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  1. Predicting the future is complex , researchers need new statistical models that incorporate both climate factors and the climate-disease relationship, accounting for uncertainties in both. Report continues Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. "To predict how climate change will affect disease, researchers must fuse climate science and biology." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 18 September 2017. open access article
  2. eucalyptus oil is superb for removing dust dust and power charging is a very poor mix just put a bit onto cotton wool and the dust comes of, then the battery charger speeds up a lot
  3. I always find Lewa Safari Camp a relaxed , comfortable place to stay all the staff and other guests are friendly all the guides I have had a superb they are constantly on the lookout for animals and great at answering questions they are always patient and unhurried the aim on the game drive is always to good look at things and get back to camp as late as possible Lewa is such a great place to be uncrowded , and the approach of the animals is to stay ,they don't run away as I have seen elsewhere
  4. Here is a photo already posted under birds in flight, page 11 COSMIC RHINO asked me to post this photo of Oxpeckers taking flight from a Rhino he saw during a 2017 visit to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. It is a PDF scan of a photo I converted to JPEG for posting to Safaitalk. Click to see a larger version. Edited June 28 by offshorebirder Thursday's Child, Peter Connan and TonyQ like this 3 Like this Lewa is consistently superb , this visit no less than my others every year since 2012 I had seen rhinos with Grevy's zebras before , but they were not good sitings the above picture was on my final morning game drive leaving 630 am with the picnic box this trip I saw Grevy's with rhinos together 5 times , rhinos mud wallowing 5 times, has a good siting of rhinos with reticulated giraffe, many great rhino sitings , elephants ,Grevy's and other animals another highlight was seeing twice a baby rhino suckling with mother and a close look of a small elephant family mud wallowing Quote
  5. very good photos endangered Grevy's zebras are beautiful ,one of the reason why I keep on going back to Lewa reticulated giraffes have a wonderful variety in their coat patterns craft beed production is very important for village income, something worthwhile to support
  6. the way rhino horns confiscated during law enforcement operations is reported is very approximate as has been shown before the quantity recovered is only a tiny part of the total poached
  7. Just released at the end of Dec 2015 BLENDING IVORY CHINA'S LOOPHOLES , NEW HOPES from the Elephant Action League is an interesting mix of existing well researched reports and their own undercover work. it can be found at I have checked the link and it works, please go to latest news amongst other things it has a good summary of the extent of the ivory trade and the risks of extinction, together with the extensive braking of the rules which are meant to control the trade. very importantly it mentions that China is not going along with the terms of the CITES authorized legal ivory sale, the 62 tons was intended to be sold quickly to carving factories etc , those drastically decreasing black maket prices . (page 10) this was not done , the Chinese government enterprises who purchased the ivory actually on sold it in relatively small quantaties at a high profit , thus developing the black market as a source of cheaper ivory. The prices that the CITES authorized ivory was resold at were actually more expensive than the black market. The report deals with enterprises in Bejing who have direct ownership of ivory factories in Hong Kong which onsell to them in Beijing , other Chinese centres and sometimes Taiwan as the prices are better .. This is supported by concealed recordings with sales staff. Using a finding from the David Sheldrick trust report DEAD OR ALIVE ? VALUING AN ELEPHANT l metric ton of ivory comes from 108.99 dead elephants , so the illegal stockpile is equal to 108,990 dead elephants . I find that sickening. there is extensive abuse of mammoth ivory , antique ivory , ivory ID cards and safari hunting. an enterprise in Beijing has direct ownership of a sth African hunting outfit who export whole stuff rhinos to them in crates , the horn is then removed in China and replaced with a fake one to give the pretence that regulations are being followed. The report deals in detail with the rhino situation. Beijing mammoth art is a major operator and supplies many . their boss brokered the deal with Zimbabwe for importing live elephants for Guangzhou zoo there is some material also on tigers. in the press release they state that from sources over 1,000 metric tons of illegal ivory is being stockpiled at secret locations in China by investors and traders who are betting on future profits regardless of what the Chinese government does .
  8. Researchers have developed a new drug that is effective against non-severe cases of malaria, according to results from an FDA-supervised clinical trial The drug, called AQ-13, was able to clear the parasite responsible for the disease within a week, matching the effectiveness of the most widely used treatment regimen. the trial was done in Mali with 66 people The potential long-term implications are bigger than one drug," he said. "The conceptual step here is that if you understand the resistance well enough, you may be actually be able to develop others as well. We synthesized over 200 analogues and, of those, 66 worked against the resistant parasites." report continues New drug effective against malaria: Promising clinical trial results could give doctors a new tool against drug-resistant strains of malaria parasite." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 12 September 2017. Predicting the future is complex , researchers need new statistical models that incorporate both climate factors and the climate-disease relationship, accounting for uncertainties in both. Report continues Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. "To predict how climate change will affect disease, researchers must fuse climate science and biology." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 18 September 2017. open access article
  9. malaria is a very serious disease which kills 500,000 people per year both effective treatment and prevention are difficult the insects are increasingly resisting chemical sprays and the disease resisting medication SCIENCEDAILY reports that some Harvard university scientists are trying a new approach ,hormonal blocking please see 15 dec BLOCKING HORMONAL ACTIVITY IN MOSQUITOES COULD HELP REDUCE MALARIA SPREAD mosquitoes when treated with a hormone had shorter lives, fewer eggs and the development of the plasmodium parasites it is the parasite that cause malaria modeling suggests that it could be as effective for infection control as insecticide some of the researchers have applied for patents if this works it would be great to have insects controlled without spraying chemicals the work was funded by the national institutes of health, the European community and the gates foundation
  10. long before there was more precise research done, a scientist stated that in Australia everything above Lismore in nthn New South Wales could be affected by malaria the current situation is for zero risk in climate chane we are creating our own monster
  11. anyone who wants to look at the video ,will find it as the supplementary information of the paper
  12. Scientists studying African wild dogs in Botswana have found that that they use sneezes to vote on when the pack will move off and start hunting. University of New South Wales. "Something to sneeze about: Democratic voting in African wild dog packs." ScienceDaily. 5 September 2017.
