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  1. Between October and November we spent 10 days in the Serengeti. 5 days at Dunia Camp and another 5 at Sayari. We had a really wonderful time and had some great sightings. I was a bit worried about visiting in "shoulder season" but in the end it was a very good time to visit. We had quite a bit of rain in the Northern Serengeti but we enjoyed it a lot - quite something to see the clouds rolling in, and wet cats But most of the time it was beautiful and sunny. Here is a short video trip report by Mr Cheetah80.
  2. Was a pleasure to meet you too @@Tdgraves !! I hope to find some time during this weekend to have a look at your trip report!
  3. Thanks @@Africalover - will try my best to keep motivated to finish the trip report Thanks @@Tdgraves, yes our continuation in Mabua was quite exciting! Was so great meeting you guys, and what are the odds of being "neighbours" AND meeting at the airport? Send my regards as well, Mr Cheetah80 also says hi
  4. Hello everyone - we recently returned from an epic trip in the Kgalagadi and Mabuasehube. I am planning to write a trip report on my website, but it's still a long way off. So meanwhile I thought I would share Mr Cheetah80's video of our trip For those who are interested we stayed at Rooiputs, Urikaruus, Kalahari Tented Camp, Polentswa, Grotkoolk, Gharaghab, Nossob, Matopi and Mpaya 2.
  5. Yep, a guide was a requirement from my experience as well - inside the parks. You can walk by yourself outside of the parks and around lodge grounds. So you can still get some "alone time". A guide is really invaluable in Madagascar to find interesting things.
  6. @@soleson - I saw plenty of excellent reports coming out of Savuti this year, seems the gameviewing has been phenomenal so I wouldn't discount it.
  7. Don't know how I missed this. Thanks so much @@lioneldauchez for this info - not often you come across such maps for self-drivers. I will bookmark for future reference, might come in handy someday Did you ever self-drive in the Masai Mara and Mara Triangle? It would be interesting to hear how they compare with the Serengeti for self-driving and wildlife viewing on a self-drive.
  8. @@ice - yes you were it seems ... Just goes to show to take the opportunity as quickly as you can as regards seeing wildlife, as there are absolutely no guarantees for the future. How sad is that? Such a waste - so beautiful and so hardy to be living in those conditions. They have overcome so many obstacles and then humans go and just end them. It breaks my heart
  9. Now down to 1
  10. Shocking news from Namibia - after the death of one of the Musketeers a few weeks back, now 3 more have been killed - just as they were trying to relocate them. Only one remains - who will be relocated away from the area. The three were killed in retaliation for killing a donkey. Very sad news, and on World Lion Day. What is the world coming to? Excerpt from Desert Lion Facebook Page "From the Desert Lion Conservation Project 10 Aug 2016. Tragedy. On 6 Aug 2016 the Ministry of Environment & Tourism approved the translocation of the four “Musketeers” from Tomakas to the Uniab Delta as a last-resort effort to solve the on-going human-lion conflict. Several parties participated with the planning of this operation: an aircraft was secured to transport the lions from Purros to Terrace Bay, vehicles were gathered to take the lions from Tomakas to Purros and finally from Terrace Bay to the Uniab Delta as we waited for the three males to return from the mountains and reconnect with Xpl-93. However, the three males encountered a new and previously unknown cattle post of semi-nomadic pastoralists. The lions killed a donkey and the people (previously from Omiriu and then Ondudupi) retaliated by poisoning the lions. The carcasses and the satellite collars of the lions were then burnt. With this tragic development a difficult decision had to be made about the fate of the lone survivor. With the Ministry of Environment & Tourism we darted Xpl-93, loaded him in the Desert Lion Project Land Cruiser and started the long journey to the Uniab Delta. The convoy of three vehicles struggled through the Floodplain and dunes that were covered in thick fog. We finally reached the mouth of the Uniab River at 05h25 and found a narrow wash with some protection to off-load Xpl-93 (see photos). © Desert Lion Conservation"
  11. I have heard the same from a few sources @@COSMIC RHINO. I hope they don't get too greedy with the rate increases now in Kenya too. I think it's going to be packed in the Mara for the migration season next year!
  12. @@BobsCreek Make sure you take flashlights, and head torches are also useful. Check that you will be provided with the correct paperwork for the vehicle. is usually up to date with the requirements for all borders. Please note if you will be using Chirundu or Kariba borders they will ask for Police Clearance Certificate - this document is no longer being issued by rental companies so be prepared to "negotiate" with the border officials (usually playing stupid is the best strategy!). Also check current requirements for Yellow Fever Certificate for the countries you are visiting. As regards insurance make sure you double check with them what is included/excluded - air evacuation is important to be included. Furthermore some insurances have an issue with travellers on a self-drive in remote places in Africa, better to discuss these items with them in advance.
  13. A video compilation of leopard sightings from the past couple of years - by Mr Cheetah80.
  14. Great idea! PM sent
  15. Yeah we were quite lucky ... managed to get through by phone 5 mins after lines opened - not exactly what we wanted, but very close We'll be a couple with a Bushlore Toyota Hilux (with rooftop tent - though will be in a chalet in Nossob) and both of us carrying large-ish photo equipment - I respond to my name, Alison

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