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  1. Jochen, I just love all your photos! It's four years since I've been to the upper river. I've stayed at Nxamaseri many times and love the wonderful bird life and the days cruising up and down the river.
  2. I'm 100% with you Stokeygirl!
  3. Happy Christmas to you too, GW. I love the seasonal titfer! Jan
  4. I'm enjoying this, Jochen. It's fifteen years since I was in Namibia, and loved it then .Travelling on my own these days I'm not so adventurous. I shall be following your report closely. Jan
  5. I like the idea, especially as it is near to my own birthday, 30 October.
  6. Fruit Bats in a friends' garden in Maun.
  7. Just my favourite camp in Botswana!
  8. Some of us are already there But I have to admit that being a lousy photographer helps in that decision! Hear, hear, Sangeeta! I'm with you there. I have rather more past than future!
  9. You are great with a camera, twaffle. I always enjoy your photos.
  10. To read the full article click here. Sounds good to me.
  11. At Jack's in Botswana you always get a wake-up call with coffee or tea and biscuits.
  12. Sorry!!!!! I misread the post, I agree with Rainbirder, it is the Nubian Vulture.
  13. This thread shows images of three different species of vulture so I suppose he may be right, depending upon the image to which he refers! Not according to Sasol. I took the photo on the edge of the Makgadikgadi pans in Botswana, it is much bigger than the hooded vulture,also check the head. My guide has lived in the area all his life and knows his birds.

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