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    Protection of hippos in the Turgwe River, Zimbabwe as well as other animals in their environment. Anti poaching patrols, to remove snares and at times capture poachers, water improvement in the river system as well as at artificial pans. Education towards a better understanding of hippos and how they benefit the eco system.
  1. Hi for the first time in 21 years I had to make the decision in August to give food to 21 wild hippos here in the Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe. I did this back in 92 which allowed the last remaining river hippos to survive, a total of 13 hippos. All other hippos in that river system died. Two of the 13 hippos conceived while feeding and 49 calves have been born since that horrendous drought. Here we are in 2013 and a localised drought has put the Turgwe Hippos in danger. Due to the illegal settlers that moved into the Conservancy back in 2000 there is nowhere that the hippos can move to to find grazing away from this area. Their old territories were taken over by people and livestock and the rest of the Conservancy does not have the water sources that the hippos require or the grazing. So I decided to feed. Thanks to the Harmony Fund of the USA we managed to purchase a reliable old second hand four by four in order to feed the three groups of hippos. We have thanks to the hippo supporters managed to keep going until now but by the middle of October we will not have any funds left to buy hay, survival ration and pay for the transport for the food. So we need help. If every person reading this donated even twenty dollars we could purchase food. If you are in the States and you go to this appeal you will get a receipt for tax purposes. Please help us to save these hippos. Here is a link to my video as well so that you can see that we are actually on the ground feeding the hippos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS_kaUdJY9o . the link for the appeal is here.http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/mission-to-bring-food-to-wild-animals-suffering-in-drought/78580/update/67459 Thank you all Karen Paolillo Turgwe Hippo Trust Zimbabwe September 2013
  2. Please watch our new baby hippo on video. Cheeky gave birth on November 19th I filmed the baby from the following day. Do hope you all enjoy. In case you have not yet ordered from our merchandise for the Christmas holidays please remember we have our 2013 hippo calendar, fantastic hippo pendants by Oephebia and amazing hippo sculptures from Suzie Marsh all New for this Holiday period. If you haven't entered the draw to name the baby hippo it closes on 30th November so there is still time. US$20 or 12pounds gives you a chance to name this gorgeous hippo. Here are the links to the video: The new video is now up on YouTube: Also on our website: http://www.savethehi... Nov 2012.html or http://www.savethehi...videoclips.html Love Karen and the hippos
  3. Hi Guys I read your comments. Sharon has been the main person in the Hwange area keeping an eye on the Presidents herd for 12 years. She is not doing this as a business ie safaris or anything like that. She is passionate about the animals. Many have had snares removed thanks to Sharon's intervention. Would you rather see elephants that are afraid of man like in other places in Africa and Zim, due to having been hunted or culled? at least the elephants there at the Hwange Estates have a person who cares about their welfare and one person can make a difference. Nobody is feeding them by the way they come because they know her.
  4. Turgwe Hippo Trust took a break and had an awesome close encounter with elephants in Hwange Estates with Sharon Pincott please watch this amazing video and support the elys . It is also on our website: http://www.savethehippos.com/Videopage%20051%20Name%20the%20Baby%20Elelphant%20%20Sept%202012.html or http://www.savethehippos.com/turgwevideoclips.html.
  5. Hi all this is Karen Paolillo of the Turgwe Hippo Trust. Normally I am raising funds for the hippos but having just had an awesome experience with Sharon Pincott of the Presidents Herd of Elephants, here in the Hwange Estates of Zimbabwe I am hoping people may help out here. There is a new calf in the President Herd of Zimbabwe in the L group. We need a name for the baby. You cannot use the following names:Lady, Lee, Limp, Louise, Loopy, Lesley, Lancelot, Lucy, Libby, Lantana, Lilly-boy, Laurie, Lol, Lazarus, Lindsay, Langa, Leopold, Litchis, ... mother Lucky ... and new baby ???.... For US$20 donating to our site www.savethehippos.com your name will be entered into the raffle on 8th October. Just add the name you choose to the donation form. Please now watch my little video so you can see the calf and then help Sharon to continue to monitor these amazing elephants lives. She needs fuel which is expensive in Hwange area, so your donation will help her to stay mobile and keep a watchful eye upon these elephants. It is Sharon who finds help for them when one is carrying a snare. See the video here: YouTube: . It is also on our website: http://www.savethehippos.com/Videopage%20051%20Name%20the%20Baby%20Elelphant%20%20Sept%202012.html or http://www.savethehippos.com/turgwevideoclips.html
  6. Hi all http://www.savethehippos.com/Videopage%20038%20Sleeping%20Elephants%20Jan%202012.html sorry have been busy but here is an amazing little video I shot of elephants at the Turgwe Hippo Trust sleeping. Hope you wil enjoy Karen Paolillo Turgwe Hippo Trust and see our web site www.savethehippos.com for more videos of wildlife and other happenings around the Trust.
  7. Hope you all enjoy go to you tube at this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2__TNDWyv4. or go to our site savethehippos where you can make a donation if you would like to the link is: http://www.savethehippos.com/turgwevideoclips.html.
  8. Hi all this is my second video for October and it is a promotional video showing what Chris & Neve Wade of Australia enjoyed while staying at Hippo Haven. The YouTube video see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uFl1rhBcts. The video is also up on our site, see: http://www.savethehippos.com/Videopage%20032%20Chris%20and%20Neve%20Oct%202011.html or: http://www.savethehippos.com/turgwevideoclips.html. Love Karen and the Hippos
  9. I filmed this video in the Save Valley Conservancy with my two volunteers from Australia Chris and Neve Wade having the most amazing afternoon accompanying Dr Rosemary Groom and meeting up close and personal her Painted Wild dogs. Hope you all enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeF5riIafd8. It is also on our website, www.savethehippos.com see: http://www.savethehippos.com/Videopage%20031%20Painted%20Wild%20Dogs%20Oct%202011.html or: http://www.savethehippos.com/turgwevideoclips.html. If you would like to leave a donation on the web site it would be most appreciated.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwNH8iyyJKo.
