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  1. I had several good wild dog sightings in Hwange last year before and after the game count in September. I've seen dogs pretty all through the park, but Masuma in the centre of the park is good, ditto Deteema up near Robins. Closer to main camp have a look at Elephant's Eye lodge, and The Hide. Stayed at both and they're excellent. Also saw dogs at or near both of these lodges and a trip to the Painted Dog Conservation Centre across the road from the Hwange airstrip, outside the park, is well worth it, if only to show your support for the work they do.
  2. Have you thought about self driving? If so, I'd do Kruger in a two wheel drive rental car, self catering, and concentrate on the central/northern section if you want a quieter time, and treat yourself to a couple of nights in one of the more affordable lodges inside the park - Imbalai/Hoyo Hoy, or Savanna in the Sabi Sand. You could then either fly to the falls and get a transfer to Elephants Eye or The Hide in Hwange. Or, for the mildly adventurous, from Kruger go back to joburg, pick up a 4x4, drive up through botswana to Kasane (Chobe), cross into Vic Falls, see the falls, drive down to Hwange main camp for a couple of nights, then drive back to Kasane, drop your vehicle off there (I can give you name of a company that allows you to do this), and fly back to joburg and home.
  3. Great pics!
  4. Here's a cape clawless otter out the front of our house in South Africa. We have a small spruit (creek) there and we sometimes find evidence of otters eating crabs there.
  5. Africalover this is brilliant - great pics. My wife and I and two friends are self driving from South Africa to Tanzania in August/September and plan to visit both these parks. Your pics are a great inspiration for us.
  6. We had a fantastic trip to Gonarezhou a few months ago and love it all. Stayed at Chilo Gorge Lodge in their self catering camp and it was brilliant.
  7. I use Canon and graduated from a 75-300 to the excellent 100-400 and used that for years. However, last year I decided to get another lens and went for the Sigman 50-500. I've been very impressed with it, particularly its versatility. It's nice to be able to take 'people' pics up close and then go back to the 500 for wildlife further away.
  8. Hmmm, Lion and Elephant on the road from Beitbridge to Massvingo - nice place, excellent pies Tod's guesthouse, between Beitbridge and Bulawayo (haven;t stayed in there, but called in for a look on the last trip and it looked nice. Lomagundi Lakesdie - chalets and camping Kariba
  9. Perhaps consider a self drive, self catering trip in Kruger - rent a van or a couple of vehicles - and stay in one of the nice Bushveld Camps, then round off your trip with a couple of nights in a lodge. It's safe, easy, and lots of fun. Your money will go an awful lot further and you'll have the thrill of spotting animals for yourself.
  10. Hello Safaritalkers, I'm back. I've been a bad friend, I know, but busy writing and editing. Heading back to Africa in April for six months - KZN, a two week trip to Namibia in May, then Karoo, Mokala (new park near Kimberly), Kgalagadi; Kruger off and on, then Hwange for game count in September. Another busy year.
  11. There's one near our house!
  12. Had some great fund with our trail camera at mana, and around our house in South Africa. Ours is a Ltd Acorn 5210A, higher resolution pics (12MP) than the bushnells I've seen.
  13. Game warden you are a lifesaver!
  14. Imire Ranch in Zimbabwe has done excellent work over the years breeding and re-releasing black rhino. They, like everyone else in Zimbabwe, could use a leg-up. Friends of mine in Australia also run a charity called Painted Dog Conservation Inc. They do good work, on the ground, researching and conserving painted dog and support other carnivore research projects in Zambia and elsewhere.

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