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  1. extremely influential - quite a few of my last trips were inspired by and planned with the help of members of this community
  2. to come back to the original question: I think, one reason could be reason that leopards are most likely the less threatended of all the big carnivore species, not only in Africa but globally, Maybe scientists and researchers prefer to focus on species close(r) to extinction (which would make sense, to me at least)
  3. question is which part of Khwai will you be visiting, the "regular" side (run by the government) or the community concession (where off road driving is allowed)
  4. @madaboutcheetah - almost...july 2014,,,time flies
  5. My daughter and I will leave for Botswana and South Africa in about 4 weeks time, these are our dates July 15 overnight in Johannesburg July 16 overnight in Maun July 17 leaving for Khwai Community Concession July 23 overnight in Maun July 24 overnight in Johannesburg July 25 overnight en route (most likely in Upington) July 26 two nights in Twee Rivieren July 28 three nights in Nossob July 31 one night in Twee Rivieren Aug 01 overnight en route Aug 02 overnight in Skukuza Aug 03 two nights in Satara Aug 05 three nights in Lower Sabie if any of you will be in the same area as us, drop me line (I know that during my last stop in Maun I missed @madaboutcheetah by minutes - or so told me Moses)
  6. I don't use Facebook (although I could). However, I assume what might be exciting about this encounter is that cheetahs were perhaps thought to be extinct in this particular park
  7. ok, I'll check it out
  8. has anyone ever been there? I can't remember any mention of this park in Tanzania in one of our forums, although it seems to be relatively big and also relatively easy to be accessed. Me, I am planning my third trip to Ndutu for May 2018 and right now I am looking at attractive additions - done the "usual" (Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti) and the southern parks are too far away (at least for road transfers). thanks
  9. how did you find out? there is no news (yet) on the official desert lion website...
  10. with the old system, I was able to have a look at all the threads that were updated or added since the last time I was online; all I find right now is a button (unread content) to show me all unread posts. Do I miss something? I would really appreciate an alternative like we had before.
  11. what exactly is the difference between my log in and my display name? Aren't they the same?
  12. I'm sorry but somebody who kills innocent children like this guy in Manchester might also be a loving father and a beloved husband. Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure that's what a lot of people said about Osama Bin Laden - that he was a loving father for his five or six kids.
  14. I suppose this raise has to do with the situation in one of the "competitor" countries (DRC). The good thing is the increase does not affect folks who have already booked their trip - unlike in Tanzania, where the sudden introduction of the VAT caused major confusion and I am with @kittykat23uk: I would never pay that kind of money for a single activity, for me that's a question of principles
  15. South Africa and Namibia: 0$

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