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  1. Very artistic. Lovely series of images @Whyone?
  2. Latest news posted on FB from Laikipia says that the alpha female survived and later joined with 2 young males with the result that 9 puppies have now appeared. Good news and I hope they will thrive.
  3. Magnificent animal. Let's hope he remains safe.
  4. @Geoff Who is that reflected in the eagles eyes on Post 5? Amazing shot.
  5. @janzin I must say that my expectation would be that we would be up and out early as that has always my experience in the past. However your experience and those of others in various trip reports recently would suggest that we should not assume that early starts are the norm and ask the question prior to booking. Very enjoyable report, so thanks for all you hard work
  6. @stokeygirl can you help with this query?
  7. wow @janzin that Pels shot is fantastic. What a miracle it waited for you get the camera!
  8. Not yet planned as such but intended............... a return to my favorite place on earth................. Mana Pools. Fingers crossed.
  9. @douglaswise would you like post 51 deleted? as it is identical to post 49
  10. I have really enjoyed this report covering the 5 Porini camps you visited. You had some amazing sightings; thank you for sharing it with us. This and other recent reports on these camps reassure me that my decision to go with Porini (Amboseli, Lion and Mara camps ) in October this year is the right one. Thanks again @CDL111
  11. My point did not relate to one individual but the idea that mass starvation or dying of thirst was preferable to managing them in an environment that humanity has limited.
  12. Loving your trip report. You cannot beat being allowed out of the vehicle and walking or sitting on the ground with the wildlife..................as long as you have a really experienced guide with you. Doug weaves his magic again! So please you enjoyed your trip
  13. As you point out yourself in your post above 'They may need the space to expand' . As has been discussed in many other threads this is the issue; as the human population grows there is no new space for elephants. I find your last line about them starving and dying of thirst being preferable somewhat disturbing.
  14. I think that the title of this thread has caused some confusion and this is about additional fees not a 'tip' per se. @Renee I agree with @michael-ibk the 10-20 per day per person is about right.
  15. One of the most striking things for me in my first flight to Africa for safari was flying over the Sahara desert. A vast expansive of what appears to be nothing but sand.

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