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  1. @xelas The first image of message #125 made me say "Wow!" out loud. The photographer and the post-processor can take a bow.
  2. @Antee There have been several mentions in this thread of this feature and some suggestions for handling it.
  3. @Tom Kellie Looks like the server where Safaritalk is located put out this message. It could mean several things but nothing sinister. I sometimes get messages like that from my broadband provider.
  4. @Tdgraves Glad it is sorted. You've lived a charmed life if you've only just discovered that iPad mini screens are narrow
  5. Wow! I always thought flamingos boring but Zvezda has changed that!
  6. @Game Warden This is the bottom of a page on a phone. Maybe you need a text link as well as a Pith for donations
  7. @Game Warden Is there going to be an advanced editor where I can preview my post before saving it, perhaps with additional features like changing fonts?
  8. @Game Warden It is difficult to say. 1000 pixels images display nicely when inline in topics and if storage cost is an issue it is a reasonable compromise. Maybe some of the more serious photographers have a view? I guess that's a vote to stay the same unless someone has a strong reason for a change.
  9. Testing maximum width. Uploaded 1500 pixel picture Which was shrunk to 1000 pixels, same as before
  10. @Tdgraves The difference between the two iPad minis is colo(u)r, UK/US and one is 16GB RAM. the other 128GB. I don't think those things make any difference as Safaritalk stores personal settings on the server and not as cookies on the iPad. When you create a dream on the iPad does it show up on, e.g. a desktop machine with the correct settings in the My Activity Streams-> Custom Streams section? Mine do.
  11. @Soukous, @Kitsafari That would be one for the programmers. Even in the condensed view it can still be a long list. Or read more frequently
  12. @Tdgraves That's the same as mine. The only thing left is to check the hardware Settings->General->About->Model. Mine is ME856B/A (a retina screen) I just checked and a couple of test streams I made last week are still working. The only thing that did not stick when I created them is the expanded/condensed setting. It always goes to expanded whatever I set. However, as soon as I click condensed again it stays condensed thereafter. I confess I cannot think of anything further that might lead to a different result.
  13. @Tdgraves Which iPad do you have (I only have the mini) and which version of iOS (Settings->General->About->Version)?
  14. @Tdgraves Did you add or change the name of the stream and finally hit the Save button? It works for me using Safari on the iPad.
  15. Thanks @ld1, @Kitsafari. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew

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