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  1. A few issues so far- I also have the green bands on sides of the frame of a 27" iMac. The iPad page also does not fill the entire frame but appears to float inside with green bars on the sides and top. iPhone appears ok but if you push the frame the green appears appear- however they are hidden in normal view. Also, unread content now brings up single picture additions to individual photo albums by members which takes away from the function.
  2. A magnificent scene- you should blow this picture up and put it on a wall.
  3. Appears to be around Euro 0.74 per liter.
  4. Patsy I had revisited your Moroccan pictures as that old thread was recently revived here. Your pictures continue to astonish me. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the old saying goes, your photography is amongst the finest I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. These latest images have just made my jaw drop. I hope for all our sakes you have several more safaris. Thank you for sharing.
  5. +1. Well said. Thanks for sharing this Kit and Sangeeta.
  6. @@Sangeeta @@Kitsafari Just got my issue of the April NG with the Gelada monkey piece and the fabulous pictures and videos. What a timely article to your trip. Look forward to more of your trip report.
  7. @@Paolo, @@Anita May your 2017 safaris be as wonderful as last years. Safari Njema.
  8. Emirates and a Turkish introduce laptop and other small electronics handling service. I think it's inevitable depending upon customer requests cameras should be added to this service which essentially takes care of this problem. Details here:
  9. If flying from the US East coast, Emirates is the best option of the ME3 carriers as on the way back being routed through Milan or Athens should be a no cost option.
  10. For those traveling on the affected airlines below is an excellent summary of the insurance particulars. I think it will be very useful if you have to check your electronics.
  11. For those in the US, flights to Tanzania would only be affected if connecting in one of the airports on the list including the big Middle East hubs. So if flying from JKIA on say KLM no issue but if on the big ME carriers - then yes.
  12. Insurance does not apply to laptops etc in checked baggage. Possible solution for the affected carriers is discussed in the Kenya Air non stop to the US thread
  13. @@COSMIC RHINOYou are onto something. I think that's a great idea for all valuable electronics that need to be checked in due to the new US rules to be placed not in the checked bag where the likelihood of theft is high but through a special gate check mechanism where the airlines (and their insurance company) takes responsibility for the goods. I think that could work and benefit the 3 ME carriers as their disadvantage compared to their competition then would be likely limited to business travelers refusing to travel without having access to their laptops for working on the plane.
  14. The laptop/ Camera ban only applies to non- stop flights to the United States from ( not to) 10 airports in 8 countries- of these only Casablanca is technically in Africa. South Africa is likely regarded as a non-threat, so the only other non-stop from Africa to the US i can then NJ of is Ethiopians Washington DC flight which so far is not on the list. So it's anyone's guess if and it's a big if, Kenya air starts non-stop NBO-JFK service if it will be on the ban list. Here is more detail/speculation on the Kenya Air possible US non-stop:

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