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  1. thanks to both of you, I will investigate further
  2. I would but I'm travelling alone this time so would be challenging... Looking at under $175 per night plus flights and transfers. I took a quick look at some of the Kruger lodges and it might be possible there as I'm guessing they'd discount for a longer stay or as you suggest booking in country. Will take a look at SADC.
  3. I have the opportunity to take a few months off and would like to spend 3-4 weeks in Southern Africa. I usually only manage 8/9 days on safari due to budget. Any ideas of anywhere I can stay for 3-4 weeks, I don't want to move around too much, perhaps a week in each lodge? I'm guessing South Africa is probably my best bet? I don't mind a bit of camping but not for the whole time. Thanks
  4. There was a den near Tau Pan (CKGR) where we saw one every day (a few years ago).
  5. Thanks, that sounds like a simple solution for tagging.
  6. I've been using Adobe Organiser/Elements on a PC but I'm going to be swapping to a Mac and will probably consider different editing software now (not sure what yet). What I do like about Adobe Organiser is the ability to 'tag' my photos by type, the photos can stay in the same album but I can tag the photos by animal type, sunsets, lodge photos etc. If I'm not using Adobe, can anyone recommend another way of doing this with the file organiser that comes with a Mac?
  7. We had a great time - we visited Pench and Satpura after Tadoba. I'm going to have to trawl through my photos now and see if I can spot any of you in the background!
  8. One of YOUR tigers??? Excuse me, that was OUR tiger. What a coincidence. This is hilarious. Maybe we ran into each other. Were you in that intrepid bunch that always ate lunch outside even when it was 100 F and always had smiles on your faces? We might have said a few words to each other. I am not making this up but a few times at Svasara I thought I heard someone say Lynn(e)--it sounds the same with or without the e. Really, I turned around a few times to see if it was for me. I would never have thought of this again without your post. This is THE coincidence of the trip. We had another incident that was also highly coincidental. That was at Kanha. We all will be expecting your trip report, @@LynneB! We were indeed the group sitting outside - there was a fan there so so perhaps not as intrepid as we appeared!
  9. As I started to read you report something odd happened. I saw one of my photos of the tiger at Tadoba... It turns out that I was at Tadoba at the same time as you, also staying at Svasara and we must have been at the same sighting and clicked at the same time!
  10. I recently stayed at Macushla House in Karen for a few days while in Nairobi for work. I booked it via Travelling to/from the airport took around 30 mins at 11pm and 45 mins at 7pm. The staff are really helpful, it's quiet and the food is good. If you have time it's also very close to Kazuri Beads, Sheldrick's and the Giraffe Centre so if you wish you can avoid town. Wifi is available in the lounge and there's a pool. There are also quite a few other great restaurants in the area too and shopping malls.
  11. I took my 10 year old nephew to Madikwe in 2013, we stayed at one of the Jaci's lodges. The info I researched did show it as non malarial. We had a fantastic 4 days there and had great sitings - elephant, rhino, leopard, lions, hippo, wild dog plus lots of the smaller animals which he also enjoyed. I was concerned that it would feel a bit tame for me but I really enjoyed it too.
  12. I also recommend the Zambezi Sun. Large and busy but good facilities, great location and good value. If you do need Lusaka, then I can recommend the Intercon. Not very exciting but easy...
  13. Thanks for the response. A friend of mine is interested in birds so this might suit her.
  14. Has anyone been to Guyana? We're looking at doing a wildlife trip there next year.
  15. Latest advice from Control Risks Personnel planning to fly via Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) are advised to postpone non-essential air travel and make alternative arrangements following a major fire on 7 August at the airport's international arrivals lounge. As of 15.30 (local time), airport operations remained suspended, though local sources report that domestic and cargo operations will restart shortly. While the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (FCAA) has confirmed that an interim international arrivals terminal will be made available, there has been no information on when international flights will resume. Travel Briefing The significant damage caused by the fire is likely to ensure considerable disruption to airport facilities in the near term and we advise personnel to postpone non-essential travel to Nairobi NBO until the situation has clarified. Due to the airport's significance as a major regional hub and the disruption caused by diverted flights, related delays and cancellations are possible at a number of other airports in the region. Personnel are advised to maintain flexible itineraries and confirm the status of flights with their airline prior to setting out to the airport. Travellers booking flights to regional locations in the near term are advised to ensure they transit through alternative hubs, including Dar es Salaam's Julius Nyerere International Airport ( DAR, Tanzania), Addis Ababa's Bole International Airport (ADD, Ethiopia) and Entebbe International Airport (EBB, Uganda). Personnel undertaking essential travel may be required to complete journeys via other means. The most logical alternative air travel options would entail journeys from the nearby Wilson airport (WIL) to Tanzania's Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) or to Mombasa's Moi International (MBA), via Malindi ( MYD). There are also international services operating from Eldoret International Airport (EDL), around five hours north west of Nairobi. Personnel travelling via these facilities should allow plenty of time to reach them and pass through airport formalities due to the likely high demand, and to avoid having their seat reassigned to another traveller. It is advisable to closely monitor the local media (including radio) and our travel security alerts for related information.

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