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  1. I'm still waiting! Have you seen caracal @Geoff? More wonderful photos to enjoy - that last one of Luambe is hauntingly beautiful.
  2. Fascinating and useful advice which I've now taken on board. Thanks @Geoff.
  3. I continue to be fascinated by your report @Botswanadreams - and I think it's going to set me on the track of researching a lot more about Ethiopia's tribes and history.
  4. Lovely sighting @Geoff - a bird i've only rarely seen as they're normally so well camouflaged in the trees.
  5. @optig - I think you should have made it clear that the article concludes as follows:- The scientists said age restrictions that allow males to breed before being removed could reduce the impact of trophy hunting. This is already recommended with some species, such as lions. "When properly regulated trophy hunting can be a powerful force for conservation which is why we're suggesting a different management approach as opposed to calling for a ban," said Dr Knell.
  6. @michael-ibk -I’ve been following this special report with great interest. Loved the landscapes and the beautiful skies with those grand cloud formations (thanks to you and @AndMic) and the plains dotted with lechwe and birdlife took me back 10 years to my first visit to Kafue. Beautiful bird photos and those great vulture sequences and so much more including the wildcat kittens, cheetah, roan, wildebeest with calf, lion at eye level to name a few plus those magnificent better late than never sable. In #107 you express my thoughts on Kafue so well when you say “it has a way of creeping into your soul” and that feeling of “being in wild and remote Africa”. Glad to hear you’re already thinking of a return. To you @michael-ibk @AndMic @Atravelynn and @Kitsafari I say those “last minute” “send off” better late than never sable were Kafue’s way of calling you back – more so many more treasures to discover if you return.
  7. @Kitsafari- not sure about the bugshirts myself but you’re looking happy and relaxed in yours so good that they worked for you. Did you manage to strike each of your companions with that fly swat when trying to save them from bites? Another great report Kit – sorry about the downtime when unwell – but that wonderful roan sighting would have been a good restorative. Loved the photos including the observations such as the lotus and butterflies. Great that you had the handsome sable “send off”.
  8. Great shot of the Finfoot footing it in #77 @Atravelynn and is that a lazy or exceptionally optimistic croc lying with gaping jaw expecting food to enter voluntarily? Your bushpig photos really show their distinctive grey/white manes –I’ve seen them twice in Kafue down south but only fairly fleetingly. Thoroughly enjoyed your reporting as always and how good were those “last minute” sable.
  9. Really enjoyed catching up on your more recent posts here @Bush dog. Sad about the wild kitten and that sick or injured buffalo calf. Burchells sandgrouse has handsome markings. Some great lion and vulture sequence shots telling their own stories and I can never get enough of sable. Thank you. PS showing my ignorance here but I hadn't heard of platanna before so now thanks to you and the hammerkop I know what they are!
  10. I have been really looking forward to this report and am sorry to learn of your disappointing experiences with Konkamoya. I had enjoyed my stays there when Chris Cooke was in charge and on my last stay in 2011 Chris told me of his plans for those lakeside tents. I did wonder if there'd be a problem with strong afternoon winds blowing off the lake. Was that a problem? Not quite everywhere in Kafue @michael-ibk - for some strange reason puku are not to be found further south in Nanzhila. Also elephants are practically daily visitors in and around the Nanzhila Plains Camp so perhaps poaching and the nearness of the GMA are more of a problem near Konkamoya. Have enjoyed great photos and reporting already from you @Atravelynn and @Kitsafari and looking forward to hearing more and your various takes and thoughts on my favourite park.
  11. Loved the latest vlog @LarsS and I found the opening and closing scenes with the mist sunrise and sunset particularly atmospheric.
  12. Amazing sightings - stunningly captured in your photos @Geoff
  13. I'm not a hunter and never will be however I have not read anything that OKs elephant poaching. The articles I've read are talking about legal hunting with permits and importation with permits. @ForWildlife please direct me to where it's indicated poaching is deemed OK.
  14. @LarsS I'm not in favour of tourists using drones in National Parks but I appreciate the consideration you obviously gave to its use beforehand and your measured response to the issue and your thoughts now that it's been raised. Look forward to more of your posts about my favourite park.
  15. Great photos @Geoff and however uncooperative the latest leopard may have seemed it's sighting most definitely needs to be counted. There was quite a collective of crocodiles in the Luangwa and I keep going back to photo 2 #18 with its reflections of an adult's massive head beside a partly submerged youngster's tail. The tooth & claw photos in #24 really bring home the raw power of the lion. Looking forward to more instalments.

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