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  1. Thanks LarsS for your post. Unfortunately or may be luckily the fog was real !!! The first day fog and low clouds prevent us from seeing the sunrise at Deadvlei. They disappeared when the sun was already "high". Anyway the second day was OK even if we chose to skip the Deadvlei and go for the Hidden Vlei, in my opinion an hidden gem.
  2. Hi to everybody. After having read so many post and trip reports about Namibia (in primis the ones of “Xelas the great”) I would like to share with other members my experience and give my small contribution. First of all sorry for my English which is not my mother language. I just studied it at school many many years ago, but I’ll do my best. We had a long time to spent in Namibia and, since generally we don’t come back in the countries we already visited (but some exceptions), we decided to have a look to all most important areas. I know we were a bit rushed and we could see less, staying more in the same area, but this is our way of travelling and if I could start again I would do the same thing (with some small changes, see below ). At first we decided to skip Etosha which could seem a very unusual choice. This because we already visited several African countries like Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa with a lot of game drives. Then, we changed our mind and decided to stay 2 nights and doing the road fron Namutoni to Okaukuejo. I started to plan the travel end of April / beg of May for October and very soon I realized that quite all lodges along the itinerary were fully booked. For that reason and also to keep costs down, I thought to mix campsites and lodges. Since we are both over 55’s and our last camping experience dates to 2003 in Australia, I asked an offer for a bushcamper which is more comfortable than the RTT, but the price was incredibly high. Considering that price, the difference between sleeping in lodges/guehouses or in the bushcamper was quite irrelevant and we opted for the first ones. I booked through Booking.com, Expedia (this one much much more better than the other), NWR site and directly with properties. Just for Twyfelfontein Country Lodge I was obliged to pass through an agent since it was impossible to find availability even by booking directly. I know it could seem a risk, but – at least for October – my suggestion is to book accommodations one month before going. In May the majority of the properties I was looking for were fully booked, some of them put my request in wait list, but never reverted to me. In September all of them opened the dates and it was easy to find rooms inside Etosha and Sesriem, Okonjima, Waterberg, FishRiver lodge as well as in all Gondwana properties. If you are looking just for guesthouses or you don’t mind to stay outside parks there is no problem at all to find rooms. The only problem is for Twyfelfontein Lodge which is the only lodge in that area which an affordable price (Doro Nawas, Mowani Mountain Camp and others are very expensive) and therefore is chosen by all the organized tours and groups. Since I was not aware that the closest was the trip, the more were the availbility, I booked a little bit in a rush without studying carefully all the places to stop because I was afraid that even the few accommodations I found could become unavailable. The great regret is to have skip the Spitzkoppe. This decision was also due to the fact that we wanted to drive the SkeletonCoast. I know that many people say it is boring, but I thought it could have some good picture opportunities since it was a landscape completely different from the rest of Namibia. Unfortunately there were road works in the area between Swako and HentiesBay with a lot of detour and we missed the road to the Zelia shipwreck. Xelas if you have been there I have to ask for a favour Our itinerary was as follows: Day 1 : Windhoek - / Keetmanshop Day 2 : Keetmanshop / FishRiverCanyon east side Day 3 : FishRiverCanyon east side / FishRiverCanyon west side Day 4 : Fish RiverCanyon west side / Luderitz Day 5 : Luderitz / KanaanDesert Retreat Day 6 : Kanaan Desert Retreat / SesriemPark Day 7 : Sesriem Park Day 8 : Sesriem Park / Swakopmund Day 9 : Swakopmund Day 10 : Swakopmund / Twyfelfontein Day 11 : Twyfelfontein Day 12 : Twyfelfontein / Opuwo Day 13 : Opuwo / EpupaFalls Day 14 : EpupaFalls / KuneneRiver Lodge Day 15 : Kunene River Lodge / Eenhana (in the middle of nowhere just to split the road) Day 16 : Eenhana / Rundu Day 17 : Rundu / Mahangu Game Reserve Divundu Day 18 : Mahangu Game Reserve Divundu / River Dance Lodge Divundu Day 19 : River Dance Lodge Divundu / Mururani Camp Day 20 –Mururani Camp / Ohange Namibia Lodge Day 21 - Ohange Namibia Lodge / Namutoni gate Day 22 – Namutorni / Okaukuejo Day 23 – Okaukuejo / Okonjima Lodge Day 24 - Okonjima Lodge / AmeibRanchErongoMountain Day 25 – AmeibRanchErongoMountain / Windhoek Day 26 – Flight to Italy This is the latest version which has some small last