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  1. Thanks for sharing. We are stopping here on our 3 week south Africa trip in September. Mainly for the scenery (and flowers) but hopefully to see some wildlife as well.
  2. Thanks! New Guinea would be a dream destination for me but it is sp expensive!
  3. Great trip report. You really got lucky with those elephants!
  4. Sounds like a great trip!
  5. I have updated the detail with the info about San Francisco farm. Please PM if interested.
  6. @@hariari Hi Hari, And anyone else who might be interested, the current plan is looking like (in no particular order ): Six nights split 4/2 between canastra national park - supposed to be best place to find giant anteater plus chance of Maned wolf plus great birding including the Brazilian merganser. And the monastery at Caraça where maned wolf is habituated. This is coming in at around 1600 US per person all in with transfers to and from belo horizonte, with a guide recommended by Tropical Birding based on two single rooms) . Other quotes have been a bit higher and this guy seems flexible enough that we can do some night drives too which aren't permitted inside the park. A female room share would be more ideal but not a deal breaker and I would be happy for this part of the tour to run with minimum of two up to 4 participants. Then I have been planning to return to north pantanal with the guide I used before, julhino from pantanal trackers. For this section I have been planning this with a friend who came with me to Borneo. We could look at adding one or two more, but we are also currently content to run with just the two of us. Our plan is to split the time: 3 nights pousada alegre 4 nights at carmindo's homestay (camping) beyond Porto Jofre 2 nights at pousada piuval Cost for this section is (quote us in Brazilian real ): 3 people R$ 5.200 2 people R$7.050 We are debating whether to have a night in porto jofre either in place of a night camping (works out about £40 more) or in place of a night at Piuval. Then my friend wants to fly to south pantanal for four nights at San Francisco farm which has a rep for ocelot. I also hope to do this bit as well. Just to add the details of San Francisco farm packages can be found here: They are customisable and we will be looking at maximising wildlife related activities of course, including night drives. Note there are several internal flights and obviously international flights to be added to these costs. Hari, you should still have my email address, the hotmail one from our last trip. Please PM me if you are interested in joining. All the best Jo
  7. I didn't want to leave either
  8. Sounds positive
  9. Considering where the comments are likely to lead I think it's probably best to lock this thread
  10. Interesting, I wonder if it's really to do with more tigers being seen or if it's due to the convenience of Ranthambhore to Agra and other golden triangle attractions? I recall on my first trip to Tadoba , Jonathan Scott had not had much luck with tigers there and had much better luck moving on to Tadoba.
  11. Maybe we should plan a safaritalk borneo trip!
  12. Yeah looks like that's a good fit, bearing in mind that the head seems over exposed and so is probably looking paler than it actually is maybe?
  13. I will happily join you
  14. Yes, often. But I have my pets to think of and my job. I am not really a big risk taker and so the most I am comfortable going away for is about three weeks. As a result, I like to pack in as much wildlife viewing into that window as possible. I think when you have more time and less budget then people tend to taking more time soaking in the culture of a place and maybe less time focused on the wildlife. But all that said, I would definitely be interested in teaming up with someone like yourself for something up to 3 weeks long that's low budget but very wildlife focused, like a self drive in southern​ Africa or something.

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