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  1. Excellent trip report Pen. I sound like a broken record when I keep repeating this- the Mara and I speak of the reserve itself- always delivers. But some times are better than others. Your trip solidly falls into the better category. The fact you had superb, unhurried, rare ( mating Leopards!) and most importantly mostly private sightings, shows why the Masai Mara for all its problems and corruption, remains unique and one of the globes finest safari destinations bar none.
  2. http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2018/01/10/kenya-airways-new-york-flight-2018/
  3. This trip report just gets better and better. I’ve said it before- the Mara never fails to deliver, but I don’t think I have seen another report with such an abundance of cats. Not only cheetah, leopard and lions galore but also plenty of hunts and start to finish kills. You were both well prepared with a great guide and very lucky, although luck favors those with good preparation. Excellent photography throughout. Really enjoying this. Thanks again.
  4. Fantastic buffalo portraits. Amazing sightings and photography throughout this report. Thank you @Geoff for sharing.
  5. @BonitaApplebum stunning pictures- both the monochromatic ones that I agree better bring out the pachyderms- Nick Brandt’s work is only in this format- but also your color pictures. The image of two dogs baring teeth looking up is one that is better in full color. Thanks for for sharing and know many of us have missed seeing your work on this board.
  6. It appears the five musketeers were eventually successful!
  7. Amazing sequence of five cheetahs on a wildebeest and the incredible fact the gnu actually managed to escape. Shows the lack of power in a cheetahs jaws to actually penetrate thicker skinned animals. Yet the inability of five grown cheetahs to bring down one gnu is astonishing- maybe if they had a female with them she would have managed what the others could not- getting a kill hold on the gnu’s throat. @bettelYou were here indeed very fortunate to have witnessed this. The Mara always delivers but this time went over and beyond. Great photography! I would be interested in our resident cheetah experts views on all this- @madaboutcheetah Hari have you ever seen 5 boys on a gnu and they were unable to finish the job.
  8. Thankfully sanity has prevailed although more likely the public backlash was greater than anticipated. The Trump Administration has reversed itself on lifting the ban and reimposed it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/869589001
  9. Hopefully no Safaritalkers on board. https://www.google.com/amp/www.nation.co.ke/news/africa/Eleven-killed-in-Tanzania-plane-crash/1066-4188912-view-asAMP-ph2q28z/index.html
  10. Great pictures. Particularly evocative and almost haunting images of the great sand dunes engulfed in fog. How far were you from the coast here? Thanks for sharing this beautiful trip report.
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/29/world/africa/mali-elephants-gourma.html
  12. Brilliant start, Hari. Glad the visa issues are being sorted out in a timely manner now. As a Botswana ambassador in India you should be granted the equivalent of a US green card. Which Bot Safari was this for you - no. 20? And Happy Diwali to you and yours! Understand firecrackers are banned in Delhi this year.
  13. Thanks for an excellent report. On the Hoabib camp, did you have a chance to go the coast 75 km away. The original WS Skeleton Coast camp was very close to the ocean and by all accounts truly are extraordinary mostly baedupon its own paralleled location. When it was destroyed WS decided to build their replacement far inland but the camp still looks wonderful.
  14. My view is one should combine a stay in the conservancies with a separate stay in the main reserve. Both offer very different experiences - I do NOT agree with those that say the conservancy’s are always superior to the Mara reserve itself. Spending a good part of a safari day to drive from a conservancy to the Reserve and then rushing out to meet the curfew ruins the overall experience.
  15. Excellent ending. You certainly had a fabulous first safari. I have said it before and repeat here: for all it’s problems of overcrowding, mismanagement, corruption etc and having to endure the safari elite’s snob comments on the Mara not being real wilderness, it never fails to deliver. Kenya in general, and the Mara in particular, were where modern safari originated. I for one, during the right season and clearly staying at the “right” camps/locations, love to keep going back.

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