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  1. Three concurrent studies were done monitored a total of 73 wild dog packs at sites in Kenya, Botswana and Zimbabwe, over a combined 42 years of study. further work is needed ,but pup survival may be adversely affected by rising temperatures for a brief report please see for the article see Rosie Woodroffe, Rosemary Groom, J. Weldon McNutt. Hot dogs: High ambient temperatures impact reproductive success in a tropical carnivore. Journal of Animal Ecology
  2. 200 Munduruku people from 138 villages occupied the building site for the São Manoel hydroelectric dam on the Teles Pires river in the east of the Amazon. they are concerned especially how the urns containing the remains of their ancestors are regarded as items for museums ,nor as something sacred to stay with the community they will not move until this issue is resolved at the moment the authorities are seeking a negotiated solution please see
  3. Hydroelectric dams may jeopardize the Amazon's future Date:June 14, 2017Source:University of Texas at Austin Hundreds of built and proposed hydroelectric dams may significantly harm life in and around the Amazon by trapping the flow of rich nutrients and modifying the climate from Central America to the Gulf of Mexico. These findings, published in Nature, emerge from a multidisciplinary, international collaboration of researchers from 10 universities, led by scientists at The University of Texas at Austin. report continues University of Texas at Austin. "Hydroelectric dams may jeopardize the Amazon's future." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 14 June 2017. <>. the building program is massive as will be the damage
  4. mock charges can be dangerous if you don't know what is real or not in 1986 in Meru park Kenya ,talking about things later in camp , the people who had previous done a self drive trip said that they would have driven towards the mother elephant at speed the guide commented that this would have been dangerous
  5. Deadly Profits: Illegal Wildlife Trafficking through Uganda and South Sudan This is a report from the research based NGO ENOUGH PROJECT dealing with the illegal wildlife trade going through those countries , mainly originating from Garamba national park in the DRC , some places in the Sth Sudan ,Uganda and parts of West Africa . Amongst other things there are problems with pangolins ,ivory and the Uganda Wildlife Authority. for the full report please see
  6. Just released at the end of Dec 2015 BLENDING IVORY CHINA'S LOOPHOLES , NEW HOPES from the Elephant Action League is an interesting mix of existing well researched reports and their own undercover work. it can be found at I have checked the link and it works, please go to latest news amongst other things it has a good summary of the extent of the ivory trade and the risks of extinction, together with the extensive braking of the rules which are meant to control the trade. very importantly it mentions that China is not going along with the terms of the CITES authorized legal ivory sale, the 62 tons was intended to be sold quickly to carving factories etc , those drastically decreasing black maket prices . (page 10) this was not done , the Chinese government enterprises who purchased the ivory actually on sold it in relatively small quantaties at a high profit , thus developing the black market as a source of cheaper ivory. The prices that the CITES authorized ivory was resold at were actually more expensive than the black market. The report deals with enterprises in Bejing who have direct ownership of ivory factories in Hong Kong which onsell to them in Beijing , other Chinese centres and sometimes Taiwan as the prices are better .. This is supported by concealed recordings with sales staff. Using a finding from the David Sheldrick trust report DEAD OR ALIVE ? VALUING AN ELEPHANT l metric ton of ivory comes from 108.99 dead elephants , so the illegal stockpile is equal to 108,990 dead elephants . I find that sickening. there is extensive abuse of mammoth ivory , antique ivory , ivory ID cards and safari hunting. an enterprise in Beijing has direct ownership of a sth African hunting outfit who export whole stuff rhinos to them in crates , the horn is then removed in China and replaced with a fake one to give the pretence that regulations are being followed. The report deals in detail with the rhino situation. Beijing mammoth art is a major operator and supplies many . their boss brokered the deal with Zimbabwe for importing live elephants for Guangzhou zoo there is some material also on tigers. in the press release they state that from sources over 1,000 metric tons of illegal ivory is being stockpiled at secret locations in China by investors and traders who are betting on future profits regardless of what the Chinese government does .
