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  1. Thanks Antee
  2. Great report, unfortunately we didn't get anywhere near as good sightings of the black footed cat as you did at Marrick. We missed the rhinos at Mokala. Can you recall how much your day trip to Mokala was booking with Marrick directly? What time did you get there for and roughly what time did you leave? Any idea how much the transfers were to the airport? I know it's not that far from Kimberly, next time I go I might do that part directly with them, rather than as part of a wider tour. Thanks!
  3. Flower season in West Coast National Park, Postberg section: P9160214 adj by Jo Dale, on Flickr
  4. Looking forward to reading more! Ten days at Tswalu is something I can only dream of! As for night photography, I find that I need to use a large external flash unit. I use the FL50R with my olympus gear and that works quite well. That said, you should be able to get some reasonable pics if the guides have a powerful spotlight and the animal is stationery and quite close! I still couldn't manage to get any decent shots of spring hares! They are too fast!
  5. Sounds like an ambitious start! I am looking forward to reading more!
  6. Very cool. The ones I saw at Marrick seem a lot hairier! We saw three are marrick and one at the riverine rabbit retreat.
  7. Considering that I am right now staying at Twee Rivieren, I can see why you were so taken with the place!
  8. Lucky! We narrowly missed a zorilla at Kalahari Trails meerkat sanctuary, the guide Johnny saw it dash in front of the vehicle, but failed to locate it for us! We did see a sad roadkill one on the way to kgalagadi.
  9. Nah, we did see some good sightings at Marrick , but obviously they don't have lions, cheetah, and I don't think they see pangolins at all really.
  10. Fantastic sightings! I would need to win the lottery to afford to go to Tswalu!
  11. That's what we were quoted too.
  12. Really looking forward to visiting Kgalagadi, even if we may not get to Nossob! Your report has whet my appetite! 😁
  13. Less than a week! South Africa here we come! Still haven't done any packing yet.
  14. How about a violet-backed starling?

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