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  1. LEWA is a very private experience with an emphasis on engangred species , the animals are very approachable for an idea of what it is like please see my most recent trip report The reserve was well established before a few visitors were added to help pay the operating costs the highest priority is given to rhinos,elephants, Grevy's zebras and reticulated giraffe the landscape is savannah with good woodland patches and frequent mountain views horesriding is available to skilled riders I really like the picnic breakfast which extends the morning experience I can give a longer answer and attend to questions later
  2. Orphaned female elephant social bonds reflect lack of access to mature adults Shifra Z. Goldenberg & George Wittemyer Scientific Reports 31 Oct 2017 LINKS TO FULL PAPER: Abstract: Compensatory social behavior in nonhuman animals following maternal loss has been documented, but understanding of how orphans allocate bonding to reconstruct their social networks is limited. Successful social integration may be critical to survival and reproduction for highly social species and, therefore, may be tied to population persistence. We examined the social partners involved in affiliative interactions of female orphans and non-orphans in an elephant population in Samburu, northern Kenya that experienced heightened adult mortality driven by drought and intense ivory poaching. We contrasted partners across different competitive contexts to gain insight to the influence of resource availability on social interactions. Though the number of partners did not differ between orphans and non-orphans, their types of social partners did. Orphans interacted with sisters and matriarchs less while feeding than did non-orphans, but otherwise their affiliates were similar. While resting under spatially concentrated shade, orphans had markedly less access to mature adults but affiliated instead with sisters, bulls, and age mates. Orphan propensity to strengthen bonds with non-dominant animals appears to offer routes to social integration following maternal loss, but lack of interaction with adult females suggests orphans may experience decreased resource access and associated fitness costs in this matriarchal society.
  3. the president has confirmed that the hydro dam in the Selous game reserve is going ahead with Ethopia as a construction partner A world heritage site for wildlife is under threat by a plan to boost Tanzania’s electricity supply Yomi Kazeem, Quartz Africa June 28, 2017 -------------------------------------
  4. The Alliance of World Scientists is a new international assembly of scientists, which is independent of both governmental and non-governmental organizations and corporations. We submit, that in order to prevent widespread misery caused by catastrophic damage to the biosphere, humanity must practice more environmentally sustainable alternative to business-as-usual. Our vital importance and role comes from scientists' unique responsibility as stewards of human knowledge and champions of evidence-based decision-making. please see they have warned that the world's environment and its capacity to support human life is seriously declining any scientists here are welcome to join the over 15,000 scientists who have already endorsed the statement this follows a 1992 statement from the union of concerned scientists in the years inbetween the only thing to improve is the condition of the ozone layer
  5. it is best to follow the advice you are given , going against it can be very serious even fatal An elephant kills two foreign tourists (Zambia) ZNBC November 12, 2017 Two foreign tourists have been trampled by an elephant at Maramba River lodge in Livingstone. they wandered of and got crushed to death
  6. well done you have given the most important information clearly and with good graphics which many people like to use to help understand things
  7. here is an interesting study on the decline of tusk size as poachers over time remove the larger elephants Illegal tusk harvest and the decline of tusk size in the African elephant Authors Patrick I. Chiyo, AND OTHERS Similar by PI Chiyo - ‎2015 - ‎Cited by 4 - ‎Related articles Oct 22, 2015 - Illegal tusk harvest and the decline of tusk size in the African elephant ..... not entirely based on genetic relatedness (Moss and Poole 1983; Chiyo et al. .... and 21.4 in males and was statistically different (U = 1.0, P = 0.007).
  8. Just released at the end of Dec 2015 BLENDING IVORY CHINA'S LOOPHOLES , NEW HOPES from the Elephant Action League is an interesting mix of existing well researched reports and their own undercover work. it can be found at I have checked the link and it works, please go to latest news amongst other things it has a good summary of the extent of the ivory trade and the risks of extinction, together with the extensive braking of the rules which are meant to control the trade. very importantly it mentions that China is not going along with the terms of the CITES authorized legal ivory sale, the 62 tons was intended to be sold quickly to carving factories etc , those drastically decreasing black maket prices . (page 10) this was not done , the Chinese government enterprises who purchased the ivory actually on sold it in relatively small quantaties at a high profit , thus developing the black market as a source of cheaper ivory. The prices that the CITES authorized ivory was resold at were actually more expensive than the black market. The report deals with enterprises in Bejing who have direct ownership of ivory factories in Hong Kong which onsell to them in Beijing , other Chinese centres and sometimes Taiwan as the prices are better .. This is supported by concealed recordings with sales staff. Using a finding from the David Sheldrick trust report DEAD OR ALIVE ? VALUING AN ELEPHANT l metric ton of ivory comes from 108.99 dead elephants , so the illegal stockpile is equal to 108,990 dead elephants . I find that sickening. there is extensive abuse of mammoth ivory , antique ivory , ivory ID cards and safari hunting. an enterprise in Beijing has direct ownership of a sth African hunting outfit who export whole stuff rhinos to them in crates , the horn is then removed in China and replaced with a fake one to give the pretence that regulations are being followed. The report deals in detail with the rhino situation. Beijing mammoth art is a major operator and supplies many . their boss brokered the deal with Zimbabwe for importing live elephants for Guangzhou zoo there is some material also on tigers. in the press release they state that from sources over 1,000 metric tons of illegal ivory is being stockpiled at secret locations in China by investors and traders who are betting on future profits regardless of what the Chinese government does .