minute changes compared to the original idea. Originally on Day 1st we had to stop at Mariental, but we decided to proceed straight till Keetmanshoop to see Quiver tree at sunset. If we had slept at Mariental, the following morning we would have arrived to Keetmanshoop too late to have good light and probably too hot to visit. The other changes was at the end of the trip. We had to stay 2 nights at Roy’s Rest Camp, but some bad recent reviews on TA (rats and bedbug), a better price and perhaps a better legs division, let us decide for Mururani Camp and Ohange Lodge. The last change concerned the Waterberg Plateau where we had to stay one night between Okaukejo and Okonjima, but we decided to skip it and add a night at Ameib to have an idea of the Spitzkoppe landscape. Hindsight, I would made some changes. First of all I would skip the EpupaFalls since they were completely dry and replaced by 2 nights at Kunene River Lodge (but it was quite impossible to know it before). People there told us that they couldn’t remember such a situation. Some said it was due to the dam in Ruacana that stops the water flow to irrigate the mais fields. Other said that it was due to the low rains in Angola which alimentano the river. Anyway, just rocks. Then, I would stay 2 nights on the western rim of the FishRiverCanyon instead of one nights on the east and one on the west. The last one concerns the Divundu area where it would have been better to stay 2 nights at Mahangu instead of one night there and one night at RiverDance which was a great disappointment. During our trip sunrise was at around 6 am and sunset around 7 pm so we had many hours of light to transfer from one place to another. The rented company was amazing: it gave us a very new car (about 23000 Km.) fully equipped. We had no flat tyre or mechanical problem, everything was perfect. It was a great trip, thanks again to everybody for your help and suggestions. Here is some pictures of the car
  3. Thanks to you all for the support
  4. Day 25 - Ameib / Windhoeck - Km.271 This was our last day of vacation Our programme for that day was to visit Phillips Cave inside Ameib property, but unfortunately it rained.... We waited to see if the weather improved, but no chances so, a little bit sadly, we left Ameib. We had rain all the way and it stopped just before Windhoek. We chose the same hotel of our first night which was very convenient to car rental location. Just in front of the hotel there was a pump station with car washing so we decided to clean the car since it was red for the sand, the dust and the rain. 130 $N to have it clear inside and outside, they did a very good job At the hotel we emptied the car and then we dropped it off. As told we didn't have any problem, so the formalities were very quick. We thought to take a taxi to visit downtown, but decided to come back to the hotel by foot, to rest a little bit and prepare the luggages. Day 26 - Windhoeck / Paris At 11.30 am the taxi organized by the rental company picked us up at Arrebush Lodge. Our British Airways flight to Jo'burg was expected at 3.05 pm. We left on time and after 1.50 hours we arrived at destination. The Air France flight to Paris was expected at 7.50 pm and it left on time. Day 27 - Paris / Italy We landed in Paris at 5.30 am and waited for the Bologna flight expected at 8.05. Finally at 9.45 we arrived at destination where my sister, my brother in law and my young niece were waiting for us. As told this wasn't our first trip to Africa, but for sure was one of the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Day 24 - Okonjima / Ameib Ranch - Km.292 To reach Ameib we decided to take the longest and gravel road instead of the tarred one (which would have been B1 till Okahandja, then B2 till Usakos). The choice was good since the landscapes were impressive. After about 35 Km. on the B1, we turned right into D2404, then D2329 till Omaruru which is a very nice village. From there we took the D2315 which runs inside the Erongo Area. At the Tjunction at the end of D2315 we turned left on D1935 towards Usakos. About 10 Km. before Usakos there is the sign for Ameib Guesthouse. Before reaching Ameib (about 60 Km.) we passed in front of the San Living Museum https://tracks4africa.co.za/listings/item/w274111/san-living-museum-omaruru-area/ That area reminds some west America landscapes with red balanced rocks We left Okonjima with the sun but during the day the weather got worse and at about 40 Km.before the junction to Ameib we ran into a thunderstorm. We arrived to Ameib, checked in and left for Elephants Head and Bulls Party which are inside Ameib property. You can visit them also as day visitor by paying an entrance fee. We left the car at the parking and started to climb the rocks. Elephant's head from the Bull party Climbing Elephant's head While coming back we stopped along the road to see some giraffes and arrived at the guesthouse which was already dark. The dinner was very good with a great buffet choice.
