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  1. @wilddog Ah, then we may be ships in the night—we arrive in the Mara on 10 after a week of gorillas and chimps.
  2. @AmyT yeah, we learned the hard way last winter for this June :-/
  3. We are doing bears in 2019 for my husband’s big birthday. If you want them in AK, you need to book early!!
  4. We ended up going with Gamewatchers, too—late September and October! Would be interested in knowing if we will cross paths ;-)
  5. Thanks so much, @ExtraordinaryAlex. We ultimately chose Five Volcanoes so I appreciate the additional confidence. Deposit made, so here's hoping all the input from so many on here will lead to an incredible trip!
  6. Thanks @amybatt and @lmonmm and @Tulips I really appreciate your feedback and guidance--I'm on it!
  7. We can't go because they don't allow children and Winslow will be 3.5. He's a great traveller, he's been on safari, he knows the drill, so I am kind of tempted to ask for an exception; but I understand why there are rules and I guess that is just life. That said, it *is* super disappointing. The $4K is the difference between the place they have us now (Mountain gorilla View Lodge) and their other recommendation (Silverback lodge). I just don't know if I can justify what will end up being $10k once he permits are added for two nights when we probably won't be in the room much. At the same time, this is Jeff's big event, so I want him to be comfortable and well-rested and he is a really (really!) picky sleeper.
  8. Wow. So, that sounds terrible. I have sent an email about Da Vinci Lodge. I'm really disappointed they are so not great.
  9. Greetings, After such incredible feedback, I have found an itinerary that is, hopefully, something that will be great. Thank you! Based on the guidance received here, we are going to gorilla trek in Rwanda so the question is: where to stay. The plan is to arrive in Rwanda and sleep downtown since our plane is too late to get us to the lodge. We will head to the lodge the next day, sleep. Next morning is our gorilla trek, sleep. Following morning we head out. So: our initial estimate was for Virunga Lodge--but our son can't come. So the operator gave us two options: Mountain Gorilla View Lodge and Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge which will raise the cost by $4k. I'm leaning toward the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge because we are going for gorillas and not the lodge; however, a moldy mattress as described somewhere on the forum is a nogo. Please let me know your thoughts since I need to the let the operator know what to pick: is Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge worth the cost? Is there a better option than the two listed here? Thank you so much. P.S.: I cannot thank everyone enough for making me chop chop and, for those keeping score, we DID find two nights at Giraffe Manor for the five of us! Woot! My mom is so happy :-)
  10. Man, if there is one thing this thread has taught me it is how ahead of the game you have to be! I had no idea people booked so far out! Glad you are going where you want to go, even if you're not staying in your dream location.
  11. Well, the "Jock" isn't available, but Karen was so we took it and a regular room and now I need to pull myself together for late September/Oct to see what we can accomplish in 2018. Thank you to all. I will read, review, and learn from what you have shared so I can create something that makes my family is happy AND is deemed wise by such thoughtful counsel provided here. I am grateful to everyone who has helped so far. Sincerely, Michelle
  12. Alas, for my mother it is the Manor or bust. My husband and son and I may end up going to Uganda and saving the rest for 2019 . . .
  13. Thanks so much for all the information provided! Since I can't get the Giraffe Manor for the dates we wanted, we are going to regroup to do it in 2019 and, by then, I hope to have a better plan. I appreciate all your guidance and advice! Michelle
  14. Yes, the places we have do allow children, but I know to check. That is always the case which is why we call him Dead Weight during planning stages 🙊. Thank you!
  15. Zanzibar is a sentimental stop in large part due to family imagination/history and not for the destination itself, per se. For comparison, we once spent a miserable day in Galveston because it was an absolute on my mom's list ;-) I guess there are just some inexplicables. I do appreciate the insight, though, and I'm definitely going to let everyone know! Thank you.

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