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  1. Excellent advice re Nkwali, thanks! Yes, as we are trying to stretch our budget we decided on RP for 7 nights for the 10% discount & looked at 10 nights but it was only 15% not 25%? ....also decided we should see a few different areas. Chongwe River camp had a 'stay 4 pay 3' deal. We also looked at Norman Carr bush camps but as Garry is a keen photographer he did not like the idea of breakfast before leaving on game-drives as that would mean missing the early morning light ...way more interested in photos than food
  2. Thanks Geoff for your great report! We are looking at spending 10-14 days in SLNP & LZ Sept 2018 & so far have shortlisted our many camps to either: Robin Pope with 3 nights Nkwali, 2 nights Tena Tena, 2 nights Nsefu, 3 nights Lion Camp, 4 nights Chongwe River camp Shenton Safaris with 5 nights Kaingo Camp, 5 nights Mwamba Camp, 4 nights Baines River Camp Would love to hear any advice you may have, especially after you have been to Nsefu Cheers, G&G

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