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  1. Has anybody experiences of a Namibia Safari in March? End of rainy season - bad roads? - few mammals? - lot of birds? I would really appreciate any thoughts. Sverker
  2. You are so engeneery. Have you had the idea to build trailers for people like me (rich but with no building skills)
  3. Feeling sad and sick from the whole trophé hunting business ...
  4. Kitekat went to Finland two years ago, and that inspired me. Recently I drove 1500km from Sweden to the same place to take videos of the bears.
  5. Bird portrait ...
  6. Recently I visited the same rocks at Point Piños, Monterey, and got this scene - in my opinion the best clip I have taken at this favorite spot in Northern California.
  7. Relaxing video with lots of action in 26 minutes.
  8. To see full-screen video, klick the "Vimeo" button on the low right (you come to and choose the full-screen button.
  9. To see full-screen video, klick the "Vimeo" button on the low right (you come to and choose the full-screen button.
  10. I was in group of birders witnessing a fight between a goshawk and a herring gull. The immature goshawk stooped down on the swimming, immature gull. The fight went on for several minutes in the water, it was difficult to guess the outcome, wings flapping in the spray. Grey seals in the vicinity noticed the struggle and came closer. Sometimes the goshawk was the one under the surface. Finally, after about five minutes, the goshawk let go of the gull and flew away. The gull swimmed away, but probably was seriously injured. We never saw it fly, after some minutes it was out of sight. I am grateful to have witnessed the show, just sorry that I didn´t get pictures to show you.
  11. Trying again ... I made it Interesting: When I copied "Link" from my vimeo-page I got "www." which didn´t work. But when I deleted the middle part "user42443835/httpsvimeocom" I got it right . The link for "embedding" that I used before didn´t work - maybe I don´t understand the difference between the Embedding code and the Link code. Thanks Matt! Seems that Vimeo has got something to work on ...
  12. Such beautiful pics! Maybe I will change my destination to Kgalagadi next time.
  13. Great! But how did you do it? Some magic? Thank you, Matt!
  14. Life project - good idea, but cats will be soo difficult. Other life projects could be - cranes - eagles - parrots - falcons I hope you don´t feel that I steal the thread ...

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