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  1. @NaomiIrene Welcome to Safaritalk. Most members here are NOT involved in trophy hunting and in the main they attend photographic safaris. We do have members however, that believe hunting has a role to play in conservation and a few that have actually participated in hunting. All in all you may get a very limited response to your question and some responses may be through the Safaritalk Private Message function
  2. Seems to be quite a few non bird interlopers in this thread 😊 Love your competitiveness all of you and what a great array of birds and it is only October!
  3. @AmyT I know nothing about what is being done to your husbands foot, but is there potentially a problem for your other half traveling a lot once you reach Africa, particularly extra air travel? On that basis would remaining in Kenya limit that to some degree? I say Kenya as you want to cover the elephant orphanage but if that is not a priority this time I would go with @pault 's suggestion of N'gorngoro and Namiri
  4. How exciting this Africa trip is finally on the horizon @Julian. I am sure you and Rachel will have a wonderful time.
  5. Carnivore Research Malawi have posted about a vacancy they have for a research assistant in Nyaki./ It would be great if one of the ST members was interested. A dream job for some. http://www.carnivoreresearchmalawi.org/vacancies.html
  6. Brilliant to hear about this @RobC You must be feeling very pleased. Africa and Sri Lanka 'applying the science' Congratulations
  7. @xelas and @Dave Williams As some one who is not an expert of birds......... I have been looking on the internet and it seems to me that the pictures posted (on the internet of a female gadwall do not show a black/dark cap and back of neck streak, whereas a female mallard does develop this feature overtime. In addition the lower picture above shows a white edging to something below the wing. This is, I would suggest the edge of the blue and white flash on the mallard's wing rather than the white patch of a female gadwall. So IMO the above are both female mallards
  8. Agree with you @Soukous it is all very odd. Hopefully @shinson20c will get back to you about this. The words 'taken advantage of' come to mind.
  9. Excellent series. I think when all this started she had the two little ones? Normally they have a lots more babies and it makes you wonder if these cheetahs have been focusing on little warthogs for a while. They make a decent snack but not much for the five of them. You seem to have been lucky with your guides and Meshack certainly knows his own backyard and the animal behaviour really well. You certainly seem to have hit the jackpot with this trip...... and like someone who posted earlier, I wonder what you will do next.
  10. Let us hope that the guides reported the vehicle and drivers actions. Apart from disturbing the natural pattern of groups and migration, I could well imgine that these charging animals could have done damage to each other and/or vehicles and passengers. How lovely to have found the black rhino; that is really special.
  11. Agree with others, plenty to do at Lakipia. Lots of activities which could well appeal to your children as well as your self @plambers Hopefully if there are some dogs left they could well form a new pack and by next year could have pups. Who knows. I spent at a week at Lakipia and yes, saw the dog's but only once. It was still a great place to spend some time
  12. Some great sightings! Africa in the raw It looks like that female jackal is about to produce pups, with her swollen belly and prominent teats.
  13. Welcome back @Zim Girl It sounds like a very successful trip. Looking forward to hearing the whole story when you have time. Nice to see the 2 gorilla images juxtapostioned.
  14. @landerslc20 it might be helpful to note where this safari is to take place, if you are looking for fellow travelers, and to advise if this is October 2017 or 2018. Good luck with your quest.
  15. Getting in close proximity with these massive healthy males is always awe inspiring. The way way they move even when they are ambling along shows their rippling muscles and their raw power. Glad you found them and those females are pretty impressive!

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