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  1. There's also an FAQ that you might want to browse through and if you have any other questions please shout.
  2. Spent 2 months in Zim last summer - literally spent weeks in Hwange - loads of ele and even Sinematella is getting a facelift. Top end camps getting very expensive though so we stayed at NP campsites/chalets. Not going back till Xmas this year though so all the game will be deep in the bush - will be nice to get out and about though. Nice to "see" you about though!
  3. Want to buy a 4x4 in Africa? Take a look here: http://www.africa4x4cafe.com It's my site but i don't own the vehicles.
  4. Hi Sorry guys but the rules for TRNs have changed: Please see this: http://www.africa4x4cafe.com/docs/trn.jpg So now it can be a hit but usually a miss trying to get a TRN depending on which office you try - I do have a contact in JHB though that seems to be getting vehicles registered in foreigners names.
  5. Robbie! Where ya been?!!! Repeat TIP #1 and TIP #2 and TIP #3 (never drive with an arrogant guide) until the problem goes away.
  6. For most mobiles using a '+' in front of the country code will allow you to connect Call the AA? Inside a national park? Good luck with that outside of SA... You're more likely to get help from the Game Rangers - if you're lucky they'll tow you back to their workshops.
  7. I've been helping people set up self-drive safaris for the past 5 years and I drove safari vehicles in Zimbabwe from 91-95, then in Kenya from 04-08. Consistently Southern African safari vehicles were SIII, Defender, 110 etc safari conversions...life was tough for these vehicles and all had problems. Kenya, East Africa we used LCs - no problems. Older LRs can usually be fixed in the bush - in a day or two - however modern Landy's often need parts from a main dealer requiring more time and expense. TIP #2. Drive a cruiser.
  8. Thanks Tom. I'm sorry but I haven't updated that site for a while however there is plenty of info in my Africa 4x4 Cafe FAQ: http://www.africa4x4cafe.com/htm/africa_4x4_cafe_faq.htm I try to keep this up to date and will update it soon with all the latest Zim info. Enzo
  9. Sitting in Java, in Jomo Kenyatta, UK bound after 6 weeks in Zim/SA on a family bereavement. Managed to visit the falls, sinematella, masuma and mandavu as well as Bulawayo and the surrounds however the majority of our time was bound up with family business. Back to work soon but if anyone has any specific questions I'll try and get back on them ASAP.
  10. Hi Done a few self drives: 2001, Zimbabwe - Hwange NP 2003, Zimbabwe - Matopos NP 2004, imbabwe - Victoria Falls 2004/5, South Africa to Kenya Overland 2005, Kenya - 3 lakes Kenya - Mt Kenya - No report Kenya - Archer's Post 2005, Kenya - Maasai Mara Kenya - Lake Naivasha - No report Kenya - Aberdares NP - No report Kenya - Amboseli NP - No reoort Kenya - Nanyuki - No report Kenya to Zimbabwe - No report 2006/7, Zimbabwe to Kenya via Malawi 2007/8, Kenya to SA via Ngorongoro & Zanzibar 2008, Zimbabwe - Vic Falls & Chobe ​Plus lots of other buggering about in Zimbabwe since then inc. Binga, Hwange, Matobo etc! Some of the data is very historic and record of my logistics a bit sparse but if anyone has any questions, please fire away. enzo
  11. There's a UK reg Disco 1 available in CT/SA from July 14th. It's on a UK carnet and comes with all sorts of overland kit...anyone interested in driving it back to the UK? http://www.africa4x4cafe.com/htm/africa_4x4_cafe_sale.htm#LR_Dotes
  12. Didn't have time to read every previous post however... Used to be loads in the Gwayi Valley / Hwange National Park area - Check with Greg Rasmussen (http://beccicrowe.com/tag/adventure/) http://www.painteddog.org/ So check out The Hide etc.
  13. Trophy hunters: you're right...I was just making a general comment re: some earlier posts. As to your Idi comment - I thought you were foretelling doom for Zim rather than reporting an old'ish good news story....unless there's something I've missed? My apologies for the misinterpretation of your comments. Cheers

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