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  1. That tiger snake looks like he means business and is checking you out @Geoff with a come on if you dare attitude - great shots.
  2. I've been looking forward to this @Geoff - and what a beautiful start.
  3. Thanks for this info @Lyss about wildlife in Angola - a country that receives little attention in world news. The male lion caught in the camera trap looks a healthy specimen and it's great to read that there are plans afoot to restore the lion population and that of large ungulates. The article indicates that a lack of suitable prey has caused a decline in the lion population and that lack of prey is attributable to bushmeat poaching following the civil war with local populations inhabiting the national parks and, I guess, killing wildlife to survive. Interesting to read that sable and roan still had a wide distribution in the surveys - not so for lions, kudu and zebra. The kudu and zebra must be easier targets for poachers. Hopefully things can now improve. Am wondering what the situation is with the Giant Sable?
  4. @Tom Kellie- This good news has cheered me up no end and I've happily hit the like button! I can well imagine that working with nature and wildlife conservation may well have a calming and curative effect for military veterans who've seen the horrors of war. All credit to Vetpaw.
  5. @Tom Kellie - I hadn't realised it was such a huge problem in Vietnam and that apparently rhino horn has been acquiring further believed curing properties. I feel so sad about the situation and the future and wish there was a solution on the horizon. I really appreciate you bringing this article to our attention but somehow it doesn't feel right to hit the like button in this instance.
  6. @KaingU Lodge - Wow what a special sighting and beautiful photo! So you and Julia have never seen a Caracal in Kafue - well I've never seen one anywhere!. Maybe one day!
  7. Hang on have I missed something! - I knew about the pink panties but now you're sneaking in purple "undergarments" as well! Well I suppose Imperial purple deserves and is befitting of a superior title than panties - however they are surely worthy of a photo @@Atravelynn! Lucky you're in the Northern Hemisphere "Undies All Over" sounds much better than "Undies Down Under"!
  8. @@optig - I don't understand why elephant poaching has any relevance to this article about Restoration for Ruaha Basin. The full heading of the article you refer to is Restoration for Ruaha Basin as VP orders removal of invaders but the invaders referred to are farmers. I remember seeing a TV documentary years back about the effect of rice farmers taking copious amounts of water upstream and there have been ongoing concerns with the effects of deforestation, farming etc on the future of that wonderful river and its wildlife. Here are links to a short trailer on that TV doco I saw and a couple of other articles illustrating the problems
  9. @@PT123 - Hooray and thanks for waking me up and getting things back on track. There must have been a lot of work being quietly carried out in the background over a lengthy period with the Samburu communities and conservation bodies to get to the stage of setting up this elephant orphanage. It will be interesting to follow its progress.
  10. Thanks @@Kitsafari - I've never heard of Buffon's Kob - this is what I love about Safaritalk - there's always more to learn.
  11. @@Safaridude - what a magnificent roan and what a privilege to see it. I'm wondering if the kob in Zakouma is the same species as the Uganda Kob?
  12. Who would know that this thread was meant to be about the Samburu establishing an elephant orphanage? Instead @@optig you seem to be deliberately using it to invite and foster yet another thread revolving around culling hunting etc. I haven't even bothered to read the latest link in #7 Will someone wake me up if this thread actually gets back to the Samburu and their orphanage?!
  13. @@Kitsafari as @@Sangeeta rightly says you "you take all kinds of wonderful shots......." - may I ask the details of "your trusty little camera"? Looking forward to more of both your wonderful writing and photos.
  14. I'm rather a late arrival to this thread @@madaboutcheetah but I'm sure glad I've arrived - it's great -thank you.
  15. Excellent @Atravellyn - the eye of this beholder awards first prize for the imaginative composition:- The upper grey sock rearing in the form of a King cobra ready to strike the brown, the pink panties representing a rose between the greys - I could go on but I'll sip another wine instead! Congratulations and well done!

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