  6. Day 23 - Okaukuejo Camp / Okonjima - Km.342 During the night rained a lot and in the morning was still raining, this was the situation a Okaukuejo Camp. These pictures have been taken after breakfast when the tents which were in the foreground, where you see the water, had already been taken away. As told we scheduled just one night in Etosha since we had already been to Africa many times and saw several parks. That morning we didn't see many animals, some jackals, giraffes, impalas and lions in the distance. Anyway the landscape was unusual and, in a certain way, romantic. We left the park around 11.30 towards south, we stopped in Outjo to buy some foods and have lunch and arrived at Okonjima at 3.40. The road is tarred all the way apart the last 25 Km. from Okonjima entrance gate on B1 to the lodge. Consider 30 to 40 minutes since the road isn't so good. We just had the time to park the car to take part to the leopard viewing activity leaving at 4. Leopards are "radio tracked" and roam and chase freely inside the 200km2 of the reserve therefore the sightseeings are not sure. And actually we could see a leopard just in the distance while it was moving into the bush. Anyway we saw many other animals and another wonderful sunset. The pictures reproduce exactly what we saw (the sun was low and its light really coloured everything of red, furthermore the sky was cloudy so the contrast was even greater), the .jpeg files haven't been modified (as already told the .nef haven't been developped yet) Okonjima is a wonderful place, the rooms are fantastic with a great view, the service and the food are great and, in my opinion, not so expensive compared to what you get and the prices applied by similar lodges.
  7. I also would have preferred spring time for many reasons: beautiful sky, clean air, less crowd, better prices, but for us it is quite impossible to have vacation in that period.....
  8. Day 21 - Namutoni gate / Okaukuejo Camp - Km.210 Namutoni opened at 6.30 and we were the third in line. It was a very very windy day so, even if it was sunny, the sky was grey because of the lot of dust in the air. We started from Chudob waterhole and immediately we saw a lion. The strange thing was that the lion had a collar (I learned afterwards that there is a project relevant to lions inside Etosha) In this picture it is clearly visible the strong wind The lion was upset and it moved to a quieter place We continued with a stopover in quite all waterholes along the road: Kalkeuwel, Ngobib, Springbokfontein. Then we took the Elands Drive which was in bad conditions and we had very few sightseeing along that road. We stopped in Halali to eat our breakfast box After lunch we continued visiting Rietfontein (where we saw a lot of animals, including elephant) We continued to Charitsaub, Salvadora, Sueda and Homob. We liked very much the landscapes of this part of the park. We started the day with a lion and we finished with a lion...we stayed a lot to see that lion because we thought it would have chased. The lion was crouched and a group of zebra passed very close to her, but she didn't react ! May be she had already eaten :-) We arrived at Okaukuejo at around 6 pm, just the time to check in and go to the waterhole to see an incredible show. Sorry for so many pictures, but I wanted to share with you that sunset All the pictures haven't been developped yet, therefore the quality will be improved a little bit in post production. After dinner we came back again to the waterhole and we saw lions, jackals and rhinos. It was quite an intense day.
