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  1. I believed that it's a male Bar-tailed trogon you've captured there inyathi! Well,your shot are pretty good! I like the 1st one more though!
  2. This is a worth reading article! A lot of information that people would find interesting! Photos are also added bonus! Appreciated you shared this one!!
  3. What a good boy! Looks like he knew that he's been capturing! So he behaved well! Nice shot you got there mate!
  4. i was expecting a lot of picture with zebra and crocodile fight. but still you mange to have a good image.
  5. awesome picture! you did a great job, totally wonderful image
  6. im on the process of making my photo book and im still looking for cute details. i will used it for the sides decoration.
  7. I've seen this bird many times but i haven't seen them for real. closer picture makes difference than watching on tv. great shot dude.......
  8. @madaboutcheetah as i read you thread i was expecting a picture? anyways as i click the site bat hawk is new for me.
  9. nice shot...... you should have a closer picture of this owl so that i can distinguish the difference, since i haven't seen this kind of owl. that's why i want a closer picture if you don't mind.
  10. Sounds very interesting information. I'm looking forward for a link.
  11. Such as a great information. Interesting new insight in the role of trophy hunting.
  12. I think there are some opinions that the data on polar bears is premature.
  13. hi Leely, great shot....... your just in time as these animals are going to cross to the other side. fantastic
  14. hi johan db, those were nice and lovely picture, i really like it, animals were so cute that i wanted to touch them keep on sharing your good memories. thanks johan
  15. oh i see, now i know what's the reason. thanks for responding me....

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