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  1. @JohnR thanks so much for agreeing to continue with the technical support. Your posts regarding the upgrade have been very helpful - you'll be great!
  2. @Tom Kellie @pomkiwi I've only been to NZ once before and that was in 1986! I am really looking forward to this return trip, especially as it has a birding focus. Yes, we have a couple of nights in Kaikoura and we do a pelagic trip out of there, not sure about whale-watching though, maybe on the free half day that I have...
  3. Not Africa, but I have booked a fortnight in New Zealand's South Island in December. Looking forward to kiwi, penguins, parrots and albatross - what an eclectic mix!
  4. @penolvathanks for this enjoyable TR. It was wonderful to see destinations both old and new - BA, Iguazu and the Das Cataratus Hotel.
  5. 22. White-faced Herons, Salt Water River, Tasmania June 2017
  6. 21. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Risdon Dam, Tasmania May 2017
  7. @@xelas how wonderful that you were travelling with your daughter again, that must have bought back many happy memories whilst all the time sharing an exciting new experience in Africa. So looking forward to reading about your latest Namibian adventure.
  8. @@Peter Connan great report, I'm really enjoying your Namibian safari! Wonderful phoos of Walvis Bay and the dunes heading south to Sandwich Harbour.
  9. @@Peter Connan I'm really enjoying your TR as Etosha is one of my favourite parks. Interesting to see water on the pan at Okondeka - do you know if the flamingo bred successfully in Etosha this year?
  10. @@douglaswise what an interesting place to visit with both beautiful scenery and dryland wildlife.
  11. @@Peter Connan so looking forward to your TR. Did you travel thru' the Kaa areabefore arriving in Kang? Sorry that you had such a shaky start, however its good to hear that you are back on the road the same day.
  12. @@AfricIan I've had some positive emails with Bakoly Razanamiarantsoa of Great Island Adventures who I discovered through this amazing TR,
  13. @@lmSA84 lovely photo of the Violet-eared Waxbill

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