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  1. @plambers mobile camp means it can be set up for that period only. i.e brought in for your use and then removed once your trip is over. Depending on who is providing the tents and the space available it could be a @AmyT describes for Chitake (very small, secluded site) or could be a larger tent as @ld1 describes. Note that normally they now all have beds rather than sleep on the floor mattresses. I suggest you contact Laikipia team direct to find out what exactly they are using (tents/bedding) and to check if the facilities are en suite. I would be happy with any of the above, even for a first night on safari but knowing exactly what is on offer will help you decide.
  2. That I can fully understand 😮
  3. It seems that @JakeGC has responded to all your private emails about this and public comments/queries here on Safatalk and has, or is, addressing your concerns. For the time being I think that this is enough on the subject for now. No doubt we will hear from future guests if there are any further problems with this.
  4. Totally agree with you @Tulips Happy to share privately in most cases but not publicly . There are so many variables in bookings; repeat customers, shared private flights, seasonal reductions, last minute discounts and as you suggest rates from preferred suppliers. Plus a whole host of other things.
  5. Particularly sad for you @egilio and others that worked there. Love the story of her purring outside the tents etc. She must have been so desperate for companionship....and over time it was provided for her when the other lions were introduced.
  6. Lovely series of images @Africa Addict
  7. @Gilgamesh just remember that these incidents sited above cover a lot of Africa travels, from pretty seasoned safari travelers, so they are comparatively rare, but always memorable. You will be fine... and will love it.
  8. @Gilgamesh A foot note. re checking shoes in the morning . I knew the rules, just forgot one morning, shoved my foot in my boot and something moved at me toes. I screamed my head off, with drew my foot immediately, waited for the inevitable agony of a scorpion bite to hit, and my impending death, only to find a large semi crushed MOTH trying to crawl out of my boot. I will not forget again
  9. I always regard geckos as my 'in tent' pest control
  10. namibia

    Hi @garito01 good to see you are taking the plunge to tell us about your trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
  11. @Towlersonsafari What a fantastic experience. Seeing your images is sharp reminder of how large some of these birds are and how powerful their weaponry. I am not surprised you occasionally looked a bit anxious. Meeting a Golden Eagle 'off his meds' (love the expression) probably would have not been wise. But Pamela looks pretty impressive and a bit scary! Thanks for telling us about it.
  12. Hopefully some one will be able to provide the correct name.
  13. I think the tree you show is a boabab. You may well have seen much larger specimens elsewhere during your trip. They can be massive and very old.
  14. @xelasand @Dave Williams As you have seen Safaritalk was opened up to non wildlife/non safari reports some time ago now and I do not see why these should not continue. Cape Town is of course one place that many people might visit prior, or subsequent, to a safari. Whether @Game Warden would support a ' My 2 day trip to Paris' Trip Report is questionable. He can of course comment when he gets back on line.

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