  9. Thanks @PeterHG
  10. Thanks
  11. Day 21 - Ohange Namibia Lodge / Namutoni gate - Km.172 After a very reach breakfast we left Ohange and we stopped at Lake Oshikoto. It is one of the 2 natural lakes existing in Namibia and inside it there is war material (guns, cannons and so on) threw away by german troops before surrending during 1st world war. At the junction between B1 and the road which goes to Namutoni gate we gave a ride to a young girl which had to reach the Etosha park. She told us she worked at the curio shop of Namutoni gate. I'm wandering if each day she has to count on people giving her a ride to reach her job. At lunch time we already reached Onguma Bush Camp. We relaxed near the pool and at 5 pm we left for a game drive. We were lucky since we saw a group of lions. Another wonderful african sunset.
  12. Day 20 : Mururani Camp / Ohange Namibia Lodge - Km.269 From scenic point of view the road from Mururani to Grootfontein is not so bad and the 130 Km. till there passed quickly. In Grootfontein there is a big Spar and we stopped to buy some foods. Then we continue through D2859 to Hoba Meteorite. From then we reached the D2860 which is a beautiful road which runs along the railway. After having reached again the B8 we continued till Kombat where we took the D2863. In my opinion a wonderful road not to be missed if you are in that area. We reached the D3022 junction and we turn left, we passed in front of Ghaub Guest Farm and arrived at Ohange Safari Lodge. I loved so much this place :-) The rooms are basic, anyway there is all you need to pass a comfortable night (good bed, big shower, hot water). The pool is fantastic and the common area (breakfast area, reception, bar and so on) is wonderful, warm and cozy, with fireplace and a lot of books. The dinner and breakfast were superbe and the hosts welcoming and very kind. The beautiful sunset from the veranda This is the common area from the garden The dinner was served under the sky with just fire and lanterns to light :-) This is the waterhole in front of the lodge with the animals we could saw while dining. Another wonderful starry night
  13. Day 19 : River Dance Lodge Divundu / Mururani Camp - Km.367 I forgot to tell that along the Caprivi from Epupa till Divundu the temperature was of about 40° so it was very difficult to sleep during the night. Today we didn't expect any visit. We did again the B8 till Rundu and then we continued south on that road till the veterinary gate of Mururani. The road is boring all the way. Since we arrived there early, around 2 pm, we decided to visit the Mangetti Park which is not too famous. We knew that it was not the best hour to visit it, but during the 3 hours we stayed inside we didn't see any animal apart from a group of gnus at a waterhole and a lot of yellow billed hornills. Sightings are difficult also because the vegetation is very thick. Very few people visit that park, when we filled the registration book at the entrance we saw that the last visit was 5 days before us !!! Here is the map of the park with the road that can be driven. One road inside the park @xelas, I suppose this is a bird of prey, but which kind ? For the night we stayed at Mururani Camp, just after the veterinary gate. It is managed by a very kind family, there is a basic shop where you can also find meat, a very small pool, an outside bar and braai facilities. That night we were the only ones and opted for a very new chalet, they have 2 and just finished to build them, on the day of our arrival they were installing the aircon. They are equipped with a living area with fully equipped kitchen apart from microwawe or burner, table and chairs and 2 single beds. Then, there is a bedroom and a bathroom with tube. The value for money is good, 600 Nam. The only problem was the mosquitos even with the windows closed and the aircon on. The pictures of the room have been taken with a phone and no flash so they are very bad, but just to give you an idea of the chalet. The living room The kitchen The 2 single beds in the living room The bathroom The bedroom The new air con and the thatched roof The big window in the living room (no curtain, but I think they will put them in the near future)
  14. @xelas apart from the carmin bee eater and the vulture I don't know the others birds. Can you tell me the name ? Thanks
