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  1. Nice sunset @cjt3.
  2. Like @janzin I am waiting and watching. I have bought a Nikon 1 j1 and an EOS m3 off eBay to see what I'm missing and don't really like either of them. They are lighter and have pretty good options but I have to use adapters with Canon lenses on the m3 and then they become heavy. Without an evf I can't focus long lenses. I really could do with a light weight system as I am now confined to a wheelchair and find managing multiple cameras and lenses difficult with no camera bags designed specifically for wheelchairs. A system which could mostly fit into the pockets of a photographer's vest could be the answer.
  3. I don't find the eyes sad. Just a well fed and lazy cat like my cat at home.
  4. @offshorebirder I used to get a similar error message from time to time with the old software. It could be a bug in javascript I suppose if it occurs in such different versions of the website software.
  5. @offshorebirder If I want to embed a gallery picture in a document I get the URL as follows (there may be a better way but I haven't discovered it): I click on the picture, select the size I want, right click on the image and show in a new tab/window then copy the address from the address bar. Next click on Insert other media and select Insert image from URL (e.g. this image from my 2014 gallery):
  6. @offshorebirder You can attach some photos to a section of a report, then write the text, inserting the photos as you go by clicking on each of them. OR Start writing a section of a report and as you need a photo drop it on the attachment area and then click on it after it has uploaded to insert it in the report. It is a good idea before clicking to press return a couple of times and then select the line between and centre the cursor before clicking on the uploaded photo.
  7. @xelas I love the cheetahs in the long grass. I find long grass a bonus rather than a problem and switch to manual focus in a moment, perhaps because I do a lot of practice photographing cats in zoos where manual focus is needed a lot of the time.
  8. @Dave Williams It certainly is a Tilley hat and is on the home page of the Tilley UK website. There are multiple different styles -- I use a Tilley rain hat as my sunhat then I'm ready for anything .
  9. For me the biggest and best new feature is the mobile style. It is much closer to the desktop style but with links to other features of the site placed in a submenu. If I had to pick one feature it would be the "like" button in the mobile view. Much more usable than before.
  10. @xelas The first image of message #125 made me say "Wow!" out loud. The photographer and the post-processor can take a bow.
  11. @Antee There have been several mentions in this thread of this feature and some suggestions for handling it.
  12. @Tom Kellie Looks like the server where Safaritalk is located put out this message. It could mean several things but nothing sinister. I sometimes get messages like that from my broadband provider.
  13. @Tdgraves Glad it is sorted. You've lived a charmed life if you've only just discovered that iPad mini screens are narrow
  14. Wow! I always thought flamingos boring but Zvezda has changed that!

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