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  1. Hadn't seen this topic yet. Drones on safaris ... What's next? Self-driving cars maybe ...
  2. Pault, stunning images and sightings
  3. Hari, those are the kind of sightings one likes to see Action which happen suddenly is always difficult to capture ... but your photos tell a story. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Matt, I am fine, thanks. Although today I am a bit nervous as we are playing the All Blacks in Twickenham.
  5. Great sightings and ditto photos A superb concession in Northern Botswana if you ask me.
  6. I have done many safaris in the national parks in Botswana and have seen most mammals at close quarters (elephant, hippo, buffalo, red lechwe, roan, kudu, waterbuck, sable, puku, impala, warthog, baboon, zebra, giraffe, spotted hyena, both jackal species). Also I did see lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog there but have to say because of off-roading in permanent camps my predator sightings were mostly of higher quality there. I don't have any trip reports on line and Jochen's trip report of our safari in 2008 is still here but I couldn't see his photos. For example Desert and delta has a number of camps in the national parks which are considerable cheaper then the ones of WS during that period of time. Personally, I would opt for Chobe, given its unparallel quality of gameviewing from a boat. Best gameviewing on land, is between Serondela towards the Namibian border ... most lodges do their drives between Chobe gate (Kasane) and Serondela. Agree with Hari, the charts are not reflecting current dynamics or indicate which area offers good quality on its boat activities. I did a mokoro transfer from Kwetsani to Tubu Tree and given its vegetation didn't see many mammals or birds. Also on my boat trips in Jacana, which were scenic didn't see much game. Did boat trips in most camps and most of them proved to be what Hari referred to.
  7. Best gameviewing from a boat is on the Chobe river. I haven't been to any permanent camps in the delta that came even close ... and I visited quite a lot of them. Also considerably cheaper so maybe not in the TA's interest. I once took a boat trip from Xigera to the heart of Chief's island and that was also worthwile. (I had a private vehicle/boat at my disposal). Don't think they still offer these kind of trips. On mokoro trips in the delta, the boatsmen try to steer away from big game ... especially ellies and hippos as they are not the kind of animals you like to come across in those small channels. General game (all mammals with the exception lion/leopard/cheetah/wild dog) and birdlife can be seen in national parks from close quarters without paying high rack rates and a lot of times without any other vehicles around. Trust me, been there and experienced it many times. The Jao concession (Tubu Tree/Jacana/Kwetsani/Jao) is the concession that appealed the least to me.
  8. Same old song and dance. Some TA's have a lot in common with second hand car dealers. Looking at the WS classic camps ... Tubu Tree would not be my favourite even if some TA's rave about it. Reasonably good record for leopards but you are already going to Chitabe/Dulini. Mombo isn't resting on its laurels maybe some of the guides over there are ... In the WS portofolio, Duma Tau/Savuti and Little Vumbura would also be good picks like other members mentioned. At current rates, I would think twice before going to Botswana's permanent camps unless money is no issue.
  9. I was talking about Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, ...) not East Africa.
  10. Lack or abundance of water resources has a huge impact on gameviewing ... (basic safari knowlegde )
  11. Still alive and kicking Ewan, had a couple of fantastic trips with him. Will never forget that thunderstorm ... and how you spotted that cheetah. The Kwando concession, nothing but good memories. Looking forward to see more of your trips.
  12. Great report and pictures, Safaridude.
  13. Looks like Kwando still offers great gameviewing. Thanks for sharing all of this.
  14. Could be worthwile in terms of gameviewing as El Nino is back with a vengeance in Southern Africa ... for the "poor" animals/people over there it's a totally different story. How long will it take before walk in rates are also no longer affordable for most members here?
  15. Hari, I haven't been for ages here ... just saw your post about Wilderness Safaris in the Botswana Gazette. Had also a look at their latest financial report and always wondered how IFRS 8 (segmental reporting) is adopted. Where does the revenue (maybe financing and investment) in South Africa comes from and where does it goes to ... given the limited number of bed nights there. Look at the revenue and profit generated in South Africa/Botswana and notice the discrepancy . Tax havens and royalties (not taxable for the receiving party and deductible for the paying party) are not so uncommon to multinationals. Anyway happens all over the world ... (Luxleaks, ...). Also they are early adopters of IFRS 15 (revenue recognition - agent vs principal). My apologies for the financial technicalities. My 2 questions: how many people can afford to go back to the same hunting spots given the current rates and how many people take environmental issues into consideration while choosing their safari destination??

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