  15. Day 18 : Mahangu Game Reserve Divundu / River Dance Lodge Divundu - Km.126 The lodge is very very close to the park entrance, just few Km. We asked for a breakfast box in order to be at the park very early in the morning. At the entrance we filled some papers, we paid 50 Nam/each, we received a map with detailed roads and instructions. There are 2 roads to take, both branching from the main road about 1 Km. from the entrance. The one on the left is good and accessible to all cars, it overlooks the floodplain and return to the main road close to the Botswana border. At the time of our visit it was not possible to travel all the way since it was closed at about half way. So, at some point, you must come back to the beginning and take the road again from the south entrance. The one on the right is accesible to 4wd only. The instruction received at the entrance was to travel this road for 10 km. till a waterhole and then come back to the beginning. Till the waterhole the rood was very good. Unfortunately, instead of coming back, we continued along the road with the intention to come back after few km. BAD BAD decision, the road is very very narrow with any possibility to come back and deeply sandy. I was quite nervous because I knew the instructions were to come back, there was no phone coverage, we didn't deflate the tyres since till that moment absolutely no need and we couldn't get out from the car because of the animals. Therefore the only possibility was to continue crossing our fingers. Finally after 19 unending Km.we reached the main road In front of the loop exit we took again the other road to see the big baobab and to stop at Kwetche picnic spot to have our breakfast and recover after the big scare. The park was a surprise. There were very few people, many animals and birds and the sightings were very easy, it is a birdwatcher paradise. We took some bird pictures even if we don't have the proper equipment. We left the park and continue towards River Dance Lodge. This was the worst choice of our trip, I don't reccomend this lodge. We had dinner on the terrace facing the river, but nothing to do with the one we had yesterday at Mahangu. The correct decision would have been to stay two nights at Mahangu.
  16. Day 17 : Rundu / Mahangu Game Reserve Divundu - Km.226 In the morning we had a walk in Rundu market and did some grocery shopping. The B8 is tarred and again boring, the only distraction is given by the river reed, sold along the road. We stopped at Popa Falls Resort to visit the falls - entrance 20 Nam/each - we sat on the terrace, but also here the water level was low therefore the falls was not visible. Around 4 pm we arrived at Mahangu Safari Lodge. I loved this place, it was one of my favourite. At 5 we left for the sunset cruise, we were 6 plus the boatman and it was wonderful. We saw many many animals and birds and the sunset was incredible The dinner is served on the terrace and it was very good with iced beer. We heard hyppos, frogs, cicadas and saw a wonderful starry sky.
  17. Day 16 : Eenhana / Rundu - Km.418 The road is tarred all the way down, but a little bit boring. You have to pay attention to the lot of cows and goats that are off the road and may decide to cross it when you arrive There were also many people looking for a ride, so we decided to stop and give it to a mum with her child. About 10 Km.before Rundu we took the detour for the Hakusembe River Lodge and asked the man at the gate if it was possible to drink something. He was very kind and friendly and let us enter. The place is beautiful: green grass and a lot of flowers just close to the river. We sat on the terrace and took a fruit salad with ice-cream, it was peaceful and relaxing. Then, from the lodge we continue on a sandy road towards the Mbunza Living Museum. We decided to stop since the aim of the Living Museums is to fight against poverty, to preserve the traditional culture, to create a cultural exchange and to give a source of income in rural areas. The community explain their way of life, what they eat, how they hunt and cook, how they make weapons, dress, crafts, etc. At the end of the visit they sing and dance some traditional songs and invite you to buy some crafts. The entrance cost is 150 Nam/each. To be honest I didn't like very much this visit, I was happy to contribute in some way to the village, but it didn't give me the feeling of authenticity. Rundu is a big town with a lot of people, everywhere there were flowered flame and jacaranda trees. The picture is not good, but just to give you and idea.... It was a little bit difficult to reach the Tambuti Lodge since the road was closed due to works. I reccomend this lodge, good value for money, 810 Nam included a full buffet breakfast. The rooms are beautiful and huge with tube and shower.
