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  1. You can go on game drives from Ithumba but @beverly is right that the game is harder to find and you don't have that much extra time in between the 3 elephant visits. We've been lucky to see leopard and cheetah (the latter was spotted from camp). There's game viewing at the camp waterholes and we've seen bat eared foxes, genet and springhare at camp in the very early morning hours when it was still dark. I posted both trip reports here.
  2. @offshorebirder The Ventana Wildlife Society started another feeding station at Palo Corona a few years ago. This may be why we're seeing them in the area. Friends have seen them near Garrapata and two condors have visited a Point Lobos docent's home
  3. @Tom Kellie Sloths have green algae (and other organisms) growing on their fur so it was brownish gray tinged with green.
  4. This was on the grounds of our hotel in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (wildlife is very habituated here). It was extremely slow on the ground but climbed very fast up the vine.
  5. Today I had my second ever sighting of a California condor above Point Lobos. Sightings this far north are rarer than sightings farther south in Big Sur. We had a really harsh winter and it's only been possible to drive 26 miles south of Carmel into Big Sur since February due to a collapsed bridge so I figured my chances of finding a condor around here were close to nil this year. This individual was flying among some turkey vultures and I suddenly realized one of these doesn't look like the others It was also being harassed by two possibly red-tailed hawks and the hawks succeeded in driving it out of sight. And yes I cursed loudly at those damn hawks! My first ever condor sighting was March of this year at Pinnacles National Park where four of them ending up roosting in a tree on the hillside across from our campsite. Spot the condor All sightings have been from a great distance with no possibility of reading their tag numbers but I'll take it! Here's a slide a friend took at a recent Ventana Wildlife Society talk. The central California population travels between Big Sur and Pinnacles and through GPS tracking they've discovered that some individuals have traveled south and back and may be having encounters with the southern California population.
  6. OK thanks, I think I can handle that. The majority of the crowding issues were at bear sightings last May. We're trying to time it for the fall color and at least the possibility of driving the Beartooth. Otherwise we would've pushed it back a bit later.
  7. Is October busier than May? We were there in early May last year and are going back the first week of October this year. I was actually hoping it would be less busy based on the visitor stats
  8. We've driven ourselves on two trips and are planning to return this September. I've never taken a tour (unless you count a snowcoach but that was more for transportation) but there are guides and you could book their services for a day or more. The Yellowstone Institute has trips as well If you can't find lodging inside the park, look at the gateway towns of Gardiner or Cooke City MT. You may want to include a few days in Grand Teton National Park as well just south of Yellowstone. If no availability there, check the town of Jackson WY. You can keep checking back for in park accommodations if you don't find anything initially as people book far in advance and cancel as the date gets closer. I've had good luck booking national park accommodations last minute. Read the YNet forums for planning information, trip reports, sightings, etc I checked it daily during our trip for sighting info. Here's my report from last May (we drove from Carmel so start with post #14 for our week in Yellowstone/Grand Teton)
  9. Two weeks ago we headed to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park to cross country ski. This has been a big snow year in the Sierras so there was still a 7-8 ft base at the 7400 ft elevation of where Montecito Sequoia Lodge is located. Grant Grove The Generals Highway between Sequoia and Kings Canyon Montecito Sequoia Lodge
  10. Sorry you were so sick at the end. It's horrible having to travel like that. Hope you recovered quickly when you got home. A very enjoyable report, thank you!
  11. The Wandare area looks very beautiful. Nice recap to a wonderful report!
  12. I was just commenting to Mark this morning "Michael still hasn't started on the Sandai portion" and found this, yippee! Glad your mom joined you and I can't believe Petra flew to Addis. If my parents ever said yes, I think I would faint. Great mongoose/hare sequence. I'm surprised it would try to go after the hare too. I like the term Aberdarcionadas.
  13. Cheetah and hippo.

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