  9. this is serious and disturbing , evidence is being gathered please see Kenyan police investigate four senior politicians for wildlife trafficking (Kenya) Gitonga Njeru, Mongabay November 9, 2017 this is severly aweful please read the report
  10. I have just come across this ,it looks interesting Virginia Tech. (2017, November 8). Extensive loss of trees in African savannas: Blame human-started fires not elephants. ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 9, 2017 from Virginia Tech. "Extensive loss of trees in African savannas: Blame human-started fires not elephants." ScienceDaily. John Fox, Mark Vandewalle, Kathleen Alexander. Land Cover Change in Northern Botswana: The Influence of Climate, Fire, and Elephants on Semi-Arid Savanna Woodlands. Land, 2017; 6 (4): 73 DOI: 10.3390/land6040073
  11. this place keeps on coming up,so I thought it would be a good idea to create a general thread the Zimbabwe conservation task force says that the wildlife department is currently putting together 130 elephants and 50 lions for export to Chinese zoos it is believed that one of the male members of Cecil's pride, game capture is going on in the same reserve there is talk that the runway at vic falls airport is being extended so it can take very large cargo jets, if the trade goes through here as it would get less media attention than Harare Please see as mentioned before in a previous thread , the zoo which was being built to take some of the previous live elephant sales was appauling, metal bars on concrete slabs in an district with severe air pollution
  12. Oxpeckers reporters have recently published an article about the recent arrest of a suspected kingpin of the ivory trade from Mozambique to China
  13. what did your reply say ? there is no indication on the home page that the place is shutting
  14. TRIP ADVISER I have noticed that a lot of their reviews for African bush camps treat the accom , food , pool etc , general camp facilities as the main thing the wildlife and bush experience is background detail this is the reverse priority which most people have here
  15. item 1 Former ranger sentenced to nine years for possession of elephant tusks (Zimbabwe) Nokuthaba Dlamini, Zimbabwe Daily November 7, 2017 ex safari guide with 2 tusks not a good look item 2 Duo ‘poisons’ 13 elephants (Zimbabwe) Nonsikelelo Moyo, The Chronicle November 7, 2017 a case from before , it is now in court
  16. James at the bar has worked in various lodges and camps for around 30 years when arms dealer Adan Khashoggi owned Ol Pejeta just as a holiday farm , he was part of a staff of 16 who looked after the house AK visited 2 or 3 days per year , friends and relatives a bit more the arrangement with the STH African wine is interesting ,all imported through the same agent in Belgium, looks like the wineries wanted to be paid in Euros instead of some weak African currency
  17. Here is a photo already posted under birds in flight, page 11 COSMIC RHINO asked me to post this photo of Oxpeckers taking flight from a Rhino he saw during a 2017 visit to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. It is a PDF scan of a photo I converted to JPEG for posting to Safaitalk. Click to see a larger version. Edited June 28 by offshorebirder Thursday's Child, Peter Connan and TonyQ like this 3 Like this Lewa is consistently superb , this visit no less than my others every year since 2012 I had seen rhinos with Grevy's zebras before , but they were not good sitings the above picture was on my final morning game drive leaving 630 am with the picnic box this trip I saw Grevy's with rhinos together 5 times , rhinos mud wallowing 5 times, has a good siting of rhinos with reticulated giraffe, many great rhino sitings , elephants ,Grevy's and other animals another highlight was seeing twice a baby rhino suckling with mother and a close look of a small elephant family mud wallowing Quote
  18. I like your photo but I am not good a naming birds
  19. at Lewa older male calves often stay with their mothers to avoid being bossed around by roaming territorial males despite visiting the reserve annually since 2012 the reserve remains a great place to go to view wildlife , a place which is becoming familiar to me , some places more than others
  20. it is good the see that Nairobi national park is making a recovery with rhinos after some bad attacks a few years ago
  21. My days have a regular pattern maximum time on 2 gamedrives looking at animals and the land camera always at the ready lens regulary and carefully cleaned to horrify all the photographers here, someone in camp told me he often cleaned his lens with a blower brush followed by circular motions from his t shirt , not a special fibre cloth
  22. this does not sound like a regular financial arrangement you have no established way to check out the initial proposal or to be repaid for your advance
  23. local coverage is being given to the illegal wildlife trade ivory, pangolins etc Sabah becoming key hub for African wildlife trade, says report (Malaysia) Free Malaysia Today November 6, 2017
  24. the talk is that the place is overcrowded, yet they add more visitor impact , that could make things worse
  25. here is an interesting interview covering multiple issues Wildlife Conservation: A tight rope walk (India) K. V. Priya, India & You Nov/Dec 2017 Vivek Menon, executive director and CEO of Wildlife Trust of India, asserts in an interview to India & You that the country needs to tread a middle path where growth should not just be economically sustainable, but also ecologically sustainable article continues

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