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  1. I always like the colours of your photos @madaboutcheetah. Quite beautiful.
  2. Sounds very intriguing @optig... we will be visiting Little Makalolo a little later, 30-Jul-18 for four nights.
  3. When will you be at Hwange next year Optig? We are also visiting Little Makalolo, looking forward to the log pile hide.
  4. +1 for Kaingo and its hides. Although I think the Carmine bee-eater hide is not operational until late in the dry season.
  5. Mmmm.. would not be keen to step on the subject of #13!
  6. A youngster using using a tree stump to break a branch over his leg... The stump had a large notch in it, worn down by many Ellie's doing the same thing over many years. Taken in the South Luwanga N.P., Zambia, 2012.
  7. I've flown Precision Air from Zanzibar to Arusha, connecting at Dar. The flight from Zanzibar was slightly late arriving, so we had to rush for our connecting plane, and the Precision staff were helpful navigating us through the terminals. So, a decent airline to fly with I thought.
  8. Woo hoo - just booked our 3rd trip back to Africa... 4 nights Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda 2 nights Kibale NP, Uganda 5 nights Kogatende/Lamai, Tanzania 4 nights Hwange NP and only 1 year to go...
  9. A big thanks Game Warden for your hard work on this!
  10. I'm having some travel finding a TO that I am comfortable with, for visiting this wonderful island. Before I give up on the idea, I thought I might ask and see if anyone can recommend an operator they have used to visit Madagascar. Thanks.
  11. Actually, I think that Rwanda will have no trouble selling permits at the new price - the demand is that strong. What _will_ change is the clientele - those folk that can afford to spend $3K USD, for a couple, for one trek, will for example have different expectations of their accomodation in the area.
  12. As others have replied, this is definitely not a myth - DEET will corrode plastic, and the higher the strength the more likely this will be. As well as damaging camera equipment, it will also corrode the plastic lenses in your specs and sunglasses. Picaridin is just as effective as DEET against mosquitoes, and will not corrode plastic.
  13. Thanks Optig. 54 days! I am salivating... :-) We shall be in Hwange, at Little Makalolo, in mid-Aug.
  14. @@optig - in which month do you plan on visiting Hwange next year?

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