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  1. I continue to visit Sheilah regularly. I know this is probably off topic as far as Safaritalk is concerned but as a child she was sent from Zambia to her grandmother in Galway for her early education and today she has memories of her childhood in Galway published in the Galway Advertiser I hope to be posting some more of her African memories in the near future.
  2. Thanks for this interesting post @jeremie Am wondering which species the Thorneycroft Giraffe of South Luangwa belongs to?
  3. What a wonderful start to your safari. Great sightings all round and especially that wild dog hyena interaction. Interesting about the hyenas - the ones I've seen in SLNP have all been nocturnal and solitary.
  4. Can't help about the photos either but I've enjoyed the start and look forward to following this TR which will no doubt also trigger memories of past trips I've made to South Luangwa and Robin Pope camps. This report should be in the Zambian section otherwise it may get a bit lost for most viewers. Perhaps one of the moderators could organise that for you.
  5. @ronhalv Back in 2000 I flew from Mfuwe in South Luangwa to Lilongwe and the flight took 50 mins but I think you're getting sound advice from @AfricIan & @inyathi to stay in Malawi for the week. @AfricIan I smiled at your description of the Livingstonia Hotel - it had that aura of faded grandeur back in 2000!
  6. I've never been to Liuwa but still feel sad at this news. What a moving goodbye @Sangeeta and how poignant the news must have been for you, @SafariChick, @Botswanadreams, @Geoff, @KaingU Lodge, and others who've been to Liuwa. Her positive legacy is the publicity and successful translocation of her kind.
  7. Beautiful photo @Geoff of a beautiful bird and yes they sure are tiny! Can't say I know their call even though some years back they nested in the roadside bank almost opposite my home.
  8. The Sunday Times article is dated July 8 2016. It would be interesting to learn the result of the inspectors' investigations and whether any prosecutions were brought and if so the outcome.
  9. Thanks - I really enjoyed following this TR including seeing the Golden Oriole (one of my favourites that I haven't often seen) and that striking little Violet Eared Waxbill that is a new one on me. Curious about the sighting of that beautiful serval - in the first couple of shots of it in #161 it looks as if it's level with or slightly above you?
  10. I know what you mean about the Luangwa @CaroleE and with the lovely start to this report I know I'm going to enjoy following it. I won't mind If you err on making us wait !
  11. South Luangwa did you proud @Geoff with sightings on your return and you've certainly done it proud with your beautiful portrayal of them. You utilised your tea break well those brawling sparrow weavers - superb shot. Loved following this TR - thanks.
  12. Lovely sightings around the bushcamp and I'm envious of that blue duiker sighting - really special that one. Enjoying seeing the familiar surrounds of KaingU and looking forward to more.
  13. Enjoying more great sightings from the beautiful steenbok to the high and mighty goliath heron, the marsh owl and mating monitors and I would never have imagined that a frog would be on the lilac-breasted roller's menu.
  14. For Kafue I recommend A Visitor's Guide to Kafue National Park Zambia by @Peter de Vere Moss This excellent guide has checklists for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and some common trees and fishes. It contains a fold out map and sections on the park's history,geology,climate etc

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