  7. a whole lot of the business is done via we chat mobile app and 3rd party payment system alipay goods are moved between Vietnam and China using smuggling operations , not necessarily using established border posts in order to skip the security checks
  8. A baboon interfered with high voltage machines at stations A, B3 and B5 ,disconnecting power for 50,000 customers but survived due to having insulated palms please see Livingstone Baboon Faces 'Sabotage Charges' After Plunging Tourist City in Total Darkness 16 July this is very interesting
  9. so China has banned the rhino horn trade ,but it goes on, just go to a rosewood furniture or antiques dealer perhaps they are acting to please the world, them just going on with whatever they want the report notes that illicit goods are even sent via registered courier services rough prices per ounce in USD gold 1260 platinum 950 rhino horn generally 3750 the surveys for the recent report notes some recent decreases in the black market rhino horn 935 to 1870 per ounce so called medical horn is cheaper than polished horn for cups ,pendants etc
  10. Hunting may generate money but I don't like it at all if Mugabe had not wrecked the country so much more people would visit it to appreciate it not kill the animals
  11. an extensive survey was done the number killed have been massive the illegal trade is huge recovery will be difficult as they breed slowly for a report see Journal Reference: Daniel J. Ingram, Lauren Coad, Katharine A. Abernethy, Fiona Maisels, Emma J. Stokes, Kadiri S. Bobo, Thomas Breuer, Edson Gandiwa, Andrea Ghiurghi, Elizabeth Greengrass, Tomas Holmern, Towa O. W. Kamgaing, Anne-Marie Ndong Obiang, John R. Poulsen, Judith Schleicher, Martin R. Nielsen, Hilary Solly, Carrie L. Vath, Matthias Waltert, Charlotte E. L. Whitham, David S. Wilkie, Jӧrn P.W. Scharlemann. Assessing Africa-Wide Pangolin Exploitation by Scaling Local Data. Conservation Letters, 2017; DOI: 10.1111/conl.12389 : University of Sussex. "Pangolins at huge risk as study shows dramatic increases in hunting across Central Africa: First study of its kind shows true scale of problem facing world's most illegally traded mammal." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 19 July 2017. <>.
  12. I have just glanced at this new report, it is the result an 11 month operation involving a lot of undercover work ,complete with transcripts of recorded conversations a few points from the summary rhino horn is moved from Vietnam to China using concealed corrupt smuggling methods similar routes are used for other illegal trades like weapons and narcotics rhino horn was found in nearly all the places the investigators visited the investigators found large amounts of other wildlife products including ivory, tiger and bear body parts and snow leopard skins dealers keep low stock levels of rhino horn , mainly sourcing things when they get a request from a established customer, a tactic to avoid legal trouble one of the people interviewed in Vietnam tells of a friend who was caught with 2 tons of ivory, detained 2 days then paid a bribe of RMD 4 million ,about USD 590 ,000 to avoid 7 years jail (please see page 26 of the report ) they have prepared a confidential intelligence brief for law enforcement authorities in China, Vietnam and the USA which they hope will be used to good effect
  13. The health ministry has ordered immediate closure of Jacaranda and San Valencia hotels following a cholera outbreak that has killed four in Nairobi. ,as they were the external caterers at a trade presentation AT the Kenyatta international conference centre where a number of people including government minister contacted cholera all people involved in handling food have to be tested please see
  14. It turns out that it is a whole lot widespread that just 1 hotel all commercial food licences have been cancelled hotels have been banned from using food brought in from external caterers there is a problem with street food and informal settlements ALL AFRICA and the DAILY NATION are good information sources please see Taskforce to Battle Cholera Epidemic Formed Nairobi County Government On the Spot Over Cholera
  15. Global Witness a NGO monitors the number of land activists killed every year 200 died in 2016, the highest number 49 came from Brazil please see
  16. Brazil on verge of legitimizing Amazon land theft on a grand scale, warn NGOs 15 June 2017 / Sue Branford & Mauricio Torres and Isabel Harari President Temer, serving the bancada ruralista rural lobby, is poised to turn over 600,000 hectares of federally protected Amazon forest to illegal miners, loggers and land thieves. Brazil’s president has until 22 June to approve or veto two bills (PLC 4 and PLC 5) turning over more than 600,000 hectares (2,317 square miles) of federally protected Amazon forest to illegal loggers, illegal miners and land thieves. it is certain that the elite regards the forest as a mere resource , the earth and ordinary people suffer in the process ITY
  17. I have just come across this the rhino horn trade is alive and well in China , so the law is not well enforced they have a much longer report for law enforcement only Los Angeles, July 18, 2017. Elephant Action League (EAL) is proud to release GRINDING RHINO, a public report detailing another expansive and successful undercover investigative operation. In response to unprecedented growth in rhinoceros poaching rates in the past ten years, and enduring consumer demand for rhinoceros horn in both China and Vietnam, EAL commenced Operation Red Cloud in August 2016 and ended it in June 2017. summary continues report guide to reading the report
