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  1. I'm going to the Northern Serengeti - Mara area in Late September. Do you think the migration will still be happening then?
  2. I just bought the Peak Design Sling. It seems really good. Eventually, there will be a problem as neither my tripod or monopod use an Area connector. I'm not taking either, so it doesn't matter. I'll be able to keep one of the camera at my side like a sling. It will be definite improvement over the straps which come with the camera.
  3. I'm around 5 weeks from my Tanzania adventure. I am fairly certain I will always be in a vehicle with a pop-top. I will be actively shooting with a Canon 70D & 80D, a Sigma 150-600 & a Sigma 18-300. I have a bean bag. I will also have a pair of binoculars around my neck. I generally keep my camera slung over my shoulder and only put it around my neck when shooting. I do not want my camera sliding off my shoulder. I may have a shirt with epaulets. I doubt the larger lens will ever be hung from my neck, as it would be too heavy. It will be supported on a bean bag and still slung over my neck. I'd hate to accidentally send it over the side of the car. Here's the question: It seems that I will have a lot on my neck and it may become uncomfortable over time. However, I think it is a necessity. Does anyone use a different type of camera harness or holster or strap, which may be useful. What do all of you do with that much equipment? Thanks Steven
  4. Are you suggesting that I use the cloth to drape over the camera, or just to wipe it off ?
  5. I took a look at the Peak Design strap. It looks great. It is similar to the Black rapid, but doesn't attach at the bottom.
  6. I bought a plastic covering which is designed to go over the camera and you put your hand up through the back. They come 2 for $5. It is flimsy and I originally bought them for using in a light rain. I assume it would serve the same purpose as a dust barrier.
  7. I will be buying a bean bag for my Mid-September Tanzania safari. Most of the vehicles have them, but I do not want to take a chance. I will be shooting with a Canon 80D and a Sigma 150-600 (c) lens. I'm not sure about how small of a bag I can get away with. The Vest man has a Mini which looks like it might be good. I've seen hundreds of photos of photographers using bean bags. Doesn't laying the barrel of the lens on the bag inhibit the use of the focusing ring? Doesn't it also inhibit zooming? If I'm right, than the solution is to place the lens bracket on the bean bag, which would leave the barrel off the bag. Does that suggest using a smaller bag?
  8. The video prepared by Andy Biggs was exactly what I wanted to see. Answered my question perfectly. He has good info on his site. Thanks for the link.
  9. Thanks for your responses. I will be shooting from a pop-top. I think I'll bring one small to medium bag. I'm looking at Kinises, Tamrac Sabi Gura or the Vest Man. I also like something called "the Grizzly." The medium looks good to me. It looks like my theory that the bean bag could affect focus and zoom, was correct. I'm surprised I've never seen or heard anything else about it. Since deciding to go on Safari I've watched dozens of videos and read blog after blog.
  10. I will be going to Tanzania for a week in mid-September. I am really psyched about my first safari. I have a Canon 70D and will be buying a new 80D. I have a Sigma 15-600 and a Sigma 18-300. I think I am pretty well covered there. I will also bring a bunch of 64Gb and/or 32Gb cards. I do not know what to do about backup. I have read countless posts about the need to back-up each day. However, with the weight restrictions I am concerned about keeping my stuff limited. I will carry a small duffle for clothes and sundries and a backpack for the photo gear and electric stuff. I do not own and will not bring a laptop. So, what do I use for backup? I need something reliable and I need to know the backup is complete. Without connecting to a laptop, how can I be sure? I see a Canon wireless backup which can also be used for connecting to hdmi for viewing. It is around $250 and I can get it in a package with my 80D. It weighs over a pound, so that is adding to the weight. I am so concerned about the 33 pound weight limit (I'll be taking 3 bush flights during my trip) that I am leaving my Sigma 10-20 (great for wide shots at the crater and night sky shots), and a small tabletop tripod (again for right sky shots) at home. I'd love to bring them, but I am paranoid about any hassles with weight. I may go over the 33 pounds by a few, so I do not want to be put in an uncomfortable situation. Any suggestions for backup equipment and a good backup protocol? Thanks - Steven
  11. That was very well done. Great job.
  12. I bought the WD Wireless Pro and returned it the next day. I found it, and most importantly the software, to be very clunky. It was hard to set up and I had trouble finding the drive on my computer. I am going to get the Canon Connection Station which will come as a $100 add on when I buy the 80D. It will show RAW files and I had the instruction manual and it seems to be less complicated.
  13. I bought a 2T Western Digital Passport Pro, which will backup my cards while in Africa. Seems to be the best solution. Gonna test it out within the next few days. Thanks for everyone's help.
