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  1. Brilliant start, Hari. Glad the visa issues are being sorted out in a timely manner now. As a Botswana ambassador in India you should be granted the equivalent of a US green card. Which Bot Safari was this for you - no. 20? And Happy Diwali to you and yours! Understand firecrackers are banned in Delhi this year.
  2. Thanks for an excellent report. On the Hoabib camp, did you have a chance to go the coast 75 km away. The original WS Skeleton Coast camp was very close to the ocean and by all accounts truly are extraordinary mostly baedupon its own paralleled location. When it was destroyed WS decided to build their replacement far inland but the camp still looks wonderful.
  3. My view is one should combine a stay in the conservancies with a separate stay in the main reserve. Both offer very different experiences - I do NOT agree with those that say the conservancy’s are always superior to the Mara reserve itself. Spending a good part of a safari day to drive from a conservancy to the Reserve and then rushing out to meet the curfew ruins the overall experience.
  4. Excellent ending. You certainly had a fabulous first safari. I have said it before and repeat here: for all it’s problems of overcrowding, mismanagement, corruption etc and having to endure the safari elite’s snob comments on the Mara not being real wilderness, it never fails to deliver. Kenya in general, and the Mara in particular, were where modern safari originated. I for one, during the right season and clearly staying at the “right” camps/locations, love to keep going back.
  5. Amazing sighting. I have seen something similar with a cheetah and a lion where the lion was much more aggressive and the cheetah ran for its life. But never witnessed a leopard holding its own up a tree with an approaching climbing lion. This would not happen on the ground as a leopard would not tackle an adult lioness stealing its kill or at least I have not seen it. Perhaps the leopard really was trapped as it was too high to jump to the ground. Leopards are much heavier than cheetahs. Bottom line the leopard was lucky. If there were multiple lions it was likely toast.
  6. Cheetah brothers bring down a Warthog in the Mara. Post # 100 by @Gilgamesh
  7. Most of the monochromatic images convey the frenzy of the event. However it should be noted what you witnessed appears to be a shallow crossing with relatively “easy” banks for the Gnus to scamble up and it did not appear there were crocs around- as I understand it not atypical of the Talek with relatively little water current. It reminds me of the Grumeti crossing in Tanzania other than a large number of truly huge crocs there that tear into the poor Gnus. The Mara when it’s fully flowing with its deep water and steep banks creates significantly more chaos and desperation especially when the crocs are out. But this comes with lots of human traffic and resultant crowding and unfortunately often bad behavior.
  8. @Gilgamesh outstanding capture of a chaotic scene above. Your overall photography composition is great as well. Your enthusiasm as a first timer shows with each post but the overall quality of your report would leave the impression you have did this many times before. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your report. Corrected typos or or more accurately the device’s bad autocorrect.
  9. The October National Geographic has a brilliant retrospective of Jane Godall with some new material. Also so a new documentary with over 100 hours of recently discovered footage from 1962. New documentary trailer http://archive.nationalgeographic.com/?iid=155612&startpage=page0000035#folio=CV1 The full report is unfortunately behind a firewall unless you have a Nat Geo subscription.
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-09-28/how-rwanda-became-the-unlikeliest-tourism-destination-in-africa
  11. In addition to ATR, I would recommend you get quotes from Chalo Africa ( run by @Sangeeta on this forum that many here have used to rave reviews) and the Wild Source based in Colorado. Others have had good experiences with Expert Africa based in the U.K. Advce here is mostly spot on. I would strongly recommend wherever you decide to go to get a private vehicle. In Botswana for example the PV allowed us to stay out all day that is always a critical component of my safaris. You seem to be pretty far down the path of where you want to go - I had taken my kids several years ago ( they were about the same age as yours then) to East Africa when we did a whirlwind 2 week trip in both Kenya and Tanzania. Prior to that we had been to South Africa as our first Safari destination. Best of luck.
  12. Although this remains unlikely given Kenya Airways financial condition, they have passed a significant milestone: the US Dept. of Transportation has granted approval for a non-stop NBO - US ( JFK?) route. http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2017/09/07/kenya-airways-us-flight/
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/06/science/wild-dogs-sneeze-hunt.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-shareThe number of African wild dogs in a pack who sneeze determines whether or not the pack goes on a hunt.
  14. September National Geographic magazine. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2017/09/gorillas-dian-fossey-saved-rwanda/

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