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  1. Thanks for the answer Tony! Tom
  2. Hi, May i ask why you are selling the bikes, and what were they used for initially? also, were they imported into tanzania or locally purchased? thanks. Hi Riz Jiwa, We used to offer motorbike safaris, but are busy with other business ventures these days, so sadly had to drop this service. These bikes are perfect for a company who would like to offer similar motorbike tours. The condition of the bikes is perfect, and they have been imported. Please contact me for more info. Many Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi Dereck and Beverly, Of all the National Parks, Reserves and other wildlife destinations you have visited in Africa, which has been your favourite location to date, and why? Question from Tom at Ziara Safaris
  4. Hi Tony, can you pinpoint the moment where you decided that you wanted to write a series of novels about Africa/safaris - and if so, what inspired this?
  5. Hi all hotels/operators, We are selling our fleet of Yamaha 660 XTR motorbikes which are ideal for motorbike tours. We have 6 bikes in total, all with average 10,000 KMs milage, at USD $6,700 each. They are in Arusha, Tanzania at the moment. You can see more pictures of the bikes here: Motorbikes for sale in Arusha, Tanzania Please PM or email me (tom@tanzania-adventure.com) for more information.
  6. Hi all, I have created a widget for the great migration which displays the current months predicted whereabouts of the herds. You can see this widget in action here: great migration widget. Or add it to your own website by pasting the code below into your sites HTML: <style type="text/css">/* You can enter custom styles here to make the widget match your website design */ #ziara_migrationWidget { font-size: 11px; font-family: Arial; border: 1px solid #ccc; background: #fff; width: 582px; padding: 10px; } #ziara_migrationWidget a, #ziara_migrationWidget a:visited { color: green; } #ziara_migrationMonths { font-size: 12px; text-transform: capitalize; } #ziara_migrationImage { margin: 15px 0; width: 572px; height: 292px; } #ziara_migrationText { text-align: right; }</style><script src="http://www.ziarasafaris.com/wp-content/ziara-widgets/migration.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  7. Hi there, I live in Zanzibar, and highly recommend it as a good place to visit on holiday, especially as an extension of a safari in Tanzania!
  8. Hi there, It is good practice to read reviews (on sites such as TripAdvisor) of the tour operators you are interested in online, this way you see other guest's experiences with the company.
  9. Nudutu in the Serengeti will be fantastic in February with the mass birthing of the wildebeest claves from the migration herds, and big cats and other predators on the lookout for easy meals. I would spend as much time in this area as possible.
  10. Tanzania Adventure are offering 20% off all of their itineraries during April and May 2011. Visit the country during a great time of the year at a hugely discounted rate. Find out more on their website.
  11. Witness the 'Great Migration' in the Serengeti during June at a fraction of the price! Mapito Tented Camp are offering 3 nights' accommodation for the price of 2. Find out more on their website.
  12. The Zanzibari are offering a special offer from May up until June 15th - Stay 5 nights, and only pay for 4! You can read more about this special offer on their website.
  13. I forgot to mention, I managed to see a pre-World Cup friendlly of Tanzania vs Brazil in Dar Es Salaam. It was good, but the stadium was only half full - it was really over priced for many locals.
  14. Whats the verdict on these apps as compared to say an African wildlife guide book? Are they of similar quality, just in digital form?
  15. Saving the earth to in turn save ourselves and other species that live on this planet.

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