  14. Thanks for the advice. I'm staying with the 80D, because I have the 70D as the other camera and I really like it. The 80D has a number of improvements. Even if I get a camera with two card slots, which would serve as a good automatic backup, it would still leave images from my other camera to figure out something else. Yes, obviously the backup in the field is a protection against loss of the images, more than anything else. Still a worthwhile endeavor. I am looking at a Western Digital 2T wireless drive, which may very well serve the purpose. I want to take the 10-20. Given the crop differential it is a 16 to 32. My 18-300 starts at 27. So, I am missing from 16 to 27 if I do not take the wide Sigma. I doubt the difference is that dramatic; however, I do think it would be worthwhile in the Crater and for night sky. I'll see how everything fits together in a new backpack and then look at the duffel and clothing/sundries bag. I may be a few pounds over, but I've heard from a number of people that Coastal Airlines is not too crazy if you're only a few pounds over, and they are friendly and understanding towards photographers. I could always keep a lens or the drive in a pocket and enter the plane with one of the cameras slung around my neck. Planning for this trip is a bit more complicated than going to Vegas for a week. ;-)
  15. I've used OFF - Deep Woods or something like that,, for years when I go golfing. It has deep, so i know I can handle that. Only question for any of this is putting it in checked luggage. I'll look for the roll-on you mentioned. thanks.
  16. I'm not taking anything large enough to be checked. My duffel is carry on, as is my backpack with my photo equipment.
  17. I just got back from a camera store where I looked at some options. Taking a lap top is not an option. I do not like lap tops and have no general use for them. The WD Wireless and the Canon Connect are probably the way I'll go. I'm going to trust that I have the shot when i look on the camera - when I zoom in I have a good idea.
  18. I was wondering about repellant as well. I'm going to Tanzania in Mid-September. My two night at the crater ought to be OK, because it is high altitude. Lake mantra and the Northern Serengeti may be a problem. My question is were or not you can buy that stuff in Tanzania. The bottles of the good stuff, or the sprays, seem to be larger than TSA will allow in carry on baggage (I only have carry on) and I'd hate to buy it and have it confiscated at the airport.
  19. I am going on a Tanzania Safari in mid-September. I have asked the following question of a number of people and always get the same answer (makes sense.) However, wrapping something around my mind and my gut are two different things. Here we go! Why don't the animals - particularly big cats - jump into/onto the game vehicles? The answer I get is that the animals see the vehicles as a big nondescript rock or something - that they are used to looking at/for animals on all fours moving fast. While this makes some sense, I cannot get past a few questions. How about smell? Don't they smell all of those humans? How about small movements, don't they see movements from the vehicles? I've seen countless photos of cheetahs on game vehicles. Yes, I know they like to be up high to look for prey. However, in a few I've seen them jump into the vehicle. In one, a cheetah almost sat on the lap of a man in the back seat. How is it explained that the cheetah doesn't lash out when it realizes it is up agains another mammal? So, it is simply the easy answer that they aren't interested? What do you do if a big cat jumps on the vehicle and is interested? BTW: Despite my questions I can't wait until I get to experience all this first hand.
  20. Thanks or all of the answers. I'm not worried about my trip - just curious. That is why I'm here at this site, 2 1/2 months before I go. You should Google a video - maybe it was a set of stills - of a cheetah who climbed into the backseat of a game vehicle and stared at a very frightened man, from about one foot away. The man later said he thought the cheetah was going to sit in his lap. Try a search of "cheetah - safari vehicle - backseat - that ought to do it, I think. I know I'll be in good hands if I simply listen to my guides as to what is appropriate. If you come to NYC, I hope you'll listen to me as to where to go and where not to go. Thanks to all who contributed in this thread.
  21. That is very reassuring. I'm counting the days.
  22. I wouldn't want to bring that much. I want to keep the weight down and bring a few different lenses. I think I'll find a good solution. Its a question of cost also. Thanks for your help. Steven
  23. Thanks for the welcome.
  24. Thanks. That looks interesting. It has a capacity of 125Gb. I'm not at all sure how many shots/videos I'll take. However, I think that may be a bit small for me. There is more out there than I thought. Steven
  25. 2 1/2 months until my first Safari. September 18. Booked it a month ago and was thinking about it and researching it for a month before that. Going to Tanzania. Two nights at Lemala Ngorongoro Camp on private safari. Game drive in Lake Manyara along the way. Coastal Aviation flights once in Tanzania. 3 mights in Northern Serengeti at Lemala Serengeti tented camp on group safari. Will be there for the Great Migration. Seems short, but there will be plenty of Game Drives and photo ops, I'm sure. Can't swing a longer one. Add the day on each end for travel and and extra day I'll spend in Amsterdam and it becomes a 10 vacation. I'm really psyched. Very glad I found this site.

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