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  1. take cold and flu tablets incase you have a problem, you are less likely to have issues if they check the baggage if you have the herbal version if you have any symptoms don't go on the chimp viewing hike
  2. from time to time I have problems signing in with the system trying to put my password into caps just like my user name is , then it fails as my password is not in caps this can last for varying amounts of time
  3. wild chimps are endangered and face a number of risks of the group of 53 in Kibale national park 5 died from human cold virus please see E. J. Scully et al. Lethal Respiratory Disease Associated with Human Rhinovirus C in Wild Chimpanzees, Uganda, 2013. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2017 University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Chimpanzee deaths in Uganda pinned on human cold virus." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 13 December 2017. as people as genetically similar we can pass on diseases if you are visiting you should ensure that you are healthy
  4. this one is from a while ago 12 SEP ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY but very important Illegal wildlife seizures need to drive criminal investigations, not just photo opportunities a big seizure is made and then the media with their cameras are invited in what is really more important is to gather the proper evidence for a successful prosecution , and major media announcements tip of the major wholesale dealers that the authorities are catching them , it is better for them not to know this
  5. All life is special and sacred , I have a problem of trading in murdered elephant body parts , the whole thing has organised criminal behind it , who will one way or another bend the regulations . the point of origin and if it is so called legal or not can't be trusted .they will then invest the profits in another shipment or ivory ,some other illegal wildlife products or another organised crime venture this is their supply chain but ivory and you are supporting elephant murder, grand scale corruption and damaging the living local rural African communities are making from wildlife tourism natural heritage is no less than the very highest cultural achievements building materials do not come from breaking up ancients monuments , or more recent architectural masterpices. It is just as important to protect elephants from their current criminal based abuses UK antique shops are a major problem with ivory Aug 31, 2016 - Researchers from TRAFFIC visited 13 antiques markets and two areas with antiques shops across London and also carried out online searches to record the number of ivory items on sale. Their findings were published today in A rapid survey of UK ivory markets (PDF, 2 MB). They found a wide range of ... Two Million Tusks is an informal group of four individuals who are concerned about the plight of the elephant and the UK’s contribution to the global ivory trade. They decided to research the amount of ivory being sold through UK auction houses and to test whether auctioneers are complying with the UK’s current ivory trade rules. You can read the Two Million Tusks report here. a direct link to the report is the staff of dealers can only give very general comments about the aged of ivory pieces, and in some cases have problems identifying ivory from bone or resin they are not capable of performing tasks under the proposed regulations the only definite aging method is by radio carbon dating which costs more than the likely sale price of nearly all the items sent to auction a long term study of Chobe shows that the vegetation problem is due to people not elephants Virginia Tech. (2017, November 8). Extensive loss of trees in African savannas: Blame human-started fires not elephants. ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 9, 2017 from Virginia Tech. "Extensive loss of trees in African savannas: Blame human-started fires not elephants." ScienceDaily. John Fox, Mark Vandewalle, Kathleen Alexander. Land Cover Change in Northern Botswana: The Influence of Climate, Fire, and Elephants on Semi-Arid Savanna Woodlands. Land, 2017; 6 (4): 73 DOI: 10.3390/land6040073
  6. no alleged heritage is worth is death of nature anyone advocating ongoing ivory trade to avoid admin work deserves special audits to make sure all procedures are followed
  7. please also see Kony's ivory reading the report in detail shows how bad things are the region concerned DRC and CAR near Sth Sudan and Chad is very corrupt, politically unstable, dangerous with a liberal supply of small arms and stolen army uniforms this region is one of the most dangerous in the world most of the poaching is probably done by privately organised armed gangs for profit 20% of the male members of the community probably are involved in illegally killing wildlife they sell both ivory and leopard skin chiefs organised it there is little presence of law and order, the ongoing involvement of militias LRA etc in poaching keeps them and their civil rights abuses (massacres, child soldiers , sex slaves etc ) in the area lions are poisoned to protect cattle elephants, chimps and giraffes are threatened the bush meat trade is a major activity bongo antelopes are being killed there is a suggestion of economic aid to set up alternative livelhoods for the community
  8. This new report is detailed and multiple species are poached elephants for ivory. hippo for teeth and other species for bush meat Foreign armed groups, including the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), the Janjaweed (a Sudanese militia), and other non-State militias, are the main perpetrators of wildlife poaching and trafficking across Central Africa’s Garamba-Bili-Chinko Landscape, a region that straddles the northwest border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the southwest border of the Central African Republic, according to a new TRAFFIC report also involved are the police ,army,armed pastoralists and independent poachers if you want to look again at earlier material on the LRA please see
  9. this area is becoming a real problem Police seize nearly one tonne of ivory (Cambodia) Sen David, Khmer TimesDecember 6, 2017 A joint police operation led to the seizure 941 kg of ivory hidden in containers in Sihanoukville port yesterday. please see The forwarding company was caught hiding 1.3 tonnes of elephant tusk ivory in Phnom Penh in December 2016.
  10. the more effective pressure is from the wife of one of the Trump hunting sons who is keen on having wildlife have a natural life
  11. Mammalian predators (commonly called carnivores) spend a significant part of their day foraging for food, and the more time they spend, the more energy they use. This makes predators that spend a long time foraging more vulnerable to changes in the environment that affect their primary resource: their prey. report continues Matteo Rizzuto, Chris Carbone, Samraat Pawar. Foraging constraints reverse the scaling of activity time in carnivores. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2017; DOI: 10.1038/s41559-017-0386-1
  12. Ipoh, Malaysia, 5th December 2017—The minimum fine, one-month jail and his motorcycle confiscated: this was the sentence handed down to a man caught ferrying a Tiger carcass on his bike last year in northern Peninsular Malaysia, home to some 250 Critically Endangered wild Tigers. report continues given that there are so few of them left that sentence is a joke and the police should have made him show his face, not go around covered with a coat over it
  13. For a more technical but still understandable version please see .Trophy hunting may cause extinction in a changing environment Date: November 28, 2017 Source: Queen Mary University of London Summary: Trophy hunting and other activities involving the targeting of high-quality male animals could lead to the extinction of certain species faced with changing environmental conditions, according to new research. the prime males are the best adapted to the environment they need to be left for ongoing breeding it is better to hunt older post reproduction males
  14. Ivory trafficking: S’pore a transit hub but ‘actively working’ to tackle problem, says Cites (Singapore) Neo Chai Chin, Today Online December 4, 2017 SINGAPORE: Despite being labelled a country of “primary concern” last year for its role as a transit point for ivory trafficking, Singapore will not have to come up with a National Ivory Action Plan after efforts to convey its measures at tackling wildlife trafficking bore fruit. report continues good to see someone wants top act those who want to cheat abuse the practice of not recheck containers checked from another destination , sending things multi point to the final market it is time for this practice to go
  15. easy treatment for offenders now is a thing from the past, this case involved 130 kg of ivory, with a late April 2017 arrest date the courts are working more quickly than before it would be great if the bigfish were arrested , not just the small operators Kenya: It's Life in Prison or Sh40 Million Fine for Duo Arrested With Ivory Boniface Mwaniki, Nairobi News December 1, 2017 Two men who were found guilty of possessing wildlife trophy have been jailed for life with an alternative fine of Sh20 million each. report continues

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