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  1. Wonderful dog sightings!
  2. Khwai looks like a beautiful area. Awesome caracal sighting!
  3. This wishlist would probably give guides a heart attack elsewhere, haha. Looks like a really special place!
  4. Fantastic photos and report. You did a great job with landscapes, and I like the fish eagle on this page a lot. However, what strikes me the most at this moment is the focus you've given to the crafts and curios on this page. Gorgeous photos of some really nice work.
  5. A very engaging report so far! That was a very photogenic leopard - I'm glad you had the sighting!
  6. Your work with silhouettes is to be commended! I also enjoyed seeing the interesting hyena behavior on the previous page.
  7. The dogs surely put on a show for you! Looks like some nice elephant interactions, as well. And I enjoyed the attention you gave to the baboons at the falls.
  8. @deano Enjoyed seeing Cape Town through your eyes. Great action with the leopard and its kill on the first page; elephants stole the show on page two for me. The hippo charging through the water is also a very impressive and dynamic series of shots - you must have really kept your cool! The dust-bathing eles photos on page three also have some amazing light. Jameson's for breakfast made me smile - now that is a safari done right!
  9. Great stuff all around. The owl is a nice find, and I'm enjoying all the focus the jackals are getting. I should also say that as I haven't eaten yet today, I find my eyes drawn back to that braai picture...
  10. Really enjoyed your Drakensberg photos, and glad you found your barbets!
  11. A really enjoyable thread. The cheetahs were outstanding.
  12. Love your bird shots in particular.
  13. Excellent final batches of images!
  14. Number 4! I can't imagine what #1 must have been...

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