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  1. Does this mean that idea is out, or does it mean that you want people to say things that will make your poor, limping husband feel guilty for not encouraging his wife's artisitic leanings at any cost? I won;t answer your other question - these choices are already good and any more will only distract you. Note there is quite a bit of walking to do at Saruni even if you are in the closest villa (Family villa #1) but you can get all your meals delivered to your room there I think and your vehicle can collect you from Villa #1 (only that one I believe).
  2. And of course there is the Wednesday fee, the weekend supplement, the charge for green vehicles manufactured before 1998 and the surcharge for left-handed blondes. The fees for shooting sticks and red hats remain the same. Goodness, the fees for the Ngorongoro Crater get more complex by the year - but maybe I am just lazy to work them out.
  3. Oh dear....... @amybatt
  4. @douglaswise I am not going to comment on how much use the studies are (because I don't know) but I can tell you that prior to the studies most people were really quite ignorant about cheetahs even in a place like the Mara. Now a lot more information is shared and people are really much better infomred. How helpful is that? I don;t know but it feels helpful. And I think a lot of the success of these two projects has already been in getting tourists and guides and the local community involved. It's soemthing that Mara Cheetha Project in particualr appwar to have been very successful at.
  5. Personally, for your husband's first safari, at that time of year I would probably go for Namiri Plains and Ngorngoro ......... if those were my only choices. Samburu might be gorgeous though, if there is rain - and it's more of a contrast to the Mara.. It is a potntially damp time of year but that can make for some grerat sunsets..
  6. I can live with that - as long as the difficult little so-and-sos stay in the Kaokoveld. They're lovely by the way - and very nicely photographed.
  7. Have a great time! So long ago you started aall this and finally it is here. You certainly ended up with a nice itrinerary and I hope the rain holds off for you - although the resulting skies and freshness after a thunder shower can be wonderful too, so I don't hope you avoid it all!
  8. I started this at the end - been too busy for trip reports recently....... the colobus monkeys are wonderful (I am going there just for them I think) and now I need to start again from the beginning.
  9. Your budget will be fine. Just do plenty of reading and you'll find something perfect for you in South Africa - there really are a lot of options there. One thing to consider is when you will be doiing the safari. Different places are at their best at different times of year.
  10. On behalf of many readers here may I say "You lucky #@#@#!!" And a warm welcome too. Look forward to seeing whether you hit all your targets.
  11. If you are only staying a night in Nairobi you quite probably won't go out so the safety of the city is pretty irrelevant. You can even just stay at the airport hotel now, remivng all risk (and excitement). Kenya travel warnings aren't generally relevant to tourists, except sometimes on the coast (but there will be very specific warnings naming particular areas is anything is going on). Maasai Mara is not really a place where people live so it is unlikely to be affected by anything going on elsewhere. Flights are safe as anywhere else I think. Whether the Mara is a good place for a honeymoon depends on what you want from a honeymoon - same goes for Royal Mara probably (personally my nose wrinkles whenever anything puts "royal" in its name - not as a republican but as a matter of taste). If you want to smooch and spend time looking for wildlife, all at your own pace, I can rstrongly ecommend the "honeymoon ttent" at Ngare Serian in Mara North . I can also strongly recommend the honeymoon cottage at Ela's Kopje in Meru National Park - not quite as much wildlfie but a beautiful park and a special lodge in an isolated location. If you don't need quite as much smooching time, you can't go wrong with Kicheche Bush Camp and I know they will take very good care of you there too. Emakoko is a great tip for the night in Naiorobi., but maybe a bit expensive if you're only going to be there in the dark. If the places I mentioned are over budget, there are lots more. All the countries you mention have greatr options - you're bound to get some good ideas as I am sure a lot of us wish we could have had a honeymoon in Africa. My wife and I have considered divorcing and remarrying just so we can do so!
  12. The logistics of that report don't bear thinking about..... it'll be epic in some way though. Yours was certainly epic. Well I thought I was almost caught up some months gao, but I wasn't and there was quite a bit still to go, including the excellent contributions by @Safaridude and @inyathi You were a real tease leaving the honey badgers until last, but there they were..
  13. You'd probably only have one other person/ couple with you at Kicheche Bush Camp and a lot of their guests take private vehicles so you can get very lucky and get your own most days (we have always been lucky but haven't been in August). They'll have a minimum of four vehicles out for six tents most days in August I think. You will not have to share with young kids there. Nkorombo Serian is kind of the template for Enaidura. It should meet your requirements. There is another camp like that but I forget the name. Both are likely on the limit of your budget for August 2018. I haven't stayed anywhere else where you want to be since 2008 so I can't recommend but there are other options. Remember prices may/ may not include conservancy and reserve fees. Makes a big difference. Friends stayed at Mara Expedition Camo this year and it seems to be all it claims Not sure what prices are though. Probably meets your requirements. Naboisho is definitely worth considering. Not same as OMC but vehicle density similar. OMC makes the reserve very accessible for quick in and outs if the conservancy is quiet one day. Generally I wouldn't want to take more than one day trip into the reserve from Naboisho as it is far from the river but reserve is going to be rather crowded in August. I'd abstain from the reserve personally and Naboisho is big.
  14. This is probably not a tip. It is an extra charge for this guide. However under such an arrangement I assume you would not be expected to rip too, so I suppose you could look at it either way. Probably this his is just a very unusual request for this company and they threw something together off the cuff. There may be tax ressons for doing it like that. Of course I do not know that. It is impossible to say very much without a lot more detail. Most guides would be lucky to get tips of $50 per day on the average day worked. Just FYI.

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