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  1. Very few Tuskers left in the Sri Lankan population due to intense trophy hunting under British rule - its not rocket science!!
  2. Must be many decades since Rhino were seen in this country!!
  3. Laos has always been a rogue state when it comes to such matters - it just gets overshadowed by the likes of Vietnam
  4. I hope they don't resort to poisoning as that could do an awfull lot of damage to non-target species. They trap them in large numbers in Dubai, and this would be a much more sustainable method of control
  5. One would have thought the recent Ebola epidemic would have knocked sense into more people on this matter
  6. Sickening - African vultures will go the way of the their Asian cousins if this menace is not reigned in soon
  7. I visited Imire ranch 5 years ago and had a great time
  8. Its long overdue - Vietnam is a black hole into which too many endangered species are disappearing.
  9. I really fear for wildlife in this country as the nation continues to be driven onto the ground by Mugabe's mob
  10. Amazing to think Somalia had so many elephants not that long ago. I wonder how many cling on now??
  11. Very alarming in what should be a highly protected area:(
  12. I hope the authorities make an example of those responsible. The brazen nature of this crime means these people are a threat to many species in this region
  13. Africa's lakes have always coped with rapid climate change. The problem nowadays is the massive pressures placed on these lakes from an ever growing human population with its attendant problems of pollution,drainage, damming and excessive water abstraction.
  14. Per head - Vietnam is probably the most destructive country on earth when it comes to being a black hole for endangered species across Asia and Africa. The country should be boycotted until they get their act together
  15. Theres a pic from late last year of one in this region in the 2015 report of the Chimbo organisation - for some reason I can't paste the address here but a quick google will bring it up. Looks to be a very promising region for all types of wildlife

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