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  1. janzin. I dont think you have to stop your canoe trip in Zambezi. I went with a small boat very close to hippos in Zambezi and that was no problem at all. Its only in very smal rivers (less than 20 meters) the hippos are afraid and can do harm. Going with canoe in the small rivers of Botswana and Zambia is extremely nice.
  2. A hippo didn´t want to let us pass with our canoe in Okavango. It attacked the canoe so we where very close to fell of. I was less than a meter from a gigantic hippohead. My heart was pumping 160 t/s but i took upp my camera to film the next attack. The hippo never let us pass so after a while we had to take the canoe out of water away from our camp. That was the only time I was "a little" afraid. Lions, hyenas, honeybadgers outside the tent didn´t scare me because our guide from Botswana told me that if I am quiet it will not bee any problem an I trusted that guide 100%
  3. Yes it,s contradictory but I cant go before 10 oktober so I try to choose the best weeks. The rain starts in November but I think its very little and not every year so thats not the bigest problem. If its not moore crowded in oktober than in december maybee I choose that month.
  4. I am trying to decide witch month is best för Namibia and primary Etosha. I am thinking about better wildlifephoto, fewer tourist, nicer wheater and so on. What do you prefer? What is better in november and what is worse? Or is it more or less the same? Patrik/planning one month in Namibia next year.

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