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  1. South Luangwa NP November 2017 Southern carmine bee-eater
  2. South Luangwa NP November 2017 Lappet-Faced vulture Vultures at sunset
  3. The Luangwa River from the Luangwa bridge in South Luangwa NP November 2017
  4. South Luangwa NP November 2017
  5. South Luangwa NP November 2017
  6. South Luangwa NP November 2017 Ginger ... with fight wounds/scars from his encounter with the new 3 sub adult males that are now challenging him for territory Garlic ....
  7. South Luangwa NP November 2017 Mating pair ...
  8. 16th November 2017 : The South Luangwa NP became the first ever national park in the world to be declared "a sustainable park" by the the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).
  9. Back in 2015 I was in South Luangwa NP when a torrential downpour occurred whilst on a game drive in an open vehicle - the rain and thunderstorms lasted from 5pm to 1pm the next day. The initial cloud burst was so heavy I was soaked within minutes and my non waterproof boots got soaked - I could pour the water out of them. Because the temperature dropped it took a while for my boots to dry out but I did have my back-up walking shoes. My advice would be pack for the possibility of rain.
  10. South Luangwa Nov 2010 .... Ginger from this .... to this ..... Oct 2016 .... Hopefully I'll get see him again next month when I visit SLNP.
  11. Glass art. Made by hand in the UK. If any UK based Safaritalk members have visited the Birdfair event at Rutland Water they may well have seen the artist exhibiting there.
  12. South Luangwa NP - October 2016
  13. South Luangwa NP October 2016 Verreaux's eagle owl
  14. A double H .......hippo and hammerkop. South Luangwa NP - October 2016
  15. South Luangwa NP, October 2016 Bateleur eagle White-backed vulture Hooded vulture

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