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  1. Sounds a fabulous trip and looking forward to hearing more. I agree with Michael .......'Mana-tics' can never have enough of Mana so please include it in your report.
  2. Well remembered @amybatt I saw the first post from Lingio a while ago but could not relocate it or remember the author. I would expect that some camp staff have already seen some of this feedback already but the management will no doubt be on catch up soon. It may be, as any people have noted, that this camp caters more for a once in a lifetime experience type guests but for me this still raises the question of why your agent suggested it given you are NOT a first timer, as well as the apparent lack of interest by the staff in your needs while you were there @anocn4
  3. Fascinating to see all the differing, characterful architecture and of course the people. Thanks @Botswanadreams
  4. Thanks @inyathi for clearing up the situation re WildCRU funding. Personally I believe they have, and continue to,do valuable work and do not like to see them condemned out of hand. I think your point about hunters supporting but not influencing the research is very valid.
  5. Thanks Michael. My mistake.
  6. @optig I would also like to know why you would say that Wild CRU is funded by hunters? I believe there was a suggestion of this in some newspaper articles around the Cecil time or perhaps a bit later but this was subsequently dismissed as totally inaccurate
  7. Wonderful report and images @michael-ibk and @AndMic. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You certainly hit the jackpot with your sightings.................................not that I am jealous at all Love the story of you sleeping outside and your visitor. Bit of a shock I guess. Really sorry to hear about Natureways and Tailormade. . Are they no longer trading? Have enjoyed many happy times with both outfitters over the years. Did @Doug Macdonald explain why? e.g less operator exclusive sites,. More permanent camps? one piece of good news the Mana Mouth development has been blocked but as you say maybe this is only a delay. Thanks again Very enjoyable
  8. What a delight to see the classic type safari with dome tents etc. The real thing in my opinion. It seems Zarek delivered on everything you could have hoped for including some great sightings. Lovely to see the grandchildren so absorbed with the very important little things. So sorry to hear your wife suffered from a nasty tummy bug. Thanks for telling us about it.
  9. I think it is to do with their fluffy coats. They all look like youngsters.
  10. Oh my goodness. It seems Konkamoya was a bit of a disappointment in many ways. Sorry to hear that and also that you travelled with a damaged foot @Atravelynn No doubt the heat did not help with the discomfort. I still remember how I struggled in Mana when my back went into spasm for several days. I hope the next part of the trip was more comfortable and enjoyable. Looking forward to hearing about it.
  11. I was just curious as to why the agent had booked that camp for you; was it their recommendation or your personal choice? Then they forget the collect you..... Not good. Pleased to hear that Entim delivered for you
  12. Clearly a less than satisfactory stay. Have your raised this with our agent?
  13. @anocn4 suggest you read the most recent reports on Mana Pools in November. The weather this year has been very changeable from very dry with high temperatures and torrentiall rain only recently. Prices are often lower at that time of the year but weather patterns are variable, and even more so in recent years as with the rest of the world.
  14. I am sure that ST is several cuts above FB in terms of discerning and knowledgeable members. Hence the normally in depth Trip Reports we share. I don' t think you are alone in avoiding it @offshorebirder. I am on FB but use it in a completely different way compared to ST. Pics of lions cubs seem to appeal, but a Honey Badger or something less common and most would not know what it was........
  15. I remember that large stone lodge from some years ago when someone I travelled with had that one. I thought it was the luxury room and was slightly jealous but from what you say it may be rarely used so perhaps I missed nothing Looking forward to hearing more about your trip particularly Konkomoya where I stayed many years ago as the sole guest for a week. (It has now changed ownership) and of course your time at Musakese.

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