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  1. I'd stick with Kenya if also going to the Seychelles. The islands are fabulous and it's a very easy 2.5 hour flight from Nairobi. It's a splendid place to savour Safari memories and get over the excitement and stresses of a wedding.
  2. OMG @Zim Girl what a stellar trip. Might you need to change your name to @Congo Gal ? I am beyond jealous of your sojourn into the "heart of darkness" as I have been putting off my Zim trip report due to being hooked on finishing Blood River by Tim Butcher. The Congo is my new obsession!
  3. @Dave Williams permits were $500 when we went in 2012. Fear not though I hear the DRC permits are still $400 and I am sure I read somewhere @Zim Girl is off there soon, so hopefully not so out of reach as Rwanda is now. I certainly couldn't afford the cost in Rwanda now but if it contributes to conservation it's hard to argue I suppose. It really was worth the effort and money to see the Gorillas though. A special couple of days indeed.
  4. @Alexander33 Enchanting report. We also trekked Charles and his lovely family, plus the Hirwa group. Gorilla trekking reports always leave me a little misty-eyed, such a special experience.
  5. @wilddog thanks, I'll say hi to Doug 🤠
  6. Agghhh, beyond excited. Now in Amsterdam enjoying a cocktail at the CitizenM hotel before we head to Zim tomorrow....yipppeeee!!!
  7. I may have dreamt this, but I thought the use of closed/pop-top vehicles in Kenya and Tanzania was a requirement of driving in the National Parks - conservancies/concessions are presumably private land and so able to use open vehicles. This may or may not be an additional reason for the use of closed vehicles for transfers if they enter NP territory. As I say I may well have this wrong! Having driven in all three. I prefer open ones with a roof for shade, closely followed by fully open.
  8. The tents shown above are not necessarily the norm. Chitake has restrictions on the size of tents due to the small campsite. I would have thought it much more likely that the tents will be Hemingway style which are larger. You can stand up and walk around, have comfortable beds in and a private attached bucket shower, toilet and wash stand. A mobile camp which is essentially set up for your stay is my favourite type of Safari. If it's a private camp then snap it up. After that experience you might never want to go back to a permanent tented camp or lodge.
  9. I haven't been beyond Entebbe in Uganda, but are you sure you want to have a 3 hour drive after a 20+ hour journey? Then follow that up with what will likely be a 10 hour drive to the Gorilla trekking the next day?. That's a hell of an ask of a 3.5 year old and elderly parents who aren't going to do much more than baby sit at the end of it while you trek. Personally I wouldn't feel safe driving for three hours at home straight from a long overnight flight, but then I am from the UK and driving anywhere for more than two hours is irritating :-) I can't imagine what time you might have to leave Clouds to make a flight to Nairobi on the same day. Especially when you'll need to make pit-stops, return hire car etc. Have you considered Rwanda? Whilst the cost of Gorilla permits there are now eye watering it is much more accessible from Kigali and sp you may not need to spend as much time there (although its a beautiful country to spend time in). I'd give some thought to using a local agent to arrange your transfer in Uganda if it is a must do. My preference would also be to give Zanzibar a miss, but then that's easy for me to say in hindsight of course!
  10. @Towlersonsafari I thought this might be of interest Movie star otters and pipe-smoking bears: the fabulous animal films of David Cobham - the guardian https://apple.news/AbrqBjeQPPT2AOg9bFP5jeQ
  11. @jeremie Thanks for posting an update. I remember seeing the BBC Natural World episode on the first relocation http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07hp89f I don't suppose the `BBC will do another programme but there are still some clips from the original online.
  12. @Seniortraveller There is plenty of shopping to be had in Harare. Lots of sculpture and the like. We went to about 3 places including Mbare market and Newlands where there are a lot of sculptures working. If you are exhausting the trip reports google Zimbabwe Situatuon and you can read the local news 😁 13 weeks will fly by!
  13. 18 days and counting until we head back to Zim with Doug MacDonald. A roundabout route via Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities, so we are taking a night there to enjoy a tiny slice of Dutch life. Then two nights in Vic Falls, three in Hwange before heading up to Mana for two nights at Chitake and 4 on the flood plains. @Seniortraveller @AmyT @africawild You are going to have such an amazing time I am so excited for you. Chitake and flood plains are wonderful and Chitake feels like it should have dinosaurs wandering around. Take a taxi tour in Harare its well worth it to see the sights and get out to the various markets.
  14. @Towlersonsafari I found Pamela! I'll PM you for details of where to send.
  15. Oops, Vega was a Bald Eagle not a white tailed fish `Eagle. Pamela wasn't in action the last time I was there as she'd been out the day before, but I did find one of her feathers in the display field. At least our Falconer that day said it was Pamela's and they let me keep it.If I can find it in our office @Towlersonsafari would you like me to send it to you as a momento?

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