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  1. Wow--- good question @@SafariChick it may have been the late 90s! Those are scans from pictures I took with a film camera before I went digital... Brooks Lodge gets booked up so I flew from anchorage and then via a float plane to the lodge. I only had a short day there but it was amazing seeing the bears all over the rapids getting their fill of salmon. I seem to remember 14 bears over that one section of the river...
  2. Grizzlies feeding on salmon near Brooks Lodge. Here are a couple from the Katmai Peninsula --- scanned images from film photos I took:
  3. Love the Malayan tapir pics especially---how cool to see that! I saw two tapirs at Pouso Alegre in the Brazilian Pantanal. one on a long horse ride on the "back 40" so I snapped a pic using my iphone as quick;y as possible. We disturbed its spa day in a hyacinth filled pond. We also saw one at night feeding under a fruit tree:
  4. The first pic is the best pic of a polar bear I was able to snap---of course I wish the polar bears had swam around the boat doing water aerobics (which has happened, they can be quite curious) but I was perfectly content watching them through binoculars caring less about the ship and working the pack ice to find a napping seal. None of these are going to make it into National Geographic but trying to keep steady on the deck of a ship, find the polar bear in your binoculars and then re-find it in your camera lens ain't easy all the while your eyes are teary due to the wind coming off the ice! We spotted a total of six bears, some ringed seals, walruses and reindeer in the Svalbard Islands. It was really beautiful:
  5. I did use the dreamscope app on some of these to try to make them sharper (purists probably won't like it but I was trying to make the pic better if I could)-- a few more:
  6. Jaguars? I've posted them in my Trip Report but not here so here they are---the light is often difficult and my camera not too deluxe but saw some amazing jags near Porto Jofre in the Pantanal---here goes:
  7. Here are a couple forest buffs from Dzanga Bai to round out my African buffalo portfolio : They mainly enjoyed laying in the cool mud and ignoring the elephants until one young bull (or an old bull) scattered them to show their prowess over the bai:
  8. They all have "attitude":
  9. Here are some of mine: From the Masai Mara, outside Kruger, and parts in between---one of them has horns like "That Girl's" hairdo
  10. Thanks for the great report! I've been following closely as I will be making my first visit to Kafue in the fall (end of Sept and first couple days of Oct) and I'll be staying at Kaingu Lodge and also Musekese Camp---I wish it was longer but we'll be there for four nights and coming up from Vic Falls and Livingstone and Tswalu before that. I also reached out to Tyrone McKeith and all of your information helped convince me to check out this part of Zambia. Temp wise---how do you think it will be late Sept and early Oct?
  11. @@Riaanf31 Sorry about the late response (four years late! LOL) but I just was looking back at various posts and saw your question. I would definitely consider moving the trip back a month or so --- I believe I've heard that October to March is the best time to visit India and by visiting in May I was flirting with monsoon season which is why Kaziranga was basically already closed. There is definitely a more optimum time to visit but I had no choice on my dates at the time. As others stated lions used to span Africa, the Middle East and Asia but are now relegated to this tiny population in Gujarat in India....the last place for Asian lions...
  12. @@johnweir Ha! Yes we have! Although I like your images better than mine My dad and I traveled there a while back---I loved Baobab Alley although there was a rather large piece of equipment parked in the middle we had to avoid for the pictures...a mystical place indeed.
  13. And some from Asia---Royal Chitwan and Royal Bardia National Parks in Nepal by elephant back to see the Greater One Horned Indian Rhinoceros and then the Sumatran Rhino breeding facility in Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra:
  14. Some White rhinos, the first from South Africa and the second Lewa as well:
  15. Rhinos?? My favorite!! Spectacular Black rhinos in Lewa, one on foot in Damaraland (which charged just after my pic), and then the famous rhino orphan Morani taking a nap at Sweetwaters Tented Camp back in 92....

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