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  1. PS just incredible pics of the cheetah/wildebeest struggle!! WOW!!! Strong will to survive on both ends...
  2. WOW! Stunning pictures! THIS is why I'm on SafariTalk! The baby giraffe is definitely the cutest thing I'll see all day
  3. @AandA thank you---I hope you keep traveling to Africa as well---the plane ride is the only negative---I just settle in for 24 hours of misery and take my lumps!
  4. gorgeous pics! Love the Wild dogs and Boswell and the hippo!
  5. And I'll finish it with a few more meerkats cause how can you get enough of these little charmers:
  6. A few more Wild Dog Pics from Tswalu:
  7. @michael-ibk They referred to that hippo at Musekese as Satan as he relentlessly attacked the other hippo long after the fight was "over" --- the sounds were horrific apparently. But when we were there he never left this little trough in the flood plain and so it's fascinating that at the end of the day he not only killed the other hippo but died himself. What an aggressive animal! Sort of belies the cute ear wiggles, rotund body and snorts that are so endearing on the river...
  8. I believe Kafue is known as the park with the most antelope species in Africa and between Tswalu and Kafue we certainly saw a lot. Overall 55 species of mammals between the two reserves/parks. Lichtenstein's hartebeests, red hartebeests, sable and roan at both reserves, duikers, impala, beacoup puku; oribi; eland; oryx and springbok; mountain reedbok and bushbuck, mountain and Plains zebras; Defassa waterbuck and kudu; wildebeests; even a sitatunga at Musekese; here's some of what we saw:
  9. I continue to go through pics from the trip---I'm not the most patient writer but I do take lots of pics figured I'd continue to post in groups by animal until I wear everyone out. The four sub adult cheetahs we found on a kill, and then two cheetah brothers on the crest of a dune:
  10. I'm not really a bonified "birder" although I do love birds and my camera isn't one that can bring them in as clearly with the great zoom but this trip was very good on birds...goliath herons, open billed storks, yellow billed storks and spoonbills, ostriches, a variety of weavers, kingfishers of all types as well as a variety of bee eaters, sunbirds, cordon blues, two types of owls, four species of vulture, wattled cranes, the list goes on and on...thought I'd share some pics as I go through my trip pics of some of thosee beautiful birds:
  11. Wow---lucky guy to go from safari to safari Enjoyed the forest hogs especially! Beautiful sable bull too...
  12. Worth the wait! You know how to draw out the suspense---I just blurt out the conclusion in the first few posts! We saw the butts of two brown hyenas on the run, no picture however...thanks again for the great read and pics...
  13. @Raelond excellent! where are you going in Zim? If you haven't been to Kafue and to Musekese before you are in for a treat! I loved it! And yes Tswalu is special for a lot of reasons, the wildlife, the scenery, the staff....really wonderful.
  14. Wow! Great photos! The Sabyinyo group was the same family group we visited about four or five years ago. How cool to see an update---looks like they're doing quite well!
  15. @SafariChick I'll check them out---I know I saw some pics from Facebook but maybe not the trip report---it's interesting these reports do not show up in the various TR for the countries even when tagged...I think it requires a separate report for each country?

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