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  1. These are very old pictures taken with an analogic camera. They are slides which have been scanned, therefore no post production. :-)
  2. From November 1st is generally applied the new price list. Therefore all prices (lodges, activities, exvursions) increase by 10/15 % Going in october you avoid the increase keeping, more or less, same weather/crowd/picture conditions
  3. Thank you so much to have shared your experience with us. You are a great storyteller ! I'm looking forward to reading your report from Ethiopia which is one of the country I would like to visit.
  4. @Dave Williams, may be prices rise from you last trip, but be sure that in april are much more lower than september / october.
  5. Thanks Peter.
  6. Thunderstorm pictures are really wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi @Peter Connan very useful report and beautiful picture. I refer to page 3 / post 60 (I didn't want to quote the whole post). To go from Swakopmund to Uis do you think this road is feasable in one day trip ? The alternative is to travel along the road you did i.e. Swakopmund / Cape Cross / Messum Crater / Uis. May be shorter and ok from Cape Cross to the Crater, but awful - according to your experience - from Crater till D2342 What do you think ? Thanks
  8. Xelas, I hate Mirabilandia. I went there just one time when they opened 25 years ago.....but Ravenna downtwon is wonderful, we have the most beautiful and well-preserved mosaics in the world (and it is not an exaggeration). If you come here, just let me know and it will be a pleasure to show you my town.
  9. Accomodation is really beautiful....Last april I tried to book any accomodation inside Etosha for october, but unfortunately they all were fully booked Ongume in the east and Eldorado in the south will replace them, but it won't be exactly the same as to be inside the park.....
  10. And so do I....wonderful report :-)
  11. Great explanation ! Thank you so much.
  12. Thanks @Peter Connan and @xelas For sure I will not venture by myself South of Walvis Bay, I will take part to a half day Sandwich Harbour tour. So the safe, drivable area is this one ?
  13. @xelas wonderful report and pictures, as usual :-) The salt factories, muddy areas and lagoon in which part of Walvis Bay are ? Looking at the map it seems at the end of the village towards Sandwich Harbour. I suppose the area can be reached with the rented Toyota Hilux 4x4 without problems.

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