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  1. Cracking pictures and an engaging account of the dogs and the Dagga boy encounter! I got quite lucky with Boswell sightings - 8 days out of 13. You'd be surprised how many similar shots I've taken of Big V; I was particularly after his eyes and a frontal of the tusks and he obliged by getting about 9 ft from where I and my guide were sitting under the Albida tree. I'm sure you've enjoyed his head-shrugging in effort to lift his heavy trunk up.....sitting this close on ground with him, I could practically feel his breath while he broke the branches above our head Absolute privilege! As it was my first trip to Mana, can't really compare the volume of crowds but agree with Paolo that even for my 13 day stay, it was only 4 times that we bumped into others (actually twice was with Tailormade guests guided by Fisher). Maybe "Whyone" can shed some light too!? Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Another epic adventure with terrific photos! While Kwando is blessed by mother earth, the Safari Gods must have blessed thee........ you make spotting of wild dogs and leopard sound so easy Welcome back!
  3. Hi Ian, I'd come across a program at Drexel Univ. in Philadelphia in 2011 that does primate research every January on Bioko Island. I'd then looked it up and here's a quick resource to get you started. More details may be available if you google Drexel Univ research program, but figure will share what I know! Hope this helps! Shreyas
  4. Paolo, Love the term "Manatic"....sure to use it myself!! I too loved Croton and Illala, having visited both 4 different times during my stay. Especially loved Croton at the sunset. Another favourite one is Nkupe campsite as you see the expansive floodplain on both east and the west side. Elephants feeding on the reeds in water and buffalo on the island were a plus! Curious that of the two lionesses you found, did one have wounds on her forehead and chest? We found the youngish male with these two and another juvenile little W of Mucheni 1. The one female looked pretty beaten up and was licking here wounds constantly. The big male was hiding in the grass though.
  5. Welcome back, Paolo! Lucky you found the pack at the den....we visited the den too but were on the "wrong" side for the viewing and just found 3 guard dogs there. The Cathedral Mopane forest is quite nice though, and you're right, it was a bit of a walk. Trichelia was special for me too....had the closest encounter with Big Vic there. Lions were a little unpredictable for us though, hope you had better luck with them. You're right about the noises from Zambia. Not only they are too loud but also have huge lights that can be seen from miles. Could hear all the drunk people in the lodge right across Mucheni 1 one night. Quite appalling and disappointing! Rumor is that more and more settlers are coming in the Zambian side in anticipation of this turning into a Transfrontier Park and they can have easy access to Mana. All in all, am totally stunned by Mana
  6. I recently had 2 legs with EA - Brussels - Cairo - Harare. Not impressed, to say the least. Pretty rundown IMO and in-flight service was not the best. But you're right, given the prices and the total journey time, you're better off ignoring these factors. Have to add that my return to the US from Harare was partly with Ethiopian and I flew in their "Dreamliner" series, which was pretty good!
  7. Thanks for cracking the whip, Lynn Lost out on this one a while back due to family + work reasons and never got around starting back again. Funny that you wrote on this TR today as I sit in Harare having just returned from a 12 day trip to Mana Pools. Still trying to deal with the hangover of this magical place! I'm waiting to fly out to the US in 4 hrs. but will try to do better for the Mana TR. Reading about Mana Pools is one thing, experiencing it is another as it beats all the descriptions and words! And the hosts who made it all possible are one of the best folks I've ever met! Meanwhile if you have any specific questions about Etosha, feel free to drop a line and I'll share what I know! Shreyas
  8. Phew...... @ Sangeeta, you're too kind Nice pictures.....who cares if blurry or not - it's a Leopard!! No crocs at Jawai Dam, I guess!? Wish you had better luck with the Hyena (Jarakh). Again, thanks for kind words and glad you enjoyed Udaipur!
  9. Just love how you've described the landscape and wildlife of this park, and the amazing shots to go with it! Baboon pee on the 300....that would test its weather-proof capabilities Excellent report, as always! And especially love the shots of "interaction of the specialists" around the fire. Very thoughtful of you! Many thanks for sharing, Anita!
  10. Looks fantastic! Well designed and tastefully done. Great work, GW!
  11. Phew....Safaridue, thanks for turning my annoying Monday morning to a happy one Love you framing - both of words and pictures. Excellent photography as always - the Leopard with Impala and the Lions' "all you can eat buffet" will be stuck in my mind. TFS
  12. Great report, and surely the layout and pictures of the camp helps a lot. Excellent pictures favorites are the Elands and the elephant's headshot - a little bit of zoom and one can count the no. of threads on the tusks. I too am hooked on to Mana like many other ST-ers, and all these TRs just add to the misery and impatience Glad for your experiences.....can't wait to hear more. TFS
  13. Phew....another great installment! You're right about the hyena-hippo opera....I too would choose that symphony to put me to sleep any day TFS
  14. Incredible sightings, my favourite is the Leopard in the tree with sparkling eyes! Enjoying it a lot! TFS
  15. Phew...superb shots, and interesting to hear about your take on the medium format. Small world here, Andy....the two gentlemen in your pictures (Bill and ?) - I met them in 2010 in Katmai where they were in a group lead by Chas! Shared some good laughs and stories with him there...such an energetic and fun guy! Many thanks for sharing! Shreyas

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