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  1. Welcome to Safaritalk, @@nitya goel aggarwal, I've always loved pics of the tigers - yours were wonderful as well as the others. The only thing that could prevent me is those stacks of vehicles waiting to take off. I wonder if there is any way to avoid that on a tiger safari. Or, perhaps it is well worth it. Several great tr's on India's tigers lately! Thank you for sharing.
  2. @@xelas, you brought a beautiful portion of Planet Earth into my small world. The photos are breathtaking along with your beautiful descriptions; and your love of Namibia. I enjoyed traveling along with you and Zvezda. Tell her how much we all loved her photography!
  3. @@COSMIC RHINO, I have read the review and you are disappointed with EP; do hope Lewa made up for it and you can take some good memories home with you. It is very frustrating to spend time and money for safari, and come home with negative feelings. I hope you can get back to Africa sooner than later!
  4. @@roadwarriorafrica Thanks for posting this; I had always thought the location was spectacular for views; but wondered if there was much wildlife in the area. Accordingly so! Great review over on TA; Enjoyed reading through all of them!
  5. Since no one who regularly goes to Africa has responded,I will throw in my 2c....I think Kenya can be a great deal,esp if not Aug/Sept migration time. There area few TA's who specialize in Africa on this forum. I'd talk to them. In Feb. 2015 we (a group of 3) got a pretty good deal that enticed me enough to leave the US for 10 days and go.....I am sure they are out there, and waiting never hurts. if there are only two of you I am sure you will find suitable accommodations! Good luck I've NEVER been one to plan more than 6 months out. And I have had some great luck. Botswana in November of course.....but still probably more than Kenya these days. Depends on what you look for....walking? private? small camps? YOU can find it; use your contacts here and go from there. Our Botswana trip was booked 2 months out; all WS camps and one Kwando.....very reasonable for Bots. You need to find an experienced Africa only agent who will send you /call you all the deals! They are the top of my head - Kingfisher,Chalo, that handsome fellow from Oz who loves that I am a "cougar" - Soukous ---some great ones from Zim...go over to Operators forum and see what being offered THIS year;will give you an idea of NeXT year.....and remember, you CAN and should negotiate! We also have a new but experienced in Africa guide on board; he may propose a special one for you...."Armchair Bushman."Actually several guides participate - just start reading. All sort of exciting way s to get back.....Let us know how it goes! If you want to PM me I can give names;not sure if I can do more than that here!
  6. @@Tom Kellie - you have the uncanny ability to crack me up laughing. Reason is; we were on a safari in Botswana; a lovely couple who had been on many more safaris than I could imagine were our vehicle mates at a camp.They were from Australia.I started chatting about" this n that".....and he says, YOU are Graceland are you not? I was not ready to reveal my ST name until I had chatted him bit more.....then he says at lunch..... Graceland of Africa!! How astute you are!
  7. My husband and I listen to podcasts together when walking. This was recommended by the Wall Street Journal so we listened. I HAD no idea of this history; and you are right there are some very graphic points to it which really disheartened me. It needs to be a movie; several ST'ers could be extras! I don't have the right accent or I'd be in line....
  8. @@Lala, did you post a trip report on your Turkana bus revival? If so I missed it...and would love a link...or a report! I know Tamsin as well and saw you were putting a safari together with her. Would love to know more! Also where in VA are you, I live in the Northern Neck area on the Rappahannock...would love to get together and talk all things Africa! Sorry @@xelas for the hijack....but now you know I am still reading!! Yes TRs are an addiction if you are not actually in country yourself!
  9. What adorable cubs with their mum....sorry to hear of the ele incidents. I do remember a charge to our vehicle in 2012. Usually when we reverse and get the hell out, they stop but this one just kept coming and it was getting dark. I did not know enough to be truly frightened, but the look on our guides face was serious. We were really just passing by on the way back to camp, but they were not pleased we were there. This was the first day of our stay at LK and first day in Botswana. What a beginning. Did not get to see any cute cubs either. Looking forward to more!
  10. @wildog, I had read that. but of course if they come to you......out of curiosity. I saw a video this year where a family walked through a lodge, and were very attracted to a man wearing a black shirt. I am NOT wearing black, but the guide did say they were "most curious" of this man!" so Is there a trip report from your Uganda safari back then?
  11. What a lovely area. I need to get out and take pics as well...seeing ST'ers neighborhoods is a great way to see the world. We had some of your black swans in our backyard river (near Chesapeake Bay) this year. Quite a sight they were; so beautiful. They may have been lost...we don't really know. Never have been to Australia; as usual its on my list! I think there are several ST'ers I could visit Ha Ha. Thanks for sharing you day!
  12. @@gatoratlarge, terrific shots and so close up and personal. I can only hope I make it to them!! LOL.....and if so, perhaps one will honor me with a visit Thanks for going through your archives and sharing. Delightul
  13. @@TonyQ, thank you for the links. Some valuable information there,esp. on everyday products using PalmOil,not just Nutella (which I do not care for as well) Ingredients are either buried or such small type I cannot read them. The lists provided are a great resource to help with decisions in the products we purchase.
  14. ~ @@gatoratlarge Oh my goodness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's beyond all imagining! @@graceland must read what you've written and view your extraordinary photos. Truly one of the most astonishing safari stories I've read! Many, many THANKS for describing this to us! Tom K. Well @@Tom Kellie, you've done it now....get me all excited and hoping for the prospect of a young one climbing on to my lap; though I imagine back when @@gatoratlarge safaried in Virunga (25 years! ago-- he looks like a young teen) there were not as many rules as today! Though one never knows....they may be fascinated with a taped toe, or red lipstick and baseball cap. Thanks for sharing!
  15. @@twaffle, that is exactly what I mentioned to "Dr. Doogie Howser" (that is how I refer to these teenage docs I see - a tv show YEARS ago here in U.S. - he is now a mutil talented, movie, and broadway star, Neil Patrick Harris - I always remember him as Doogie) but he was 16! Just cut the damn thing off... Off course that is the cheap way for an ortho....they want me to keep coming back.=$$$.... However, I walk Ms. Graceland so much that the irritation and pain are now moot. I just want to break in my new KEEN Hiking shoes that the cute, hike master kid (good lord, everyone is younger than me) that sold them to me ~ saying "forget Merrells, these are it"...(they are rather comfy from the get go) I'll let you know. Yes, I get a bit OCD about my travels.. but not much else. Two months the foot will be ready to rock! or roll..... I stopped reading reviews of the Gorilla Trek ....scary. Sangeeta will pull me along, I am sure

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