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  1. I made a quick stop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium yesterday morning and saw lunge feeding humpbacks from the back deck.
  2. I wondered that too. Apparently desperate ones. In my area coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions are the primary land predators. We think it was probably a great horned owl which are prevalent and don't have much of a sense of smell.
  3. A coyote on our hike at Palo Corona this morning Not too concerned by our presence Remains of a skunk I also saw another bobcat! But I was too slow to get a photo. One of these days I hope to have some discernable proof of its existence
  4. Another one from Moss Landing this morning
  5. It certainly was! Even better than any of the boat trips I've been on. We watched for nearly 6 hours and they were still feeding when we left.
  6. I've posted these photos elsewhere before but one of my favorite days was watching about two dozen humpbacks lunge feeding just offshore of Point Lobos in late August two years ago. What photos fail to capture are the loud whooshing sounds. Joining the whales in their anchovy feeding frenzy were dolphins, sea lions and countless birds.
  7. Here's PG's monarch count from last season While you're here, you can try to catch the gray whale migration too. We typically see our first southbound grays right before Thanksgiving though it's more reliable later in the season I'll be glad to host the GTG at my house!
  8. The KWS Kinna Guesthouse and Kinna Cottages are well located in the park if looking for a lower budget alternative I believe @Atravelynn has stayed there. Offbeat was in Bisanadi if I recall correctly.
  9. I've only visited once in 2006 when we saw 5 white rhinos. The grass was very high that December and we stopped for a breakfast picnic.
  10. Aren't there areas with later salmon runs? I'm also thinking of an August/September time frame trip to Alaska next year but just started looking into it. I saw at least a dozen humpbacks from Carmel Beach this morning. Come to Monterey Bay for whales. In spring when gray whales pass along our shores on their northbound migration, orcas arrive to predate on calves. During that time, it's possible to see grays, orcas and humpbacks on the same day.
  11. I can't believe your luck. Great not pleased Bibi photo. Glad the Mara part won't be boring. That's when I usually start to nod off
  12. You can go on game drives from Ithumba but @beverly is right that the game is harder to find and you don't have that much extra time in between the 3 elephant visits. We've been lucky to see leopard and cheetah (the latter was spotted from camp). There's game viewing at the camp waterholes and we've seen bat eared foxes, genet and springhare at camp in the very early morning hours when it was still dark. I posted both trip reports here.

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