  18. Day 15 : Kunene River Lodge / Eenhana (in the middle of nowhere just to split the road) - Km.302 When we started to think about the itinerary we had taken into consideration to do a one long stretch till Rundu also because the only accomodation were in Oshakati whose obliged us to make e detour. But just some days before leaving reading one topic I found that in Eenhana there were accomodations (not found neither in the web, nor in any guide till that moment). So we decided to make a break there. The road from Kunene to Ruacana is good with some steep climb and descend. From Ruacana the road is tarred with a lot of small villages and fruit/vegetable markets along the road. We stopped in Outapi at Ombalantu Baobab Tree Heritage Centre but since it was sunday it was closed, so we saw the baobab through the gate. Along the road we stopped to see a football match Eenhana is a small village, but you can find everything you need: there is fuel station, some markets, some shops, bank and so on. We slept at Montecarlo guest house which was a good choice. The value for money is excellent (just 500 Nam breakfast included), there is a restaurant, a pool and a neat garden. Is it built motel style (you can park the car in front of the room door).
  19. THanks @elefromoz
  20. Day 14 : EpupaFalls / KuneneRiver Lodge - Km.98 At 8 am we met the guide and the other couple and we left for the HImba village. Before going we stopped in a shop to buy floor, sugar and oil. The village was small and there were only women and children since men graze the animals. They were kind and the visit interesting. Around 10.30 we left towards Kunene River Lodge along D3700, the road along the river which has been upgraded recently. Not all the way has been upgraded, but it is now easily feasable with a rented 4x4. At least in october it was impossible to drive it with a sedan and neither with a 2x4. The other couple tried with a Toyota Rav but was obliged to come back to Epupa. It took us about 3 hours to go there. I loved so much Kunene River Lodge. It is a quiet, peaceful place, the chalet are nice and comfortable, the dinner very good and the view from the terrace, amazing. Along the D3700 road Nice view along the road The terrace facing the river Sunse cruise
  21. Day 13 : Opuwo / EpupaFalls - Km.182 The road between Opuwo and Epupa was in good condition and it took us a little more than 3 hours to be there. Along the road we saw our first baobab and met some Himba people. The great disappointment was when we arrived in Epupa. There was no water in the falls. I knew we were in the dry season, but according to local people, such a situation never happened. Some said that it was due to Ruacana dam that, when closed to irrigate the fields, stops the water flow to Epupa. Others said that it was due to few rains in western Angola which is the area which "feeds" the falls. This is a picture taken from same position (thanks to https://www.africanreservations.com/accommodation/namibia/northern-region/epupa-falls) We spent the afternoon walking nearby the lodge and on the terrace facing the missing falls..... At dinner a guide asked if we were interested in a Himba village visit the next morning, since there was another couple who wanted to do it and we decided to join them.
  22. Day 11 : Twyfelfontein - Km.31 Today was a relaxing day. We just visited the Twyfelfontein site in the morning and the Burnt Mountain in the evening. The rest of the day we rest in the room and near the swimming pool. Day 12 : Twyfelfontein / Opuwo - Km.357 The landscape become more green, we started to see termite mounds, beautiful trees and sheperds with herds. For the first time we have been stopped by the police who checked the documents and told us that on saturday (we were on thursday) in Opuwo would have been celebrated the funeral of Mrs.Angelika Muharukua, the governor of Kunene region. When we arrived in Opuwo, we went to the guesthouse, parked the car and decided to take a walk in the village. Once we left the guesthouse, the road was closed, lot of people were on the sidewalks, many people were in uniform and a queue of car, some with flashing lights and alarm, proceeded slowly. During the procession all shops were closed and re-opened once the cars had passed through. Actually I didn't see the hearse, but I thought that Mrs.Muharukua body arrived in Opuwo. Opuwo is an interesting village. You see, along the roads, Herero women with their coloured dresses and hats, himba women in topless wearing the typical skirt, women dressed with "normal" dress. It's a kaleidoscope of colours and sounds. I found it the more african of the namibian town I saw.
