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  1. After cancelling last year I am off solo once again in July to my favorite Samburu and the Mara in order to spend my birthday in the country I love with happy people and great animal sightings. Roll on the Tusker, roll on the 2nd July.
  2. Sorry to have neglected my favorite forum for so long. I was a bit deflated last year after having to cancel the planned safari. All is well now and I am off back to Kenya in July. Wishing you all a very happy 2017 Samburumags
  3. My best sundowner was with my guide at Kicheche Mara. We stopped at a rocky outcrop and out came the nibbles and probably the best and strongest G & T I have ever had, complete with ice and lemon! Then just to make the whole thing perfect a beautiful male leopard came and sat on top of the rocks just a few meters away from us, so it was leopard and gin on the rocks, perfect.
  4. When I first heard of this organisation I spoke to friends and received donations of pain killers, diabetic pens and needles, bandages etc. I made a point of informing the airline and customs of the contents of the bag and had not problem. Great organisation and good to see so many lodges participating.
  5. Thank you so much everyone, you are all so kind. This forum is more than a font of knowledge it is a place where you feel you have real friends. For those who are safari bound please have a glass of something and think of those of us who can't . Silly comments and uneducated posts from Sanburumags back soon xx
  6. Well it is I as I had feared, the safari, probably the last one, has been cancelled. Husband too unwell to travel. I am too upset to say more except it has been a dreadful week with bad news about himself and a dear friend dying suddenly after laughing and chatting with us. Just too much. Thank goodness I have Safaritalk and Africam.
  7. If they decide to fence the park, I will give you three guesses as to who the contractors will be ----- the Chinese! Hopefully not. Just train the KWS to shoot darts not bullets and if it has to be a bullet let it be only one.
  8. So what do you do after a long and dusty evening drive, dine dirty!!!!?
  9. My best memory of a sundowner was a delicious G & T (and nibbles) on a drive from Kicheche Mara, where just myself and my guide sat and watched a leopard for about an hour. 2 G & T's are needed when you sit for an hour!!!!
  10. I have tried to get a bird guide for Kenya which I could upload to my IPAD but unless I have missed something there is nothing on offer. Very frustrating.
  11. 153 DAYS to go. Had a scare last week when husband was diagnosed with arithmia (I have tried spelling this several ways and non seem to be correct!) anyway fluctuating heart beat. We were supposed to go to see our daughter in the Alps but doc said no, so I thought night night safari. However Doc now says the condition is not life threatening, any more than any other condition he has, so we are all systems go again. I have planned what I think is a very restful Kenyan holiday for him, and I can go on all the drives so it should suit both of us. Fingers crossed. They are going to shock him week after next which should put his heart back into sync, lets hope so. Now I can read Safaritalk again because I have not looked at the site for weeks due to abject depression!!
  12. Cant get enough of this report, its really great. The photography is wonderful and the video clips just add extra "life" to the entirety. I think I will just report "had a good time" on my next safari! I cant compete with you! Kicheche are superb camps. I stayed at Kicheche Mara three years ago and loved every minute. I hope this is not the end of the report..........
  13. Kenya Airways have now changed their Nairobi to London flight and it is routed via Amsterdam which is not ideal. I have asked why and am waiting for a response.
  14. Great shots. I am always told not to take too many shots of elephants but you just can't help it! So glad you enjoyed Kenya.
  15. Only 30 weeks! Still it will be worth waiting for. Bon voyage to all those going before!

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