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  1. I don't think its a generalisation really.. we all know that wealthy Americans and Europeans travel to Africa to participate in big game hunting. I'm sure people from other regions of the world do as well. I use the term 'western' when referring to those who would be unlikely to track down and kill a wild animal with nothing but a spear (and I mean spear, not crossbow), because one from such parts of the world are highly unlikely to have the skill of a native African when it comes to such an act. In that sense, the comment "Western shooters would not even get far with a spear" is more than appropriate. not that I would want to see them try as it would just result in even more pain for the animals involved.
  2. Excellent nyama - Crossbows have to be one of the cruelest ways to "hunt" any animal. What happens after they've shot an arrow in to an elephant and its standing there in agony? Do they just keep shooting more and more until it finally dies minutes later? Or do they move in with a knife? A shot to the head is one thing (thats if they dont miss) but bow and arrow is just something else of an utterly barbaric nature.
  3. How about 'hunters' go out 'hunting' without weapons - see how tough they are then. Western shooters would not even get far with a spear. To avoid sounding like a hypocrite.. I dont think its alright to kill domestic animals for our convenience (ie food we dont need), just like I dont think its alright to kill wild animals for "fun". If you eat cow, pig, lamb and chickens from intensive western 'farms' then spouting off about trophy hunting etc IS hypocritical, after all, trophy hunted animals suffer considerably less than a pig that has lived on a factory farm in a tiny cage breeding non stop for years. The word sport indicates that both sides have an even chance of winning. Taking a gun out to shoot an animal is not a sport. It is something some people to do to make themself feel, well, big - or something. I can't relate so really dont know what they feel when they fire a bullet into an innocent being whether that be a deer, a lion or an elephant bull. If the human species was ever endangered (unfortunately unlikely), would we be happy to commit a few individuals here and there to raise money for the conservation of the rest of us? I don't think so.
  4. I'm not hopeful they can recover either and it breaks my heart. What a tragedy for this earth. For ethical reasons I will probably never see a wild tiger, since you seem to have to be on an elephant to do it. People who ride on elephant back for tourism really have no idea of the torture that these elephants have gone through to be tamed after being snatched from the wild. Then the horrific conditions they are often kept in. Sorry, but I just cant understand how nature loving people can support the cruelty towards such a wonderful animal. It is rife in Thailand and other Asian countries and the lack of welfare is well known there. Not so much is said about the tourism and other domesticated elephants in India, but its a similar situation. Here is an example of "training" an elephant. It's very distressing but its the truth and people need to know this.
  5. I dont think those rates include anything. In my research I've found that if things are included they are noted on the site, after all why would they want to hide that from you. A simple email to them would confirm that. Keekorok in peak season 2009 is $440 per room excluding almost everything, food too I believe So it sounds very cheap on paper but I think I'd prefer another camp that costs more but includes everything.
  6. I've contacted around 20 camps in around the Mara. For some reason i have received 2 different replies from Keekorok from 2 different people. The first sent me a document saying its $350 per room, the second was $440 per room (not per person). I have asked why there is a discrepancy in price.
  7. Unless there's a toilet, I don't do that type of camping. If there were no need to attend nature's call, I'd be all for it Back to Keekorok. I've been on an email spree sending emails to many Mara camps and lodges asking for their 2009 prices. So far Keekorok are the only one that have quoted a price based on accomodation only. This prices apparently includes nothing else, not even food. So it sounds cheap, until you see the extras such as food, game drives etc etc. At least now I am getting a good idea on cost. I am finding that the camps that initially appear very expensive may not turn out to be so because they include so much in the price.
  8. Well now Im utterly confused Does someone want to make an intinerary for me?
  9. Yes but look at the 2009 rates $575 for a double room in peak season I assume this does not include game drives? I am so confused. Do i have to organise game drives seperately? That would end up costing a fortune wouldnt it? I'd want to be viewing animals all day!
  10. So the World Bank are still funding environmental atrocities? I remember reading something from them a while ago that indicated they would no longer do so... nice one
  11. I've read from alot of sources. Tripadvisor forums, various sites etc. Every one of them has said its in the prime location, perhaps they are wrong? location is noted here-
  12. Has anyone here stayed at Keekorok Lodge? My research tells me it is perfectly located for the migration. I am thinking of an August safari. How expensive is it? I am gathering its not your down to earth bush camp, it seems more upmarket than that. If its overly expensive, what other camps are in the vicinity of Keekorok?
  13. I don't think its caused by hunger, I think its caused by rich Chinese who have no regard whatsoever for life of any kind. If people in Africa were not hungry, elephant poaching would still go on. Yeah its the hungry Africans that are 'hired' (for a pittance) by the chinese but they are just pawns. When are they actually going to start going after the perpetrators and organisers who are the real poachers, and not the Africans actually doing the killing (in many cases). If its for the meat why are the bodies so often left behind with just the tusks removed? We have worldwide criminal bodies to investigate drug and other large crime rings, so when is animal and wildlife crime going to get the same attention. At this rate the 'chinese medicine' market and their other pathetic uses for the bodies of animals of all types are going to wipe this planet clean - they are simply a vacuum cleaner.
  14. I've always wanted to volunteer at CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund) but their fees are a bit steep for the average person. Shame really, as the people who sincerely want to help have lots of time and dedication to give, just not necessarily money. John - I'm like you Cant even kill an ant if found in my house, i scoop it up on a piece of paper and relocate outside. Same goes for spiders, moths, cockroaches etc
  15. Its about &*%#$@ time!! What about the fur on ebay? They have no interest in banning products that have been ripped from the back of a living creature in China?

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