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  1. The originally posted video shows a portion of the charges by this lioness and a fraction of our time with her (an hour and a half to 2 hours). We first saw her on the road, parked the vehicle, followed her, sat a long distance away and watched as she called for her cubs and meandered around the area. Doug mentioned that she may have hidden her cubs during the hunt the night before, or maybe they had been killed. In calling for her cubs, she would look around, but would always come back to stare at us. After about half an hour, she charged us for the first time. She stopped, we backed away. We have that charge on another video. Stretch walked up to us and he and Doug talked about how different this lion was acting today when compared to other days. They both said that maybe she couldn’t find her cubs that she had hidden the night before, or may be they had been killed. We were videoing at the time, and caught the conversation. Stretch left, but we did see him later that day with a group of people visiting the same lioness with her pride. It sounded like the guides had visited with this pride many times, and everything was usually fine. There were no other people around for the rest of our time with this lion. We walked back to the vehicle, and saw the prints of the rest of the pride. Doug said that the pride would probably reunite with the lioness after the night’s hunt, so the decision was made to go back. The rest of the pride eventually came in, and we videoed them reuniting with her. We noticed that she kept looking back at us. In our videos of the pride, all of us commented on how the lioness seemed to be staring at us, and concentrating on us. The pride finally got up to move on, and she went with them. But…she turned around and came back from a long distance. She called for the cubs for a while walking along the shores of the body of water you can see in the distance at the start of the posted video. She looked at us, you could see her face change, and she came straight at us, fast. We caught that charge on a video with our other camera (super shaky as we were walking back at the time). That charge was a longer distance, and in some ways scarier than the posted video. The lioness skidded to a stop, and that is where the posted video begins. You can see her charge again, stop, and charge again. At the time the video was turned off – that was her last charge. But she was close to us, and she had charged multiple times. We are thankful that Doug was able to read her body language (and you can see in the video that he also communicated with her by talking in a loud voice). But, as Doug said in his earlier post, you can never be 100% sure of what they are going to do next. We think Doug is a fantastic guide. P.S. A Tanzanian guide licensed for walking safaris told us he was taught to run fast in a zigzag pattern when charged by a lion.

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