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  1. Just a few places remaining on this small group tour to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for September 2018. The Orphan Trail Safari includes a Private Visit to the Nairobi based orphanage and staying at both Ithumba & Umani Springs reintegration units. A unique opportunity for elephant lovers to combine interests and experience close encounters with the orphans, ex-orphans & wild elephants herds. 8-nights all-inclusive from $4795pp. Further safari extensions to Kenyas National Parks also available. If anyone is interested please email direct at (see below) asap as space is limited. More tour dates to follow for 2018 and 2019. Don't miss out get in touch.
  2. I have a few places available on a specialised escorted small group 8-night all-inclusive Safari to the DSWTs Ithumba Hill Camp & Umani Springs, Kenya 7-16th September 2018, allowing singles, couples & friends to combine interests staying in the private camps at the re-integration units. Price from $4675pp email for full itinerary.
  3. Hi @amybatt I think I was introduced to you a while ago by a mutual friend and it might be my itinerary you're thinking of. My small group tours are purely based on visiting the DSWT re-integration units & primarily spending time with the elephants, they are a specialized safari. Ithumba is in a wild, remote part of the northern territory of Tsavo East where general tourists/game drives are not permitted unless staying at Ithumba. Large game is not in abundance in this area, except elephants of course, and what game there is are usually hard to find. Game walking is permitted as long as a KWS warden accompanies and there is Ithumba Hill to conquer. To be honest there is not much time spent waiting around as you are in the company of the orphans & wild elephants 3 times a day and in between there are meals, good conversation, sun-downers, amazing star-gazing and just soaking up the magical remoteness of this wilderness. Umani Springs is tranquil & lush, there are forest walks, bird-watching & butterflies, picnics in the Chyula Hills if you have enough time,and of course the orphans to visit 3 times a day. The forest is dense so not really suitable for game drives, there is game around but very shy. For elephant lovers, the camps are elephant heaven and safari extensions to explore the surrounding areas or beyond can always be tagged on at the end.
  4. @SafariChick yes there are just so many places to see & experience, but for me Ithumba is 'the one' very special, magical place. @dlo I have messaged you
  5. I know this question has come up previously, so if anyone, as a supporter/foster-parent, wishes to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and stay in their private camps at the reintegration units but are single or couples and would prefer to travel in a small group to share costs etc then maybe I can help. I have been a Volunteer with the DSWT in the UK for many years, I'm passionate about elephants & wildlife conservation, and have visited many times (I am not a business or tour operator). I have created a database & have been putting small groups tours of like minded people from around the world together. I understand the logistics of all the arrangements necessary. If you need advice, or further information etc message me with your email and I will be happy to send you my information fact sheet.

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