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Found 5 results

  1. Here is the last newsletter from SCF: Remember that the Saharan Conservation Fund is working with partners in the scimitar horned oryx reintroduction project in Ouadi Achim Ouadi Rimé Game Reserve in Northern Chad (, and is currently the leading NGO working in the conservation of the Sahelian-Saharan ecosystems.
  2. Here is the last SCF communication release, which stresses on an addax survey in Tim Touma desert in Eastern Niger where addax main population crashed down in the last years, and on the scimitar horned oryx reintroduction project in OROA, Chad.
  3. Here is the last newsletter from SCF (Sahara Conservation Fund), from may 2015:
  4. The Saharan Consvervation Fund conducted one survey in Termit in Eastern Niger to monitor the addax, one species which were particularly targeted last year by poachers. The news are depressing. After 3200 km of aerial survey and 700 km of ground surveys, they have only be able to find 3 animals. Termit was the last strongholg for this critically endangered species. If confirmed, no population are now viable. @Wenchy: did you manage to organize your trip in Niger? You could eventually contact SVSTchad, I understand they provide assistance and logistics in Niger for SCF too. Posted on SCF Facebook page:
  5. Hello, Just back from a safari taken place at the remote NE corner of Chad (Ennedi Mts.), Ounianga Lakes. I have spent good part of the last 20 years with travel, but this was certainly among the most incredibly beautiful place I ever been. The landscape is undesribable, Ounianga Lakes are fantastic. As a zoologist, I was focusing a lot on wildlife of course. Unfortunatelly addax and scimitar-horned orys, dammah gazelles are all gone. There is still a good and viable population of Dorcas Gazelles, especially in the Tibesti-Mourdi Depression. Jackals are very common, I also heard hyenas at one spot. Also there are some Barbary Sheep in Ennedis. The rarest and most special animal is the desert crocodile, of which the latest population, 6 specimen lives in the Guelta D'Archei. Six specimen left, no female, so game is over. Birdlife is very abundant, we observed lots of Marbled Ducks, Sahara Eagle Owl, Nubian Bustard, Barn Owl, Verreaux Eagle, Short-toed Eagle, Lanner, and many more. The trip was organised through Spazzi d'Avventura. We flew from Marseille/France to Faya-Largeau, and than we took three Land Cruisers. Organisation, food was absolutely perfect and spotless. We slept every night in our own tents (provided by operator, also mate). We were accompanied with a cook, food was excellent. There is no safety issues, the recent turmoil of Mali and Niger not infiltrated into Chad. Mrs. Marina Rava: This was one of my best trips ever, also one of the remotest, the only more remote place I ever been was the Uweynat Mts. of the Libyan/Egyptian/Sudanese border triangle. Can't wait to return back later this year, to Zakouma NP by this time. Best regards, Layosh

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