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  1. You could also ask on
  2. Very cool. The whales were more lazy this time we went. No breaches. We got some breaching at Hermanus in 2010. Not so much action this time unfortunately. You got some nice shots there!
  3. fantastic wolf sighting!
  4. We were hoping to have more time in De Hoop, but we ended up with only half a day. Still, we loved the Bontebok.
  5. @Atravelynn Sichuan is quite well known on the mammal watching and birding circuit. We found our guide Sid on He and Roland are probably the best-known guides for that region. Sichuan has a reputation for being THE destination for red panda. My partner and I visited there a few years ago. You may recall our trip report, which is on this forum. We did not visit this part of the plateaux nor did we see Pallas cat. We were also too late for marmots. We got to see red panda twice, but one was in the worst possible circumstances.
  6. Fantastic sighting of Pallas cat!
  7. Impresa I've looking beastie!
  8. Taken at Augrabies falls
  9. I would say it was mostly just the one battery. Except on occasions when I was doing lots of burst shooting at least 7fps, like a lion walking along etc. The new omd m1 mk 2 does have a frame count for the battery charge but I didn't really look at that.
  10. So I am pleased to report that so far the battery life in the mark2 is much improved on the mark 1 . I got pretty much a day's shooting out if the one battery. I bought one proprietary and two cheapo . But didn't need to use them much. In 3 weeks I took way over 16,000 shots. I know that because that's how many I came back with and I deleted loads as I went along...
  11. Just read this too. Brings back a lot of memories as I saw Maya and her cubs last time I was in Tadoba as well as Choti Tara. Lovely to see them again!
  12. I'm really enjoying this report. Looking forward to more!
  13. @Antee I would definitely be up for travelling with you at some point. Sri Lanka interests me for the cats. My friend whow runs a travel company and who i use for all my india trips also covers sri lanka and has experience of organising cat focused trips there. Or there's probably some contacts you can hit up via Obviously I still want to return to Borneo for that clouded leopard - mike is killing me with all the sightings he's been having. I still want to get to Ethiopia at some point and for next year I am still trying to look at a trip to Brazil. That's now looking like a combination of North and south pantanal with the maned wolf extension. Still not booked so may well fall through.
  14. I have no idea where that is lol!

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