We had hoped to meet Peter Connan, the ST hostess with the mostest and his wife for dinner in JNB but as luck would have it he was in Namibia trying to tear up his camper trailer that he had so lovely constructed…. see his report on that….and his ongoing Namibia TR. Two months out from our trip we found out that the direct flight to Phinda and then from there to the Sabi Sands as we had done before was now going to take 4-5 legs. Phinda is now using SAA so we had to fly JNB to Skukuza then to Phinda….a minor inconvenience. I had felt Phinda was one of the best bangs for the buck, great accommodations, food, service, wildlife and also some really beautiful scenery. This is all still true except for the wildlife viewing…..dismal might be a little strong of a term but not far off. There were many, many hours that would go by where we would only see an impala or a wart hog or two. Our tracker and guide only once in four days got off the vehicle to look at tracks and pretty much relied on radio chatter to find sightings.
  2. Have you thought about joining an exciting Rhinos Without Borders rhino release? It is a wild and exciting experience but a little difficult to attend. Now is your chance to join in on this amazing experience. In association with GoPro and the Great Plains Foundation, there is an opportunity that allows you to be in the midst of a rhino relocation from your sitting room. Rhinos Without Borders is a project moving 100 rhino from areas of high poaching and now drought conditions to the safety of remote regions deep within Botswana’s wilderness. With a poaching rate of one rhino every 7 hours these moves are critical to the survival of the species and using the latest GoPro technology they have produced a Virtual Reality experience that enables you to join in as if you were with us, standing alongside our experts and being talked through the process by Dereck Joubert, who is the CEO of Great Plains Conservation. We hope that you enjoy it. This is a joint initiative between Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond. If you would like to support the Rhinos Without Borders initiative please go to /
  3. In the face of ever more devastating poaching statistics, we would like to share our story of hope. The largest airlift of rhinos ever undertaken has begun, as on the 28th April our first group of rhinos were released into Botswana. They will form part of a seed population which will have a chance to expand in number and gene diversity, whilst protected by the latest technology and a specialized anti-poaching unit. We will be moving at least 100 rhinos to Botswana, as part of the Rhinos Without Borders initiative in partnership with andBeyond, and we are already moving steadily towards being able to get the next group to safety. We are proud, yet humbled by the opportunity; sad that it is necessary, but grateful to everyone who has supported us so far, and hopeful that this small step in conservation is breeding hope for a species on its way back from the brink of an unacceptable extinction. Thank you to a dedicated team. Thank you to industry partners and individuals who are all turning dreams into a reality. This is only just the beginning and we hope that you will continue to stand by us as we turn the tide on the rhino crisis together. Now is a time for action, now is a time for hope. Dereck Joubert CEO Great Plains Conservation
  4. Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond have partnered up with Trevolta, a crowd-funding site that helps raise funds for travellers, and now rhinos. Explaining the partnership Dereck Joubert, CEO of Great Plains Conservation, says "An important and exciting day for rhinos today. As you know we are moving 100 rhinos to secure locations in Botswana as a collective effort with our friends in conservation and in tourism operations.Rhinos Without Borders is a joint venture with wildlife officials in Botswana, a sanctioned and valid project. Each rhino is going to cost us about $45,000 to move and this is beyond the reach of most of us, so Jolene one of the young editors who works for us came up with a new concept and spoke to “Trevolta” a crowd funding group that raise sponsorship money for people who want to travel for a cause but can’t afford it. Well we have some rhinos who want to travel for a cause too (their safety) but have a different ‘currency’ to what we need, so the Trevolta team embraced it. The great thing about Trevolta is that you can donate as little as $1 or as much as you like. There’s rewards for donations, but the real reward is an emotional one: saving rhinos. These rhinos need your help and this is one way to do that without breaking your bank account. Conservation is now in the hands of many, not just governments and wealthy donors, because the future of wildlife is on all our hands. This is a ground-breaking way to fund a major initiative and get involved. I’d love you to take a look and send it to as many friends as you can. Collectively we can do this." Watch Dereck and Beverly Joubert's short video introduction to this project above or at We urge you to visit the Trevolta site to donate and share to your friends, colleagues or clients: This is crowd-funding after all!
  5. Hello AndBeyond Buddies, Hope the rest of your safari was as exciting and memorable as these active young cheetahs. Here are two photos that I said I'd post on safaritalk. Hope you make it over here to check them out. Feel free to personal message me and I'll email you these. Safari njema and best wishes, Lynn (atravelynn)

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