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  1. Hi, Chinko and APN as far as I know are not encouraging tourist just yet for a multitude of reasons. We down at Dzanga Sangha on the other hand are open for business and will love to get as many people in as possible. This sends a great message to the population about what conservation is about and how it can be a benefit etc. Check out some of the recent trip reports on this forum and also stay tuned while we put together a ST special for ST members in the coming weeks. Not only do we get the regular forest mega aune, like Gorillas and elephants, but I personally like to search out the harder to find yet equally charismatic animals like Pangolins, anomalures, Pottos, etc.... The rainforest is so much more than just Mega fauna. FYI Dzanga Sangha throughout the crisis in CAR was never a dangerous place to live and we stayed throughout most of the crisis. Now that peace has come to the greater part of the country Dzanga Sangha is far ahead of the rest of the country and calm and peaceful and receiving some more adventurous guests. Do consider this as an option. Rod
  2. @@Game Warden, @@wenchy is Volunteering at the lodge to look after the Pangolins and two duikers we are raising, she and another volunteer are doing a great job since we left, they have been through a lot in a single night. The threat of driver ants, the Black bellied pangolin getting sick, and the sudden arrival of an injured white bellied pangolin.
  3. Lets wait and check the source before jumping in here, it is just so horrid to think of that I feel the facts are far different from the storyline of the article. More later if we find out the real facts.

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