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  1. Thanks for your welcoming takes us newbies a little while to jump in on this revered site! We have been to Africa 5 times..Kenya, Tanzania 2x including Ruaha and Selous, Zinbabwe 2x, Caprivi Strip, Botswana, and Uganda. In 2018, I would like to go to 3 parks in Zambia, SLN, Kafue and Lower Zimbabwe, but am having trouble in choosing where to go and how to arrange it all. Have looked at quite a few tour operators, both in the US, UK, and in Zambia. Both Expert Africa and Travel Beyond appeal because they are so helpful on this site. Would like to spend about 2 weeks, do not plan any time at Vic Falls, as have been there 2x. Would like small, comfortable camps, not anything fancy. Would like different experiences, and environments. Ones that appeal to me are, in no particular order, Kaingo(for the hides), Lion, Nzanzhila, Mawamba, Luangwa River, Old Mondoro, KaingU, Kafue River Lodge, Zikombo. Would love any suggestions, recommendations etc. Best regards, Ginny
  2. This is a fascinating report. I am new to Safaritalk and am finding it both interesting and informative. We are planning a trip to Zambia in 2018, and the information about the different camps is very helpful. Thank you for sharing this report.
  3. Geoff In the midst of planning a trip for next year and this report is very helpful. Your photos are amazing! Many thanks, New member.... Ginny

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