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  1. Took me back in time too, Matt. Definitely @graceland still missed and remembered by many of us. 3 lovely reports to read, Vikram! A very good combo for you would be Kichaka and Ikuka together...
  2. Thanks, as always, for sharing your insights @Safaridude The usual race against time
  3. Thanks @Kitsafari and @Julian The drawing will be on March 3. And everyone’s chances look very good!
  4. Hello All, In the spirit of the season (and beyond), please do share your love for Africa and African Wild Dogs by participating in the raffle below: 100% of each entry of USD $100 will go directly to the African Wildlife Conservation Fund and help them raise much-needed funds for their grassroots projects in Zimbabwe. Many of you already know this organization well. Those who don’t, please know that they are dedicated to preserving and conserving one of the last remaining strongholds of wild dogs in southern Africa - and have been very successful in their efforts. But they work on a very small budget, and every little bit we help raise for them will go a long way to helping the dogs in the Savé Valley & Gonarezhou NP, Zimbabwe. The 5 nights of safari accommodations for 2 people have been kindly donated by Asilia Africa. Chalo Africa has donated all park fees, transfers and return flights to/from the Serengeti. So your only costs will be your international flight tickets & sundries - and the raffle ticket! Your entry money will go directly to the AWCF who have organized the logistics for this. Chalo Africa will conduct the raffle drawing in early March 2018, on World Wildlife Day. We are expecting (and hoping) for roughly 100 entries, so your chances of winning the raffle are really quite good Any questions, please feel free to ask me. Please do help us make this fundraiser a success! April/May in Namiri is spectactular for wildlife, and with all your money going to the AWCF, it’s a win-win situation all the way!
  5. Lovely start, Tom! Do you know if charter flights are possible at all from Cotonou direct to Pendjari? Looking forward to reading about your special sightings & yes, @Safaridude‘s TR was a wonderful intro to the park, and now yours too will add to the richness of the forum.
  6. I am in the market too & hope to learn from your questions, ZO. Haha, she is a traitor to the Pentax cause, is she
  7. This is one of the nicest DSWT videos EVER, Pen! Oh what fun this must have been
  8. Eloquent & gentle, as always, @Kitsafari You have expressed what so many of us feel - just better Happy New Year 2018 to all SafariTalkers and to Matt @Game Warden, for creating this wonderful worldwide forum that cares enough about Africa and its wildlife to engage with one another across oceans and continents. And of course, a safe and happy new year 2018 to the people on the ground, doing their utmost to preserve and conserve these priceless places.
  9. Just getting caught up with this wonderful and comprehensive TR @Botswanadreams - what a great trip you had and yes, it seems like Kit & I are the only ones to have missed the wolves at Guassa! I’m finding this very very helpful and informative for my work as well! Thank you again.
  10. Thanks, guys! We’re slowly building up the numbers So nice of all of you to contribute & for a great cause. Much appreciated!
  11. Haha, doesn't matter who you travel with at all, @Amylovescritters , @janzin and anyone else who is kind enough to buy a ticket - everyone will be entered into the raffle & good luck with the drawing.
  12. What a fun way to do your TR, @LarsS! All the episodes have been both enjoyable & informative. Very nice to see Fig Tree Camp in such detail. Brings back memories @SafariChick, doesn’t it? I remember a big rainshower when we crossed the river at Mukambi too! You are brave to be out & about with no bug suit! Fabulous Busanga Plains videos, also! All in all, it looks like a wonderful Kafue Safari!
  13. Another one eagerly awaiting your TR, @Sitatunga95 safe travels & take lots of photos!
  14. All the photos are just stunning @Bush dog - thanks for sharing! Love the rhebok especially, and your bird’s eye view, from land, of the whales! Very cool.
  15. I want to know who is writing these reports for you in such impeccable English!😎 Really beautiful images, Michael. They get sharper with each trip and I can see your camera experiments clearly. Have you changed/upgraded your gear? Darn, I want to go back too!
  16. Logging onto ST after a while, but I thought I’d update everyone with what I know. One of the passengers lost in this crash was Naseeb Mfinanga - perhaps some of you knew him? He was the CEO of Maasai Wanderings and Nasikia Camps. He leaves behind his wife Donna Duggan and small children. There were at least 2 others from MW on board too 😞 Naseeb was a warm and wonderful person to interact with - RIP Naseeb, and all the others who lost their lives in this tragedy.
  17. You’ve a very distinct photo style now, Hari. Both you & Michael - I can tell without knowing whose images are being shown Big league now!
  18. Thanks @Zim Girl - sounds like a wonderful trip, any which way you look at it! Thank you for sharing in such good detail!
  19. A cicada of some type? A giant cicada 😄 And a logistics question for you - in retrospect, do you think it makes sense to take the ferry both ways to reduce time at those annoying police stops? Was there a reason to do it by car one way? thanks @Zim Girl
  20. What a feast literally for all the senses, @Zim Girl - thank you so so much for taking the time to do this! I know I’ll def be following in your footsteps on this one
  21. If you don't mind my interjecting here, @Zim Girl I just got a newsletter from Virunga NP with their new offers. They have a new Short Stay package, with 2 nights at the new Kibumba Camp, 1 gorilla trek and 1 Nyiragongo hike for less than the cost of 1 Rwanda permit! For those of you interested in supporting the park, do consider this. They had elections slated for Dec 2017 but it looks like they may not happen after all and you can do this very, very reasonably.
  22. So sorry to hear about Ben, @Zim Girl. Stay strong. Our SImba is getting frailer by the day too, and my heart really goes out to you.
  23. Thanks @offshorebirder - it wasn't that one actually, but your WP article is just as informative. Trying again with the NY Times one:
  24. @ice - clearly nefarious and underhanded, if one reads between your lines It might surprise you to know that camp owners and travel agents can be wildlife enthusiasts & conservation-minded too. The two are not mutually exclusive. I suggest you re-read what Annabelle said (quoted in its original by @IamFisheye above) and what I paraphrased - and do that with a non-prejudiced eye. Does it really sound to you like either of us is suggesting that Laikipia is a wonderful place right now for dog sightings? She was simply trying to say that she thinks there may be a remnant population left over in the area. And I see no reason to doubt her because such a thing is not unusual in cases of distemper, and because she probably has better info than any of us right now, considering how closely they track dogs at LWC. If you are concerned about the number and quality of sightings, perhaps you should simply ask for clarification? And if you want to clarify who Annabelle is, perhaps you should simply state that. As for me, the quality of guiding and wildlife, as well as the overall safari experience (especially for families), is of such high quality at LWC that I would continue to encourage people to go there, provided they are not going there only for dogs. That's not so hard to understand.

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