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  1. Literally and figuratively - we travel with a cheep plastic fly swatter which comes quite in handy!
  2. @Game Warden Matt, that's an interesting question. I had read last year that because some Masai were bringing cattle into the main section of the reserve that the lion prides were being displaced (i.e., the Marsh pride). I don't know if this is accurate and if so there is a cause and effect. My uneducated guess would be that there intuitively there could be some type of connection but then again, lions and wild dogs coexist in Kruger and other areas. Also, (again) my uneducated impression was that humans (not necessarily other top predators) were the main reason for the virtual eradication of wild dogs. I would think that reduced lion populations would more directly result in increased hyena populations.
  3. As an (irrelevant?) aside, I think that the drive up the escarpment edge from Arusha past Manyara to the crater is quite beautiful in it's own right.
  4. I agree with @Soukous that Tarangire is a bit of a must see. In some ways I enjoyed this park more than the Serengeti as it was far less congested.
  5. Not in the Triangle, a pack of nine dogs was seen in the central section of the Mara. I am encouraged as sightings seem to be a bit more frequent and this seems to be of an actual pack (as opposed to one or two individuals).
  6. There is a new hotel that is inside the JKIA security perimeter. This would an possible option if you are arriving later in the evening but you would still need to do the transfer to Wilson. Other options are Nairobi Tented Camp or Emakoko which are inside Nairobi National Park. This allows a more pleasant transfer between airports (as they are on opposite sides of the park).
  7. According to the below, some wildebeests and zebra have crossed into the Triangle...I wish that I was there to see it!
  8. The new site looks great and is easier to navigate. I particularly like the ability to select items that I've started, items that I've posted in or items that I follow. Thank you again Matt for being the brains and brawn behind Safaritalk.
  9. I never knew that wildebeast hibernate underground...
  10. Wow, mad about leopards! Posts 24 and 25 are some of the best leopard sequences I've seen!
  11. I'd personally like to know more about this relatively new Elephant Orphanage. Perhaps another reason to visit the Samburu/Shaba area. This intent of this thread seems to be a bit of a grudge match and not at all about the merits of elephant orphanages or a serious discussion of the necessity of culling elephant populations to prevent (in my opinion), human/wildlife conflict that could result in human death/injury/crop damage and retaliation against elephants and other resident wildlife.
  12. Thanks for posting..sounds like good news for Buffalo Springs and Shaba too. Although I feel like Shaba both suffers and benefits from a bit of benign neglect. It is such a beautiful, remote and tranquil location and I enjoyed the utter dearth of other visitors.
  13. I don't wish anybody ill but I guess this faslls under the categoties of occupational hazard/poetic justice.
  14. I'll just envision that it was a jackal!
  15. Any idea what made the tracks on the beach (jackel)?

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