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  1. South Luangwa NP, October 2016 Bateleur eagle White-backed vulture Hooded vulture
  2. South Luangwa NP, Oct 2016 Broken tusks ......
  3. October 2016 : South Luangwa NP Some dogs in a pack of 35 individuals ....
  4. Roan.... October 2016 - South Luangwa NP Shy and wary, hiding in the trees ....
  5. Hungry hippo in camp. October 2016 - Flatdogs Camp, South Luangwa .... This hippo waited for the all the guests to move from the courtyard dining area so it could walk in and eat the fallen flowers before making a quick exit out of the courtyard entrance (top right of first pic.).
  6. The awards were presented last night in London and here is the link to the list of winners ..... Congratulations to all the winners! Congratulations to all the winners!
  7. I have a copy of this book. Wonderful images. They are also in London on 30th November with an evening presentation and talk.
  8. South Luangwa NP, October 2016
  9. South Luangwa NP, October 2016 This large male hippo wandered into our camp courtyard to eat the fallen leaves of the sausage tree (Kigelia Africana). It seemed this was becoming a regular thing as he had done it a couple of times.
  10. South Luangwa NP October 2016.... Ginger the lion ...... this is the male with abnormal colouration that was first seen earlier this year. He and his brother, Garlic, are making their presence felt and known in the park. They are both vocal and roar, a lot. And the lionesses love them! This male is a newcomer to SLNP .... he was on his own and certainly had a regal presence about him, confident and bold ...
  11. A few quick edits taken last week in South Luangwa NP :
  12. Crowned Crown November 2015: South Luangwa NP
  13. August 2014 and November 2015: South Luangwa NP
  14. Agama lizard and green milkwood locust Possibly not the best insect to eat .....
  15. The e-visa service promo video makes the process look easy but you still have to pay on arrival and get the visa issued and put in your passport upon presenting the application approval letter the e-visa service send to you. Maybe having the letter helps get you through quicker? I could use the services of Tours Africa at Lusaka to assist with getting the visas, I've used them before, a reasonable cost for their services, great people they are very good at getting the visas issued on arrival quickly .... I think it's called queue jumping @@wilddog have a great trip to Kafue.

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