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  1. Looking back at previous articles in the same publication it seems this has been on the cards for a while. In 2013 it was described as a 'tourism and conference theme park at Victoria Falls' as noted by @monalisa . Only time will tell what the reality is. One can only hope that the word 'Disneyland' was used to attract more readers rather than factual.
  2. No idea @Soukous Reading it again the word Disneyland is in quotes so it may be that this is only an indicator of style rather than actual fact.
  3. Oh dear it appears the Chinese will be funding a Disneyland at or near Victoria Falls.
  4. Very interesting post. As there has been a decline in lions then their sworn enemies, the wilddog and cheetah, are more likely to thrive, Sad though so I hope the can increase lion and prey numbers to restore the norm.
  5. Lovely start to your Trip Report and thank you for making the effort to share it with us @vikramghanekar. What a fantastic first day with the tiger family! Looking forward to the next installment
  6. That is really sad. Completely wrecked!
  7. Good to see the Safaritalk Donation button is still there after the most recent upgrade. No doubt the cost of the work was considerable.
  8. All fine here Tom (although this is a bit later than your post). Perhaps the beard has been blocked your end!
  9. This will be a useful tool @Game Warden Thanks.
  10. @vikramghanekar I am sure we would love to hear more about your 4 days In Ranthambore, hopefully with some of your pictures. Please feel free to add more information on your trip to the India section of SafaritalkTrip Reports which can be found here
  11. Hi @Zoooom Welcome to Safaritalk. It must be really exciting to be planning your first Africa Trip. It sounds as if you have done some research already. Kenya and Tanzania both have the migration at some point so a good start there. If you focus on the migration the choice of country will dictate your travel time frame as the migration moves from Tanzania up to Kenya etc and back according to the rains. Others with more recent experience of Masai Mara and Serengeti will no doubt be able to advise you of the best times etc but please bear in mind that seeing the migration cannot be guaranteed as weather patterns are somewhat unpredictable! You will no doubt enjoy the trip whatever you see. As you move forward with your plans you will need to be thinking of what you are prepared to pay per night as a couple. Costs vary enormously at the different camps but perhaps you have researched this side of things already. Happy planning!
  12. @JohnR thanks! My brain not working today
  13. Hi @JohnR I have been experimenting with this and now have several streams but I cannot work out how to give them a specific name nor delete those streams I do not really want.
  14. We can certainly see the like button when we read your posts @COSMIC RHINO

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