  18. the Environmental Investigation agency has released a report THE LION'S SHARE on how the Sth African trade in lion bones and other body parts is actually a cover for the trade in tiger body parts please see lion farming is actually a massive industry in Sth Africa with up to 200 facilities covering all but 1 province there are also 280 tigers kept in 44 facilities they are nothing more than a cover for the trade in critically endangered tigers who are presently affected by increased poaching bones ,teeth and claws of the 2 animals can only be separated by forensic testing lion body parts are not an established part of Chinese traditional medicine , the only interest in them is to pass it of as massively expensive tiger body parts all tiger trade is banned under the CITES convention based on CITES figures the STH African trade in lion body parts with China and SE Asia for the period 2008 to 2012 was 3,402 skeletons , 1,013 full bodies ,218 teeth and over 800 claws the EIA study makes extensive reference to an earlier report from Traffic from July 2015 a review of lion bones trade in Sth Africa Bones of Contention: An assessment of the South African trade in African Lion bones and other body parts (PDF, 5 MB). I have just recently looked at it , it is interesting and informative
  19. for a popular article published by Paul Ehrlich and an associate in THE CONVERSATION please see The conspiracy of declining numbers, population fragmentation, inbreeding and reduced genetic variation can lead to a fatal ‘extinction vortex’. In this sense, our planet is currently accumulating a large extinction debt that must eventually be paid.” Life has existed on Earth for roughly 3.7 billion years. During that time we know of five mass extinction events – dramatic episodes when many, if not most, life forms vanished in a geological heartbeat article continues
  20. In the first such global evaluation, biologists found more than 30 percent of all vertebrates have declining populations. They call for curbs on the basic drivers of these losses. article continues we are making a waste world I for one refuse to worship an artificial human so called civilisation
  21. Africa on foot has a regular boma fire which is wonderful to sit around they now use dried wood sold by the bag to avoid taking it from the bush ask guides how do they work out how strong animal senses are , and the comment is by comparing some dead ones which have be dissected to the structure of the same part of the human body. this was confirmed by another guest who is a research herpetologist from Stanford University all the other guests were pleasant and friendly , there was an older UK couple from Inverness ,the area strongly supports the existence of the Loch Ness monster , she is good for the visitor economy ,there is a bit of evidence , and things can't be properly investigated in a cold lake with poor visibility .a whole lot of local homes are now tourist bed and breakfast venues
  22. the Ashtons shuttle service takes about 6 hours but it is a whole lot cheaper than the alternatives and you arrive in time for the initial game drive on day one , so I regard it as the best choice following the grounding of SA express by the air safety regulator due to a failure in safety backup systems over one weekend in 2016, the shuttle may well also be more reliable As per last year I purchased a bag of apples from Woolworths at ORITA level one and eat nearly them all on the trip this is may well be the best thing to do as the trip leaves early, way too early for a hotel breakfast and the first rest stop is more than one hour into the trip . The bus leaves from the airport from where the hotel shuttles collect guests and the long distance coach services have their small offices. there is a clean public toilet in the area, which is large enough to take your bag in with you. before leaving, the driver gets the office to check for anyone who is on their list and has now shown up.
  23. that is exciting for Tulips and dinkdunk I hope no one has problems with altitude sickness
  24. A new analysis commissioned by the United Nations uses a comprehensive combination of social, economic, political and environmental factors to identify areas around the world most at-risk for "hydro-political" strife. This river basins study was part of the U.N.'s Transboundary Waters Assessment Program. The study is worldwide , of the areas of most interest here , the problems are likely to come from in the next 15 to 30 years from dams and water diversion problems . Ethiopia building dams on the tributaries on the Nile river, and diverting water from countries upstream. Population growth and drought could make this worse the Orange and Limpopo rivers in Southern Africa climate models suggest that the Orinoco River Basin in northern Brazil and the Amazon Basin in upper South America may face drier conditions, which could problems During this period the number of proposed trans boundary dams or water diversions is Asia 807,South America, 354; Europe, 148; Africa, 99; and North America, 8. Africa has a higher level of hydro-political tension report continues the study Assessment of transboundary river basins for potential hydro-political tensions by L. De Stefano and others can be found at et al. Global Env Change 2017.pdf a number of proposed water projects are affected by several political, environmental and socio-economic factors which could create tension one of the authors has entered it in full PDF form at his university site looking at the study Lake Turkana is regarded as having a very high risk of conflict well the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) under construction on the Blue Nile in northern Ethiopia, near the Sudan border is already being spoken of a cause for lower water flow into Egypt please see
  25. The STH African NGO outraged citizens against poaching is less than impressed with the lack of rhino poaching stats and prosecutions and the figures for elephant poaching this is with good reason the official ele poaching for 2016 was 46, OCAP says it should be 78 elephants please see ShockWildlifeTruths: 'Elephant poaching is on the rise' (South Africa)Janine Avery, Traveller24July 18, 2017

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