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  1. Very nice photos and helpful details. So Ol Kinyei borders Naboisho, then. I was in Kenya last year--June 2012--staying for the first time in Mara North. In conversation with camp managers and owners as well as my fellow tourists, it sounded as if Naboisho was getting more wildlife moving in (so to speak) at that time, and that the expectation/hope is that this trend will continue. Ol Kinyei sounds similar. Thank you for posting!
  2. Agree 100%. And that Sam made for an eventful lunch.
  3. Great photos. Never heard of these Gamewatchers adventure camps. They look terrific!
  4. Very nice! I am eagerly anticipating more.
  5. Terrific report and beautiful photos. Thank you!
  6. Great photos and report--thanks, loafer. How smart of you to spend a good length of time in the Mara during the off season.
  7. Thank you, PT123, for this timely--for me--report. After much dithering and (t)waffling, I am in the process of booking 2 nights Laikipia, 4 nights Mara for next month. "in the process" = I need to get to the bank and wire the money tomorrow or Wednesday. armchair bushman, I'm going with Kicheche, so glad to read this. Do you know anything about the guides at Kicheche Mara Camp? I've stayed at Bush Camp and James was my guide, but KBC was, alas, fully booked for all my nights.
  8. If one had 6 nights to spare and chose to spend them in Ol Pejeta and Samburu, any ideas how to do the split? 2 OP and 4 Samburu or 3/3? Still pondering Mara, Meru, Lewa...and other options.
  9. I had the same feeling. Speaking aroung, Namibia seems fairly popular (at least, among Ialian travellers), and Rwanda (Uganda is partially another story) can be easily combined with either Kenya or Tanzania (and we had some planning threads anout this combo - maybe TRs to come in the not so distant future..) I visited Rwanda and Kenya nearly two years ago. My trip--and report--was so basic-yet-weird that I never posted it here, though I have tried to answer questions when I've seen them. The other major deterrent is, unlike many/most who post here, I'm not particularly interested in wildlife photography. So I never bother with going through the photos I take, much less bother with resizing them, editing them, etc., to post them. It seems the more I go on safari, the less I care about the pictures. Hypocrite that I am, I enjoy other people's photos in their reports very much. Anyway, Rwanda's great. Everyone: go.
  10. I have Ben's business card from two years ago. His full name @yahoo.com? I'll send him an email if that address is still accurate. Thanks, Rainbirder.
  11. I am sorry to read that ESS is no longer thriving. I was going to contact them for part of my upcoming trip to Kenya (will likely fly for much of it due to time constraints but was thinking of seeing if Ben would drive down with us to Ithumba again).
  12. I never posted my report here so you are doing better than I am, Patty. Happy to re-live Ithumba through your notes. And I never heard about the rest of your adventures in Tsavo--looking forward to it.
  13. These photos are incredibly beautiful--all of them but especially the flamingos. WOW. I've had the pleasure of being guided by Eastern & Southern's Ben before. He really is unique, isn't he?
  14. It's a bug. You are welcome. Glad I could help.

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