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  1. the open vehicles which make it much easier to see things are often utility vehicles or pickup trucks with the seats added in there are 3 rows with often 3 , sometimes 2 seats per row the roof is good to stop rain and sometimes wind
  2. a breakfast with rhinos and zebras at a waterhole , and rhinos close to reticulated giraffe can be nothing but great well the tamarillo , I asked a friend who is a dietician , perhaps I got a odd one , well they are something I will avoid in future Just before I saw a rhino baby nurse from mum for the first time in 2015, I heard mewing sounds of the sort you would except from a diary calf now if I hear that I get excited as to what might happen the rhinos were very active , going to a place like this , I concentrate on them , if I had wanted cats there are much better places to go perhaps the rhinos were more active as it was a bit warmer, no need to huddle into thickets as guides in Sth Africa have explained the absence of obvious viewable when it gets cold many, many great rhino sitings ,not that we went that close to them all , at times there was a rhino siting nearby and another one in the far background my guide knows who I am here for , so I see no need to remind him , if he drives more quickly I know it is for something special , so I just wait without asking what is happening well not many come back to Lewa , they may well want a typical big 5 place guides tell me most visitors are booked in by foreign travel agents and know nothing about the place before arriving I had a good knowledge of the place and adored it before my first visit
  3. more eles dead on Hwange ,poison once again that makes 10 for June
  4. this is very concerning Poaching Task Team investigators have arrested a 68-year-old farm manager in the Timbavati after they discovered ten rhino horns, two large elephant tusks, 11 hunting rifles, of which four are unlicensed, over 1300 rounds of live ammunition and over 150 empty cartridges were seized by the members. All 11 rifles, including the licensed weapons, were confiscated and sent for ballistic testing report continues
  5. Amy T start dreaming about special wildlife sitings that you want on your next safari
  6. Great breakfast for wildlife although one food item had a problem but it did not make me miss the afternoon drive with a delightful mother /calf rhino pair
  7. Rhino Man Michael Werikhe died in 1999 as a result of being clubbed on the street walking between home and the bus stop no one has been brought to justice for this
  8. further news about Wayne Lotter from THE CITIZEN from THE GUARDIAN he had a personal driver who he had used for 10 years the Tanzanian police believed that his killer had followed him I wonder how safe his wife and family are perhaps they could move to South Africa , but UK or Canada could be a better option I have concerns for Iain Douglas Hamilton ,Richard Leakey and Paula Kahumba
  9. the wide variety of human relationship are a wonderful part of life people are freely available to choose , but take take in what you say unfortunately Africa is severly lacking when it comes to civic rights It is only legal to be gay, lesbian ,GLTIQ in South Africa and the Seychelles If you are going to any other country do not out yourself as being a member of these communities and take care with what you do does not identifty yourself as such
  10. there is some variation of vehicles as mentioned above it is best to take photos from eye level , using the hatch gives a looking down on things appearance which is not very desireable only use the hatch if you really can't see out from eye level
  11. A whole lot of us are very keen on posting here and on going on safari welcome to the crowd I would not be the only one to observe the news then think I will post that on Safaritalk
  12. well who cares for those expensive day spas volcanic rocks ,essential oils and mud the original users of thereputic mud are rhinos ,elephants, buffalos, wharthogs and other wild animals they not only look after themselves ,they become landscape engineers in the process wherever I was taken in the reserve it was a wonderful experience the place is never crowded since my main interest was rhinos I seldom saw any other vehicles the morning drives are wonderful unhurried affairs , when I am on a good siting I stay and watch wonderful things happen Norman my guide deliberately took me twice to areas less visited
  13. it is interesting to note that the mass market popular insect spray in Sth Africa is called Doom I was once in a camp in Sth Africa when some people asked the staff to remove a snake from the roof of the shower
  14. Lewa is a reserve which has had its carrying capacity scientifically estimated. it is managed with priority to rhinos, Grevy's zebras and other endangered animals from time to time surplus animals ate translocated out to other reserves including those which come under the Nthn Rangelands Trust. Lewa made a substantial contribution to restocking Meru National Park after the 1980's high level poaching had been brought under better control.
  15. well there is going to be a protest march to protect traditional land rights this sounds ok , but the government is thoroughly involved in large scale mining, agricultural, grazing and dam building interest I am very sad , there will be protests and exposure of plans ,but the forests and original people are in serious trouble ,they are being traded in for larger financial gains by people who have massive wealth already

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