  23. Day 10 : Swakopmund / Twyfelfontein - Km.504 Before our trip I checked in the web opinion concerning the road to do. The possibility were the C35 via Uis or the costal road till Torra Bay. Even if many people said the the costal road was boring and much longer, we decided to take that one. First of all I read about Skeleton coast many years ago when I was young and started to travel and it stucked on my head as a place to visit, then I thoutght it would have been interesting to see a different landscape. I was very happy to have taken that road. I didn't find it boring and we did a lot of stopover. Unfortunately we missed the junction for Zelia shipwreck. There are major roadwork in that area (it seems the road will be unlarged) with detour and new signages and we didn't see it. I have to admit that I was distructed since I thought it was after Henties Bay and not before, anyway we skipped it. So, I tried to find the Chamarel shipwreck which had to be around 30 Km.after Henties Bay, but I couldn't find it. I suppose it is inside a forbidden area (may be mining) whose access is controlled. Therefore our first stop was at Cape Cross Seal Colony. Then, at Ugab Gate we entered into Skeleton Cost Park. The entrance is free, there is only a book to be filled with personal datas. It is compulsory to enter before 3pm and leave before 7 pm We stopped at all marked spot along the road. Anyway we couldn't see the Toscanini jetty because also this one was inside a private mining property. When we saw Torra Bay dunes we left the costal road to leave through Springbokwasser gate towards Twyfelfontein Country Lodge. Little by little the landscape changed. The first red rocks appeared and it was around 6.30 pm when we finally arrived at the lodge. Real Skeleton Sand storm.
  24. Day 8 : Sesriem Park / Swakopmund - Km.521 (including the 120 Km. go and back trip to Hidden Vlei) This was the longest and tiring day of the entire trip. We again woke up at 4.30 to reach, as early as possible, the 2x4 parking. It was a wonderful day and not fog at all. We were uncertain if come back to Deadvlei or go to Hidden Vlei, but since we had to leave for a long trip we decided for Hidden Vlei since we thought that going to Deadvlei would have required much more time. Hidden Vlei was a beautiful surprise. Wonderful landscape even along the path to reach it (about 2 Km.each way), magical atmosphere and only us there. Later arrived only 2 other persons. After the visit, we filled up the tanks and left towards Swako. The road was in very bad conditions with a lot of bumps. We stopped in Solitaire to have a coffee and we bought the famous apple pie to take away. We continue throught the Guab and Kuiseb pass and, after this one, instead of taking the D1998 we took the permit road towards Ganab that leaves the main road just 3 Km. after the D1998. We bought the permit which costs 90 Nam$ at Sesriem NWR office. Before arriving in Swako we also took the permit road D1991 Welwitschia Drive. We arrived in Swako at aroung 6.15 pm Before arriving we phoned to the owner of the flat we rented in order to collect the key. It was a very strenous day Day 9 : Swakopmund / Sandwich Harbour / Swakpmund - Km.103 We expected the fog in Swako and we had it in Deadvlei, while in Swako the weather was wonderful, blu sky and good temperature. That morning we took our time to relax, we woke up with no hurry, had a good breakfast and took a walk in town. We had booked an afternoon excursion to Sandwich Harbour. By the time we had to leave, the wind became stronger and stronger, about 30 knots so that we took into consideration to cancel it, but in the end we decided to go. We were just 4 people and It was a beautiful excursion, even if the sand flew everywhere in the mouth, in the eyes, in the ears, it was difficult to take pictures and even walk. This was the gift that Sandwich Harbour dunes offered. An ostrich family Coming back to Swako there was a sort of sand storm and the road was completely covered by sand. That evening we had to go to The Tug restaurant, but we decided to cancel the reservation and remain at home.
  25. Thanks @AKR1. I don't know exactly the distance from the sea since we were in the middle of the desert and there is no road to the coast, but I guess it could be around 70/80 KM.

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