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  1. In 2012 I had the privilege of seeing parts of the Great Migration including a couple of Mara River crossings near Mara Serena Lodge and Governor's Camp. This video includes a croc attack. Not the highest quality video but you can get an idea...
  2. Thought I'd add a few tiger pics from safaris to India and Nepal. I've gone on two safaris to that part of the world and hope to go back some day---always wanted to check out Jaisalmer, Udaipur, maybe Varanasi...but I would especially like to see Corbett as I've been to Ranthambore and Bandhavgar. I'd prefer to visit another park as well maybe Manas to see rhino as I visited Kaziranga in the past. My first trip to India was long ago when I still used film. I made a rookie mistake and took my glasses off to look through the view finder, adjusted the focus and snapped the picture...turns out almost every picture was blurry including the tiger pics I took at Ranthambore NP. My best pic was from elephant back of a rhino head on...I must not have had time to take off the glasses! At any rate, the tiger viewing was grand and we saw one cross the road and cool off in a rock pool and another resting. The second trip I visited Bandhavgarh and I was using a digital camera at the time. The tiger snarling was from elephant back and the elephant had snapped a branch which aggravated the tiger. She was resting from feeding on a wild pig she had killed and eaten the previous day. Another pic is of a dominant male sleeping off the heat of the day down in a ravine or cave...we waited till he awoke from his nap and climbed and eventually crossed the road at dusk nearly missing the curfew time to exit the park... I'd have to say that seeing a tiger in the wild is probably the most thrilling jolt of adrenaline of all the Big Cats I've seen in Asia, Africa and South America... Again I apologize, the quality leaves a lot to be desired...maybe it will serve a purpose that you don't have to have professional quality pics to post on ST
  3. @Galago thank you! The Kafue is now one of my favorites although there are so many wonderful places in Africa, my collection of "favorite spots" is losing some of its usefulness . More and more, I find myself wanting to be in the most remote, raw, wilderness edge and Kafue gave me that feeling. I wish I could have stayed longer than the four nights (two at Kaingu and two at Musekese) as I think it has much more to reveal but I'm thankful I got to visit it in the first place. I hope they'll be a next time as I think they have great plans and aspirations to make it one of the premier wildlife destinations in Africa maybe even bringing back rhino if it proves safe enough from poachers. You are right---Tswalu isn't cheap---you do get your own guide and tracker so you dictate your course/plan for the time you're there. As a solo traveler the good news was there's no single supplement but when I convinced a buddy to come with me, that was then the bad news---no break in price It is a stunning terrain and scenery and the chance to see unique wildlife like pangolins, aardvarks, aardwolves, brown hyena, not to mention rhino, wild dogs, the magnificent black-maned lions, and getting so close to the meerkats...there's just a lot there to make it worthwhile even at the high cost...for me, it lived up to its reputation in every way. Our guides were as good as I've had in many visits to Africa.
  4. What were the monkeys pictured in the first tranche of photos? Great pics!
  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous photography! Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Thanks! I certainly have no complaints---I felt quite lucky to see what we did...there were still a few things I didn't get to aardwolf would have been nice and perhaps a better view of the brown hyenas, maybe a zorilla sighting?? But that's being greedy...the scenery is quite stunning with the red sands of the Kalahari in Tswalu and I loved the wild feel of the Kafue...hope to go back some day...
  7. Loving this trip report! A trip down memory lane for that was "the end" for the hippo they dubbed "Satan" ...he brutalized another hippo until death and then some like a hippo possessed---by the time we arrived he was laying very still nursing his wounds out in the flood plain for our entire time there...he must have been a sitting duck for the lions...
  8. PS just incredible pics of the cheetah/wildebeest struggle!! WOW!!! Strong will to survive on both ends...
  9. WOW! Stunning pictures! THIS is why I'm on SafariTalk! The baby giraffe is definitely the cutest thing I'll see all day
  10. @AandA thank you---I hope you keep traveling to Africa as well---the plane ride is the only negative---I just settle in for 24 hours of misery and take my lumps!
  11. gorgeous pics! Love the Wild dogs and Boswell and the hippo!
  12. And I'll finish it with a few more meerkats cause how can you get enough of these little charmers:
  13. A few more Wild Dog Pics from Tswalu:
  14. @michael-ibk They referred to that hippo at Musekese as Satan as he relentlessly attacked the other hippo long after the fight was "over" --- the sounds were horrific apparently. But when we were there he never left this little trough in the flood plain and so it's fascinating that at the end of the day he not only killed the other hippo but died himself. What an aggressive animal! Sort of belies the cute ear wiggles, rotund body and snorts that are so endearing on the river...
  15. I believe Kafue is known as the park with the most antelope species in Africa and between Tswalu and Kafue we certainly saw a lot. Overall 55 species of mammals between the two reserves/parks. Lichtenstein's hartebeests, red hartebeests, sable and roan at both reserves, duikers, impala, beacoup puku; oribi; eland; oryx and springbok; mountain reedbok and bushbuck, mountain and Plains zebras; Defassa waterbuck and kudu; wildebeests; even a sitatunga at Musekese; here's some of what we saw:

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