  13. with all these false declaration of goods I would create a new offence of falsely declaring goods in place of restricted wildlife , added 10 years sentence for the added charges sth Africa is not dealing well with things , time to stop the nonsense of trespass and weapons charges , yes keep them but add a specific charge of poaching and economic sabotarge I am less than impressed with the infrequent coverage on such issues from the DAILY NATION , now try the most obvious terms in the search box and it comes back with zero results and comments that you tried to hack the site
  14. yes the plug adapter and charger goes by hand luggage it does not work well so take a small bottle of eucalyptus oil, surgical spirit etc in checked luggage
  15. the preferred transport is by air with something which does not have the distinctive rhino horn shape they like busy times when things are less likely to be checked change the way things are done so the pattern changes so law enforcement does not get used to expecting it send it out it boxes of wine , my response would be that only official exporters are allowed to take out a small quantity of wine for personal use the methods are massively variable , they even move it in an ambulance so since it is made into beads etc in sth africa, they end up with powder they also want to send the powder looks a bit white ,anyone with white powder in an airport will have trouble with security , will they try to call it icing sugar?
  16. In response to the alarming population declines of one of the most charismatic representatives of the megafauna, the lion, a team of international wildlife lawyers and lion experts joined efforts to assess the current and potential future role of international treaties regarding the carnivore's conservation. open access article
  17. a new paper has come out on better quality boma protection fences in the western mara area protect the livestock and you protect the wildlife as the local people are less likely to be hostile please see open access PDF]Boma fortification is cost-effective at reducing predation of livestock in ... Cached A.E. Sutton et al. / Conservation Evidence (2017) 14, 32-38. 32. ISSN 1758-2067. Boma fortification is cost-effective at reducing predation of livestock in a high-predation zone in the Western Mara region, Kenya. Alexandra E. Sutton1*, Mark G.
  18. very interesting given how large they are that elephants can move around in the dark., their eyesight must be much better than humans Pretoria, South Africa, 18th September 2017—A TRAFFIC report released today reveals disturbing new evidence that some criminal networks of Chinese origin operating in South Africa are now processing rhino horn locally into beads, bracelets, bangles and powder to evade detection and provide ready-made products to consumers in Asia, mainly in Viet Nam and China. this is becoming very sad the Sth African authorities are seriously failing
  19. agro ecology is the best way to go with a lot of things the small farmer and the earth are exploited for the Ohio state university open access article please see
  20. Habitat loss has been disastrous for protected species, ranging from chimpanzees and leopards to pygmy hippos and elephants, it said. The animals are forced into ever-smaller areas, making it easier for them to be tracked down and slaughtered by poachers. In Ivory Coast, the world's biggest cocoa producer, the elephant numbers are seriously down. an investigative report CHOCLATE'S DARK SECRET can be found here
  21. here is the original study in PDF for the most it is written in a not too technical way which most well educated people could understand
  22. Hydroelectric dams may jeopardize the Amazon's future Date:June 14, 2017Source:University of Texas at Austin Hundreds of built and proposed hydroelectric dams may significantly harm life in and around the Amazon by trapping the flow of rich nutrients and modifying the climate from Central America to the Gulf of Mexico. These findings, published in Nature, emerge from a multidisciplinary, international collaboration of researchers from 10 universities, led by scientists at The University of Texas at Austin. report continues University of Texas at Austin. "Hydroelectric dams may jeopardize the Amazon's future." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 14 June 2017. <>. the building program is massive as will be the damage
  23. they range over a large area which does not have mass tourism
  24. the Lewa Conservancy has a great record of protecting rhinos, elephants, Grevy's zebras and other animals the northern rangelands trust are established achievers
  25. a research report of GPS collar readings in the Liakipia-Samburu region during 20002 to 2012 shows that they move around more at night ,to avoid higher daytime poaching risks forest elephants continue to be in difficulty Initial survey results reveal a worrying decline in Guinea's forest elephant population Lulu Sloane, Phys.Org September 14, 2017 A new survey by Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has highlighted the increasing risk in the density and distribution of forest elephants in Guinea's Ziama Massif forest. This is the first time that such a survey has been attempted since 2004.

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