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  1. I can't get over that first cheetah shot...its face is cracking me up! Great elephant shots throughout!
  2. Great stuff...really liking the eles (they seem especially vibrant) and cheetah.
  3. That marabou's pose sure is something! Great sightings and entertaining narration. More please!
  4. The fish eagle with a background of eles has great composition!
  5. Love the third dog picture (portrait) in post #50. What an expression!
  6. Love the hamerkop on the previous page.
  7. Sounds like a fine adventure; looking forward to following along.
  8. Great images. I did see the Lion County - Day & Night series. The nighttime footage was rather nice.
  9. I tend to throw about superlatives a lot here (deservedly so, too!), but those views are honestly stunning. Definitely worth the work!
  10. Amazing sightings! The leopard photos are particularly remarkable. Your story about the little kids hating hyenas is breaking my heart!
  11. Thanks for the camp photos...they help to put everything in context. Whether Malaika or not, a nice sighting!
  12. Nice group of eles; the next-to-last pic in post #76 made me smile.
  13. Love the eles - especially the closeup of one eating.

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