  11. I am not sure if the snake did manage to eat that frog as it seemed far too big for it. I ran out of video battery and by the time I came back both had gone, so will never know! Glad you enjoyed my small contribution to the beauty of Africa.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7pWmENqHnY. see our latest video this one is about two of Zimbabwe's beautiful snakes.
  13. As I type, the heat of an African summer causes a momentary lapse of reason. Mind you, it doesn’t help to concentrate when fifty odd baboons play havoc with what is left of a tiny spot of vegetation that some might call a flower bed, while some of them bounce around on the roof of our thatched home! We live in the bush but are lucky enough to be on top of a riverbank, with our house (which, may I add, we physically built) looking down at the Turgwe River. The Turgwe Hippo Trust is my creation. It evolved from a life and death situation where hippos would have died if I had not intervened and fed them in their habitat for a long and exhausting 10 months. That era not only gave me tremendous personal satisfaction, saving the last 13 hippos left within the river system and having two conceive while I fed them. It restored as well my faith in humanity. I learnt that in our world there are people prepared to send money to a total stranger who wanted to save the lives of magnificent animals that were meant to be living their natural life in this area, which is now a wildlife Conservancy. You can read more about how all this occurred in the interview I gave on this site here: http://safaritalk.net/index.php?showforum=10 Now, 19 years later, I am still in need of help, but this time it is all to do with the way our lives have had to evolve with the changing of our planet. Nowadays the Trust is not just run by me and my trusty typewriter, utilizing the local Zimbabwean post and being helped financially by tourists visiting the hippos. This is Zimbabwe 2011. The tourists dried up in 2000 because of the political unrest and they still haven’t come back. I used to get around 1000 people a year arriving to meet these special hippos, for I have formed a bond with them and one can be very close to an animal that has an awesome reputation. Now if we get 50 people a year it is a lot. Those people donated or adopted a Turgwe Hippo, or purchase merchandise that I sold. So when they left I had to make a plan, as we all do in Zimbabwe. This plan now involves not just a generator to provide us with electricity, but a satellite dish to give us communications with the outside world. Then of course there are all the gadgets needed to communicate: laptops, etc. There is also a web site to run and networking to update. Then there is the fact that with land invasions in 2000 the hippos lost a lot of the pools and areas they used to live in, with people taking over these wildlife lands and driving the hippos away. So now at times I have further to search for juvenile hippos that leave the family group as they look for new pools and other hippos to live with. The Conservancy, including the lands now occupied by illegal settlers, is over 840,000 acres, a huge track of land to find hippos in, hence fuel for our old second hand vehicles. Then since 2000 there are the daily anti poaching patrols carried out by myself, my husband and the game scouts that now assist us here. We have since 2000 removed in a very small area over 7000 wire snares that do not kill just one time but continue to kill over and over again. Those have all been destroyed but if we do not keep up this daily patrol, not a single animal will remain alive in this area. As I sit here the financial needs just keep mounting up, and we just had a fire on the 11th September that did not help one little bit. Our requirements to date include: $1,500 dollars for fuel which is an outstanding bill. $1,000 to buy a new allocation of fuel that will last us about three months. $2,000 to purchase a generator, roofing, and a door (as a result of the fire). Our generator caught fire on 11th September! The fire not only consumed it, but destroyed as well a borrowed generator. In addition we lost the asbestos roof and the wooden door of the brick shed. We have to replace it all. $1000 running costs for scouts’ allocations and staff as well as all extras that accumulate over a six month period. None of these items were on a list in 1993 but times change and if you do not adapt then you are a dinosaur and become extinct. If we had not been living here doing what we do for the last 11 years of political problems within Zimbabwe, there would not now be one animal alive around here and this includes the hippos. We have had over 44 calves born since 1992. These 44 hippos have had a chance of life thanks to our initial efforts on the ground and your help in funding us. Please donate whatever amount you can afford. People never seem to realize how their own personal donation can mount up if everyone just helps out with any amount, no matter how small. You can donate by paying on line with PayPal http://www.savethehippos.com/turgwe.html Or if you do not like to use PayPal you can pay by cheque payable to Turgwe Hippo Trust but for postal security posted to this UK address: c/o Maya Donelan, 1 Rosaville Road, London, SW6 7BN, UK Please mention that this is a donation to help the Turgwe Hippos and please leave your address so that I can personally thank you. I thank you in advance Karen Paolillo Founder Turgwe Hippo Trust Hippo Haven Zimbabwe facebook Turgwe Hippo Trust
  14. My latest small video first one for September can be found here: http://www.savethehippos.com/turgwevideoclips.html Hope you enjoy shows a couple of snakes that visited Turgwe Hippo Trust recently
  15. I live in an area which land wise is approx. 800,000 acres. The hunting of lions was at one stage 5 males a year, now they are shooting females as well as males. They believe with their Southern African sustainable mentality that they need to shoot them. Their attitude is "they are the main predators" if only a man and woman such as the Jouberts' could attend meetings here in this Conservancy "Save Valley" in Zimbabwe and actually educate the "members" on the real truth to what is behind the hunting industry. I am sure that some of them may even listen. Thank you Matt for an amazing interview and to you the Jouberts I salute you both. Karen Paolillo, Turgwe Hippo Trust, Zimbabwe.

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