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  1. can somebody tell me if Kwando has (already) published Green Season Rates for 2017 / 2018 and what they are? also, I'd like to find out their current rate for a personal vehicle / driver (during the Green Season, if that makes a difference) thanks
  3. this article is obviously in German but I'm sure the picture speaks for itself for those who know the dynamics of the prides in the area: the lioness is part of the Masek pride
  4. @SAFARILEGEND it certainly wasn't mine
  5. similiar but with a different ending....
  6. sorry but I guess you misunderstood me - I am not looking for options at Ndutu (I already know I will be staying at Ndutu Lodge) but for a place inside Serengeti borders
  7. I am currently planning with third trip to Ndutu for late april / early may 2018. The first time I went there I added a night at the Crater, now I'm tempted to return to the Serengeti for maybe three nights. However, I'd need some help finding out my options. Ideally, I would not want to stray too far away from Ndutu, maybe even follow the herds (which should at this time of the year be just south of Ndutu). Again, ideally I would just like to book accomodation and come with my own guide, be it a lodge or a camp. However, I am not willing to pay more than 200 $ per night (for accomodation). Are there any places that fit these restrictions? thanks
  8. some of you are sure they are able to smell us despite the smell of diesel and oil, others believe they cannot smell us because of the smell of diesel and oil... imho @KaingU Lodge is spot on: pretty much all African animals will act completely different once a human being can be spotted outside a vehicle - most of them will of course run away, others (especially predators close to a kill or their offspring) might charge - for hundreds of years humans on foot meant (and sometimes still mean) danger to African mammals, so it's got to be in their genes (instincts) to run off once they see us. Perhaps they are able to distinguish between humans inside a car and humans outside a car. And simply because sometimes humans inside cars are attacked,too does not mean this theory does not hold up, quite the opposite: to every rule there are exceptions, especially in nature.
  9. The problem with these little airlines is the low number of their aircrafts: once one of them is not available (due to bad weather, strike of staff or mechanical problems) their entire flight table usually collapses. Personally, I've had a similiar experience like @amybatt (though not with Precision Air but with Safarilink in Kenya): I was not informed until the day I showed up at Wilson Airport that one of the flights I had booked six months earlier had completely been cancelled. And as we all know, improvising in Africa is usually quite a bit more different than back home.
  10. extremely influential - quite a few of my last trips were inspired by and planned with the help of members of this community
  11. to come back to the original question: I think, one reason could be reason that leopards are most likely the less threatended of all the big carnivore species, not only in Africa but globally, Maybe scientists and researchers prefer to focus on species close(r) to extinction (which would make sense, to me at least)
  12. question is which part of Khwai will you be visiting, the "regular" side (run by the government) or the community concession (where off road driving is allowed)
  13. @madaboutcheetah - almost...july 2014,,,time flies
  14. My daughter and I will leave for Botswana and South Africa in about 4 weeks time, these are our dates July 15 overnight in Johannesburg July 16 overnight in Maun July 17 leaving for Khwai Community Concession July 23 overnight in Maun July 24 overnight in Johannesburg July 25 overnight en route (most likely in Upington) July 26 two nights in Twee Rivieren July 28 three nights in Nossob July 31 one night in Twee Rivieren Aug 01 overnight en route Aug 02 overnight in Skukuza Aug 03 two nights in Satara Aug 05 three nights in Lower Sabie if any of you will be in the same area as us, drop me line (I know that during my last stop in Maun I missed @madaboutcheetah by minutes - or so told me Moses)
  15. I don't use Facebook (although I could). However, I assume what might be exciting about this encounter is that cheetahs were perhaps thought to be extinct in this particular park

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