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  1. @Game WardenYes, Leopards mostly descend trees head first 😃
  2. @Game WardenNgorongoro Crater Tanzania great place to see Spotted Hyenas hunting
  3. Hi SafariTalk! Monday again so here is a new Memory. This weeks picture is from 2015 and a nice gamedrive in Seronera Serengeti when I got surrounded by 26 Lions. I got it on Video as well, if somebody is interested. Have a great week! /SAFARILEGEND
  4. @Marks might post later...
  5. HUNGRY CROC Monday again so here is another Safari-memory, this happened in Botswana October 2010. Early morning Chobe River Photo Safari with private guests in small boat focusing mainly on Birding. After 15min up close to a couple of Saddle-Billed Storks so good start, then just behind them we spotted about 10 Wild Dogs finishing off a Kudu on the beach. Great sighting and no other boats or vehicles around, my guests very pleased. Then this big Croc surfaced next to our boat, crawled up on the beach and headed in direction of the kill. The Wild Dogs not happy and tried to scare off the intruder. The Croc very focused succeeded its mission then crawled back toward us with part of the kill. The Croc seemed very content. I got some good pictures and the whole sequence on Video as well and so far its Nr.4 of my Top10 Croc-sightings. That was a nice morning for Birding Have a nice week! /SAFARILEGEND
  6. @CaroleE nice pictures and yes, South Luangwa + Lower Zambezi very good
  7. @Lyss Yes we were lucky they decided all to show up in one open spot just by us
  8. @busyliz Nice sightings
  9. @busyliz nice pictures and report. Le Mirage is a cool place
  10. @Antee Nice sightings and pictures
  11. @janzin Good pictures! I used to live in Mara, so many nice places to visit
  12. @wilddog ok great and thanks for info! I will keep posting under this section I got so much material it´s crazy... and will hopefully start posting videos in future.
  13. @Antee sorry if I posted not correct, please let me know where I should have post? Im trying to learn SafariTalk and thought this was Ok to post here under this subforum for Safari Guides to share their stories, encounters and anecdotes.
  14. @Atravelynn yes you are right
  15. @Game Warden ok and thanks for info
  16. Hi SafariTalk! Monday again and as promised here is a new Post for this week. A nice memory from Chobe Botswana 2008. All the best! /SAFARILEGEND
  17. @Jochen Good job and thanks for interesting report
  18. Hi SafariTalk! My first Post here (sorry if there is a Topic about Lion vs. Rhino already). Been guiding 20 years in +10 countries and happy to share memories/photos. Rare sighting couple of years ago when I got good pictures of young male Lion hunting a Rhino in SA next to us. Lion not even close to succeed but great sighting for my guests. Would be great to see more pictures Lions vs Rhino... All the best! /Johan
  19. @Peter Connan Very nice!
  20. @ice Good sighting...
  21. @COSMIC RHINO Nice one, yeah, sometimes it all happens too fast for photo.
  22. @wilddog Last year I was interviewed on ZBC about future tourism in ZIM. Lots of projects many places, different aspects and will be interesting to see what actually happens.
  23. @Game Warden Yes, sometimes you get lucky
  24. @game warden Yes, saw the whole encounter. The Rhino didnt face the lion down and took off very quick, thick bush around so maybe thought more Lions around, better safe than sorry. The chase only couple of seconds before Lion gave up and Rhino disappeared in the bush. But all happened in front of us, so great sighting.

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