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  1. Thanks for all the insight everyone! We ended up deciding on 6 nights in Ikuka. They both sound like phenomenal camps so if I ever get the opportunity to go back. perhaps I'll give Mwagusi a try. I did have another question as far as Tanzanian safaris go. I am super interested in going to Mahale National Park but don't think it is quite within the budget at this point with the two available camps I am seeing (Kugwe Beach, and Greystroke Mahale) However, I've heard that there was, at least at one point, another camp under Flycatchers ownership that is a little more affordable. Does anyone know if this camp is still there?
  2. Thanks for the insight everyone! It sounds like I really can't go wrong with either camp. I am well aware of the November head but luckily (or unluckily) for me, I am somewhat used to it. I live in Texas in the United states so have had nothing but 100+ degree days for the past month. I think I've been getting hung up on the fact that at Mwagusi, you have the opportunity to have animals right in your camp area which sounds super cool especially for someone who has never been on safari. But from the sounds of what has been said, it seems like I will get a similar animal viewing experience at either camp.
  3. Hello Everyone! This is my first post in preparation for my first safari. I have done quite extensive research with the help of this forum and other websites and have narrowed my camp choice down to two, both in Ruaha. Although I was leaning towards the Mara/Serengeti originally, I ultimately decided on Ruaha based on the incredible reviews, low vehicle traffic, and animals. All that said, I have narrowed my decision down to either Ikuka Safari Camp or Mwagus camp. This will be for a total of 5 nights in early November. I am torn between the two so was hoping for some advice/suggestions as far as animals go. I know that Ikuka is more upscale and that does not necessarily matter to me, nor is it influencing my decision. Being my first safari, number one on my list is the amount and types of animals I will see. From everything I have read, both camps have great guiding and are in prime locations in the Ruaha. However, It is my understanding that Mwagusi is next to the Mwagusi river which tends to draw a significant number of animals in the dry season. Should this be a big deciding factor as to which camp to go to? The fact that more animals will be close by, that they may walk right through my camp, or be able to view them from my tent? I know that Ikuka has incredible views and that game drives for both camps are in the same general area, but I'm slightly concerned that I may not see the same abundance of game. is this an accurate assumption? any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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