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  1. The dogs surely put on a show for you! Looks like some nice elephant interactions, as well. And I enjoyed the attention you gave to the baboons at the falls.
  2. @deano Enjoyed seeing Cape Town through your eyes. Great action with the leopard and its kill on the first page; elephants stole the show on page two for me. The hippo charging through the water is also a very impressive and dynamic series of shots - you must have really kept your cool! The dust-bathing eles photos on page three also have some amazing light. Jameson's for breakfast made me smile - now that is a safari done right!
  3. Great stuff all around. The owl is a nice find, and I'm enjoying all the focus the jackals are getting. I should also say that as I haven't eaten yet today, I find my eyes drawn back to that braai picture...
  4. Really enjoyed your Drakensberg photos, and glad you found your barbets!
  5. A really enjoyable thread. The cheetahs were outstanding.
  6. Love your bird shots in particular.
  7. Excellent final batches of images!
  8. Number 4! I can't imagine what #1 must have been...
  9. Stunning photos - such clarity! And a very relatable report so far. Glad you've decided to join!
  10. That entire set of ele photos is marvelous.
  11. Tremendous capture of the zebras grappling with each other!
  12. Sorry to hear about your car troubles. That last tree image is a stunner!
  13. Brilliant views, dunes...and impressive spiders!

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