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  1. @kittykat23uk Glad you are ok, shame about the lens. Please write a report, Hokkaido is on my bucket list! I’d love to know all about the trip. Japan is sooo fabulous 💕
  2. @Anita Yes, I’d seen Ithumba but I’d read you have to book the whole camp which would feel a bit over the top. Plus I do love a mobile camp and apparently they do exist but can’t find a map of them anywhere. Have a fabulous time with the Chimps!
  3. @kittykat23uk Fabulous last few days to a maddening first part of the trip. Love the pair of jackals and the last lion encounter amongst all those wonderful little encounters like the whistling rats and stripped mice. Have a fabulous time in Japan. I loved it in Japan despite not finding a single raccoon dog or bear and missing rabbit island altogether. I’d love to make it back there one day to see the cranes up in snowy Hokkaido.
  4. @Paolo Thanks for posting the report, makes for interesting reading and nice to catch up this area.
  5. @serendipityntravel Beautiful photo and such a treat to spot an Elephant as majestic as this one. @Paolo and @Anita it would’ve great to hear about your trip when you are back. I haven’t been to Tsavo East for almost 30 years, but it was my first Safari so it has a special place in my heart. I’d love to return and camp in the Northern sector but it’s quite hard to find much info on the location of the private campsites online.
  6. @kittykat23uk I can feel myself relaxing now your guide nightmare is over. I can only imagine how it felt in reality. That hawk vs snake sighting is truly amazing and those Leopard photos are stunning!
  7. My two mokoro trips in Botswana were in water no more than three foot deep and maybe as shallow as a few inches in part. We certainly stayed away from deeper channels with Hippos, skirting around these in the shallows. I didn’t give dropping my camera a single thought, but then I always keep my camera and other bits and bobs in a dry bag and have done for years (habit since my diving days I suppose). They are remarkably light weight and easy to shove over a camera whilst bumping around in a dusty vehicle/getting on and off a wobbly boat. I am not sure anything would save your camera from an un-expected dip other than that remarkable human instinct of holding your camera above water as you topple in - it’s the same reflex that stops us spilling a single drop of a gin and tonic when tripping up. Utterly inexplicable but happens none the less 😉
  8. The land that time forgot, better known as Chitake 3 camp, Chitake Springs, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. Sept 2107
  9. I have just noticed a programme on BBC4 which has just started called Trophy: The Big Game Hunting. For anyone in the UK or who can access it via the iplayer it may be an interesting program. It is looking at Hunting, breeding and conservation in Africa and the US. Storyville is a documentary series and in my opinion quite a good one. I’m recording it myself as I’m watching Winter Watch!
  10. @mopsy super report and some amazing sightings. I haven’t been to Ruaha but I loved Lake Manze and it was great to see both parks looking so green. We had a similar Giraffe encounter by the river one evening. We counted upwards of 60 and it’s a truly amazing sight to see so many Giraffe together. The Hyena pups are adorable and so many great sightings. Surely it won’t be long until you return!
  11. Hmmm I’ve tried @ice but for some reason it’s not letting me on you. Can you try sending me a pm?
  12. Thanks @ice I’ll pm you now!
  13. Hello STers i have a colleague who is booking a bucket and spade tri to Mombasa and is eager to arrange a 3 night safari to Tsavo East and Amboseli. Yes, I know it’s not long, yes I’ve asked if they can stretch to 4 nights. 😀 I haven’t been to Tsavo East since 1989 or Amboseli since 2000. So to say my experience is out of date is an understatement! I’m looking for advice or recommendations for an operator/camps/lodges. I don’t know their budget yet. But I am guessing at the lower end given this is their first trip to Africa and they are dipping their toes in the Safari world....I’ve explained it won’t be their last!
  14. @kittykat23uk beautiful meerkats, surely they must feature in “show us your art” soon!
  15. I like an extra day to acclimatise and not be tired on Safari. Largely though the drivers for this are a) mostly it’s overnight flights from the U.K. to Eastern and Southern African nations, I get a generous annual leave allocation even by UK standards and c) I try where I can to stick to a life long rule of, if your plane touches the ground, then get off it and take a look around. The strategy has also saved some trips from disaster when things have gone wrong. Although the latter have mostly been when travelling to or through the US. If if you have the time I’d say go for it. I realise though this isn’t necessarily an option if you live in a nation like the US where annual leave, paid or not, is limited compared to us Europeans.

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