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  1. I said, I would recomend staying in the park or an adjoining reserve, but if you find an accomodation outside, which suits much better to you, than those in the park, it still might be an option. You will see great animals also during daytime.
  2. Totally agree. If you stay in the park, you can spot wildlife even during sunset. Either just before arriving to your camp or directly from the camp. Dusk and dawn are usually the best times for spotting predators.
  3. Regarding the camps in Kruger: I think Lower Sabie is very nice. Satara has probably the most lions. Skukuza is the biggest, almost like a little town, but I think it is nicely situated. I also liked Punda Maria in the North. I think the Kruger stuff managed, that you can feel the wilderness in all main camps of the park despite the tourist infrastructure. There are also smaller Camps besides the main camps. But you will have to bring your own food there. You can check the prices online. See link above.
  4. I think Etosha(Namibia) from Windhoek airport is a very similar trip, but presumably a bit more expensive.
  5. If you want to visit kruger, you hire a car at Johannesburg airport. Jump in and off you go. Make sure you arrive in the morning or at noon. Don´t drive a t night. You don´t need a 4x4 for Kruger. Than it is 400 km (ca. 5 hours) on a highway-like road. You don´t have to drive through Johannesburg or any larger town. Optimally you reach the park before sunset. Normally they will close the gate by sunset, but if you have a booking receipt for one of the camps, they will let you in. You have to go straight to your camp than. Normally you have to be in the camp before sunset, otherwise you are fined. Actually the google car drove the complete way from Joburg airport to Kruger. So you can practice the important parts beforehand on the PC. So you won´t get lost. But in addition buy a goodd road map and you can hire a navi (don´t know the english word) with the car. Here you can book the camps online: You can buy a detaild map of Kruger at the gate and drive wherever you want. The south has more animals, the north is more quiet. I think in the south you will see lions (the most wanted animals usually) every 2 days on average, depending how much time you spend driving and how much ground you cover. But often you will have 10 or more cars arround the lions in the peak season. Elefants, giraffe, zebra, antelope ect you will always see plenty. Addo NP should be also nice, but I think it wont be the typical Africa. The climate is more mediterranean, the landscape not the typical savanna. But there are elephants and most other iconic African animals and recently they also introduced lions. cheers
  6. Wich one is the best? Big Bend?
  7. :-) I did book a campsite within one of the camps. i just did not set up a tent and slept in the car:-)
  8. Agree
  9. thank you greynomad. Well, wallbies are a complex field:-) but I like the Name "swampies". Hope to see Australia also at one time in my life.
  10. Thanks greynomad. But I am not so sure. The (pretty-faced) guy, I copied in below, looks quite different. I am wondering if they are swamp wallabies (copied them in again). That one having the shower might be in fact a black-striped Wallaby.. ?. Where were the photos actually taken?
  11. Hello,

    you posted a little wallaby recently in the topic

    What wildlife is in your Woods / Backyard?


    Do you know what species it is?

    Black-footed rock wallaby (Petrogale lateralis)?


    Thank you very much,



  12. well I am too busy... sounds better:-)
  13. What species is it? I am too lazy to look it up and I do not know by my head.
  14. Just be carefull with the elephants when driving Are there actually fences arround the camps in Etosha?
  15. I can not compare Etosha and Selous directly... ..but I have experience in self drive destinations (Kruger, Tuli Block, Botswana) and a place in East Africa, where you are usually guided (Masai Mara). And I would in every case prefer self drive! For me, it is a much nicer experience to see the animals on my own and it is a lot of fun to drive. Normally it is also much cheaper. In terms of animals, I think both parks have the most iconic African animals. Although there are no buffaloes in Etosha and I think, it is hard to see rhinos in Selous (if there are any). Big preadators (especially lions) should easily be spotted in both places. The landscape is of course also very different. Etosha is rather semi desert, whereas Selous is a typical grassland-tree savanna.

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