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  1. Tomorrow's the day.
  2. Leaving on Sunday. 3 more days.
  3. Thanks. I knew there was a reasonable explanation for that third prong.
  4. I'll be staying in Lemala Ngorongoro an Lemala Mara. I expect the great migration to be going pretty strong while I'm in the Northern Serengeti.
  5. 9 days until I leave for Tanzania. Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Northern Serengeti, then Amsterdam for a day of rest and whatever until I return to NYC. Becoming more excited each day.
  6. I'm going to Tanzania in 9 days. I bought a Conair Travel Smart adapter. You can plug in two chargers and a USB at the same time. It seems odd that one of the three prongs for use in GB and Africa has a plastic prong. I'm not sure what function that would serve. I'll report back as to how well this worked for me.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I'll have to see how much all my study weighs, and how well it all fits into my new backpack. I looked at You Tube and found several very informative videos on filters. I think I'll put them on my list as something I could leave behind if needed. It may be too much trouble changing them on safari and I'm likely to get very little use out of them anyway. Thanks.
  8. Two weeks from today I'm on my way to Tanzania, ending up in the Northern Serengeti. I think I've got my camera equipment covered. Two bodies - Canon 70D & 80D - 3 lenses - extra cards - remote trigger - mounting mic, etc. Going to put it all in my new Incase backpack and see how much the whole thing weighs. I'm wondering about polarizing filters. I always have a UV-Skylight filter on, primarily for protection. I occasionally use polarizing filters, when there is much glare or a fantastic sky I'd like to enhance. I think I would have a problem with the filters as my three zoom lenses - Sigma 10-20, Sigma 18-300, Sigma 150-600 all use lens hoods which make it difficult to turn the filter. It may be too much trouble to have to fiddle with it while on site. On the other hand, I imagine some of the landscapes I'll see will be incredible and perhaps worthy of a filter. Any thoughts on this?
  9. I am going on Safari to Tanzania on 9/18. Over the past 4 months I have looked at countless web sites of tour operators and camp lodges. I've seen dozens upon dozens of videos. When I get back I will hopefully produce a masterpiece of stills and videos. There is one video I am trying to find and I don't remember where I saw it. I've been searching high and low for days. Perhaps you've seen it. I think it was for a camp or lodge, rather than a tour operator; however, I cannot be 100% sure. It was beautifully produced and the background music is what got to me the most. It starts out with a really lovely chorus of voices, very sweet and hypnotic. Then, at some point the drums come in - great rhythm and driving beat. It closes on the voices. There is really good video of the game and the stills are presented in rapid fire synched to the drum beat. I'm looking for it again as it will be a model of what I'd like to do. Anyone have any idea what I'm looking for? Thanks. Steven
  10. I checked them out. They are very informative. Worth the time to view them.
  11. I am one month away from my Tanzania Safari, booked three months ago. Lake Manyara - Ngorongoro Crater - Northern Serengeti. I am really psyched. Got just about all off my camera equipment together - will have to weigh it. Still ordering some safari appropriate clothing. Getting my vaccinations next week. I just got an email from Yellow Zebra Safari - the tour outfit which put together my trip. It was a photo of a lion and it said KEEP CALM! Your Safari is One Month Away. I'm trying my best to relax. Steven
  12. I'm going to the Northern Serengeti - Mara area in Late September. Do you think the migration will still be happening then?
  13. I just bought the Peak Design Sling. It seems really good. Eventually, there will be a problem as neither my tripod or monopod use an Area connector. I'm not taking either, so it doesn't matter. I'll be able to keep one of the camera at my side like a sling. It will be definite improvement over the straps which come with the camera.
  14. Are you suggesting that I use the cloth to drape over the camera, or just to wipe it off ?
  15. I took a look at the Peak Design strap. It looks great. It is similar to the Black rapid, but doesn't attach at the bottom.

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