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  1. When I book a trip , it's often months before I travel. So when I get back I don't always have those details to hand. But I am happy to dig out costs if I can. The only time I couldn't really provide cost is when a guide or company has give a particularly good discount and asked me to keep that private.
  2. Wow! @Antee you have certainly whet my appetite for Marrick! We are heading out to south Africa middle of next month and we have three nights here as you did! I hope we see as much as you! Everything you saw is on my list! From the aardvark to the red rock rabbits and spring hares!
  3. [\img] That motmot is hard to beat! I had no idea they could be found in the pantanal! I think this chestnut-eared aracari is a real stunner! Taken in the Pantanal. I mean, just look at that bill!
  4. Thanks all, I have been advised that "here was a catastrophic fire at the Rooi Els site last summer, so no rockjumpers there (but lots of klipspringers). Try Sir Lowry’s Pass"
  5. Melanism is linked to a transcription mutation of the ASIP Gene in rabbits and is a recessive trait if I have read this article correctly : In smaller populations such as those isolated on islands, mutations like this will be more common I believe. Albino rabbits are also common in some areas.
  6. Very beautiful!
  7. Beautiful shot! I too love wallcreepers.
  8. I think that if you are happy with the weight of canon/nikon then they still have the edge for wildlife action shots. I wanted something more portable. Certainly I got some jealous looks in Borneo from our guide mike who was toting his canon and big lens and I was getting pretty similar results with my kit that weighed half as much to be honest. Well this weekend hopefully I will be giving the mk2 a run out so we'll see if the camera lives up to its reputation ahead of South Africa next month! With the cashback I got for my traded in E5 I basically got my money back on that old camera.
  9. Hi all, It would be nice to meet up at the bird fair. It's my 40th birthday on the Friday so I won't be over until the Saturday so maybe we could meet up some time on Saturday afternoon or Sunday? I'll be able to talk about plans for Brazil for next year for anyone who might be interested in joining me. Let me know if you are interested and we can make a plan to meet up!
  10. I have heard that most shots used in wildlife magazines of moles are of dead ones that have been "posed" I assumed this was the case here.. I did see one once, alive. No photo though. Of course there's only one way to get rid of a mole.....
  11. I have been using olympus for several years now. Originally 4/3 but now moved to the EM1 and I have just bought the mk 2. Not tried it out yet but you can see what the mk 1 is capable of in my recent trip reports e.g. Borneo : It is pretty rugged, survived many torrential downpours and coupled with the panny 100-400 is pretty damn good. The evf has the great advantage that you can see what your exposure will look like on the fly too. Here's some action shots from the weekend, not my usual subjects:
  12. I have had a large rain spider in my tent in South Africa one time, a mouse in my tent in Mana Pools, a mouse in our toilet in Zavora (Mozambique ), a small yellow frog in my tent in Brazil and had a few rats in various places in India, including one that jumped on my head. When it rains be prepared for the possible emergence of winged termites in droves -had a few such incidents in botswana and south Africa. Not sure about Kenya. Avoid leaving any door or window open at night with the lights on. That is a sure way to attract bugs!
  13. Oh that's sad. were you able to get it to a vet or sanctuary?
  14. Thanks both. I did go to Kirstenbosch before and Betty’s Bay. I missed malachite sunbird but got the other two on some nice proteas :).

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